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Aug 2, 2010
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This is Jodie, she is a 14 yr old BLM Mustang Mare. Jodie was almost a statistic in that the eventuality of her going to slaughter was a real possibility. Then she would have become one of the 100,000 horses that do go to slaughter annually. She has been starved, abused & beaten (whip marks on face). She is but one Wild Horse rescue and this is her, story…

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Posted: Aug 2, 2010 8:36pm
Aug 2, 2010 This is Jodie, she is a 14 yr old BLM Mustang Mare. Jodie was almost a statistic in that the eventuality of her going to slaughter was a real possibility. Then she would have become one of the 100,000 horses that do go to slaughter annually. She has been starved, abused & beaten (whip marks on face). She is but one Wild Horse rescue and this is her, story… click the link above to continue to read about the heart of "jodie" the mustang, and after 14 years in the hands of mankind. photos of jodie to be seen also.

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Posted: Aug 2, 2010 6:35pm
Jun 16, 2010

June 2010 3 horses were found in desperate and emanciated condtions in a junk yard. one of them a little mustang, we have named "jodie". her BLM govt. brand indicates that she was captured in 96-97 and that she is approximately 14 years old now. also that identified is that she is from a wild Nevada herd. she is still in critical condition and under the care of a private individual. her recovery will be long and hard the next two months if she survives thru this process. "jodie" may also be pregnant to add worse to bad. she was confined with a intact 2-3 yr old stallion, along with another dapple grey mare (also with serious cuts/infections to her body). "Jodie" is a broken spirited horse, there is no hope in her eyes, or her body. She has no trust of humans of any kind. Althou she has given up the spirit to fight, or object to being handled, or cared for. On her body is the war scars and signs of abuse, and mistreatments, from deep scars to sever saddle sores. whip marks that will never go away that were of the years in the hands of mankind. the misery and sorrow, the pain and torture, and i can't even imagine the fears that she has had to deal with silently and inside of herself over these years. ??!! to read more of how "jodie" was found, and rescued, where she is and where she is going now after her many years in the hands of mankinds unkindness and cruelty, read at these 2 mustang groups on care2. photos are included of the Jodie and other Mare that was rescued.

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Posted: Jun 16, 2010 6:12am
Jul 22, 2009
Focus: Government
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PASS name for REAL ID.................

MARK LERNER, Executive Director of the Stop Real ID Coalition, is exposing Senator Lieberman for not having and not allowing, anyone, to testify before the committee who is in opposition to Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs S. 1261 - THE PASS ACT.  [Once again Washington politicians have proven they are totally incapable of "CHANGE".]  Both the Real ID Act and The PASS Act will result in Americans being enrolled into a single global biometric identification system that links a person's body to their ability to buy and sell.

* STOP THE PASS ACT S.1261 – It’s really the REAL ID Act
* Don’t let them pass the PASS Act – It’s really the REAL ID Act

REAL ID ACTION ALERT: The Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs will be having hearings on the PASS Act  S. 1261. The PASS Act WILL NOT REPEAL REAL ID as it is being billed. It will only repeal certain portions like Title ii and in the end be worse than REAL ID once the PASS Act is inserted. REAL ID will REMAIN Federal law and will be stronger than before if passed.
Both the ACLU and the ACLJ are opposing the Real ID Act and the PASS Act.   (The ACLU and the ACLJ are the most prominent legal organizations on the "left" and "right" respectively.)
Special interests groups are trying to force Democrats, Independents and Republicans to support this legislation.  States have been and are working to ensure driver's licenses are secure documents and have document integrity.  The federal government, in spite of the states, wants to set international standards that are not needed.  The federal government wants control of your state driver's license.  The federal government is bribing states to go along with its plans.
Our freedom and our rights are not for sale.
Some governors want to take the bribe money.  The First, Fourth and Tenth Amendments are under attack.  The Second Amendment will follow.  This is not a partisan issue.  All Americans must take action now.
The PASS Act does not repeal the Real ID Act. It does repeal provisions of the Real ID Act; those provisions that are included in Title II of the Real ID Act 2005. The Real ID Act is still intact and is federal law.
The PASS Act contains many of the most egregious aspects of the Real ID Act; including the requirement for a digital facial image/photograph that will be mandated to be internationally facial recognition compatible. 
There is not a federal law that prohibits the simultaneous use of CCTV/surveillance cameras and facial recognition technology in real time.
The PASS Act will do nothing to provide a higher level of National security.  Under the provisions of the PASS Act the documents used to obtain a driver's license are not authenticated.  These documents are called "breeder" documents.
Although requirements for new databases and the linking of databases are not part of the PASS Act the fact remains through and NLETS states can still have information contained in their state Department of Motor Vehicles made available to both federal and international law enforcement agencies without a court order.
Two international agencies (AAMVA and the ICAO, an agency of the United Nations) were involved in U.S. policy and law - the Real ID Act 2005 and the newly proposed PASS Act.  DHS has called AAMVA the "hub" and "backbone" of the Real ID Act.  On AAMVA's own web-site it proclaims it is an international organization that serves law enforcement and motor vehicle administrators.
Both the Real ID Act and the PASS Act result in Americans being enrolled into a single global biometric identification system that links a person's body to their ability to buy and sell.
The Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs will be considering the legislation very soon.  The committee members and their phone numbers are listed below.  Ask your neighbors, friends, co-workers, relatives and everyone else you have contact with to make the calls as well.
Senator Lieberman       202-224-4041 Chairman
Senator Collins            202-224-2523
Senator Akaka             202-224-6361
Senator Bennet           202-224-5852
Senator Burris             202-224-2854
Senator Carper           202-224-2441
Senator Coburn           202-224-5754
Senator Ensign            202-224-6244
Senator Graham         202-224-5972
Senator Landrieu        202-224-5824
Senator Levin              202-224-6221
Senator McCain          202-224-2235
Senator McCaskill       202-224-6154
Senator Pryor              202-224-2354
Senator Tester            202-224-2644
Senator  Voinovich      202-224-3353
FOR MORE ON REAL ID, THE PASS ACT, BIOMETRICS, & INTERNATIONAL LAWS/REGS AND DATABASES GO TO they have an action packet as well as several other pieces of information you can review

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Posted: Jul 22, 2009 2:59pm
Mar 6, 2009
Focus: Government
Action Request: Think About
Location: United States

WND Exclusive
Radio chip coming soon to your driver's license?
Homeland Security seeks next-generation REAL ID

Posted: February 28, 2009
12:25 am Eastern

By Bob Unruh
© 2009 WorldNetDaily


Washington state's enhanced driver's license

Privacy advocates are issuing warnings about a new radio chip plan that ultimately could provide electronic identification for every adult in the U.S. and allow agents to compile attendance lists at anti-government rallies simply by walking through the assembly.

The proposal, which has earned the support of Janet Napolitano, the newly chosen chief of the Department of Homeland Security, would embed radio chips in driver's licenses, or "enhanced driver's licenses."

"Enhanced driver's licenses give confidence that the person holding the card is the person who is supposed to be holding the card, and it's less elaborate than REAL ID," Napolitano said in a Washington Times report.

REAL ID is a plan for a federal identification system standardized across the nation that so alarmed governors many states have adopted formal plans to oppose it. However, a privacy advocate today told WND that the EDLs are many times worse.

Radio talk show host and identity chip expert Katherine Albrecht said REAL ID earned the opposition of Christians because of its resemblance to the biblical "mark of the beast," civil libertarians opposed it for its "big brother" connotations and others worried about identity theft issues with the proposed databases.

"We got rid of the REAL ID program, but [this one] is way more insidious," she said.

Yes, Big Brother is watching! Find out more in "Spychips: How Major Corporations and Government plan to Track your every Move"

Enhanced driver's licenses have built-in radio chips providing an identifying number or information that can be accessed by a remote reading unit while the license is inside a wallet or purse.

The technology already had been implemented in Washington state, where it is promoted as an alternative to a passport for traveling to Canada. So far, the program is optional.

But there are other agreements already approved with Michigan, Vermont, New York and Arizona, and plans are under way in other states, including Texas, she said.

Napolitano, as Arizona's governor, was against the REAL ID, Albrecht said. Now, as chief of Homeland Security, she is suggesting the more aggressive electronic ID of Americans.

"She's coming out and saying, 'OK, OK, OK, you win. We won't do REAL ID. But what we probably ought to do is nationwide enhanced driver's licenses,'" Albrecht told WND.

"They're actually talking about issuing every person a spychip driver's license," she said. "That is the potential problem."

Imagine, she said, going to a First Amendment-protected event, a church or a mosque, or even a gun show or a peace rally.

Katherine Albrecht

"What happens to all those people when a government operator carrying a reading device makes a circuit of the event?" she asked. "They could download all those unique ID numbers and link them."

Participants could find themselves on "watch" lists or their attendance at protests or rallies added to their government "dossier."

She said even if such license programs are run by states, there's virtually no way that the databases would not be linked and accessible to the federal government.

Albrecht said a hint of what is on the agenda was provided recently by California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. The state's legislature approved a plan banning the government from using any radio chips in any ID documentation.

Schwarzenegger's veto noted he did not want to interfere with any coming or future federal programs for identifying people.

Albrecht's recent guest on her radio program was Michigan State Rep. Paul Opsommer, who said the government appears to be using a national anti-terrorism plan requiring people to document their identities as they enter the United States to promote the technology.

"The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative was … just about proving you were a citizen, not that you had to do it by any specific kind of technology," Opsommer said.

But he said, "We are close to the point now that if you don't want RFID in any of your documents that you can't leave the country or get back into it."

Opsommer said his own state sought an exception to the growing federal move toward driver's licenses with an electronic ID chip, and he was told that was "unlikely."

He was told, "They were trying to harmonize these standards with Canada and Mexico [so] it had to apply to everybody. I was absolutely dumbfounded."

WND previously has reported on such chips when hospitals used them to identify newborns, a company desired to embed immigrants with the electronic devices, a government health event showcased them and when Wal-Mart used microchips to track customers.

Albrecht, who has worked on issues involving radio chip implants, REAL-ID, "Spychips" and other devices, provided a platform for Opsommer to talk about drivers licenses that include radio transmitters that provide identity information about the carrier. She is active with the and websites.

Opsommer said he's been trying for several years to gain permission for his state to develop its own secure license without a radio chip.

"They have flat out refused, and their reasoning is all about the need for what they call 'facilitative technology,' which they then determined was RFID," he said during the recent interview.

According to the U.S. State Department, which regulates international travel requirements, U.S. citizens now "must show proof of identity and proof of U.S. citizenship when entering the United States from Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and the countries of the Caribbean by land or seas."

Documentation could be a U.S. passport or other paperwork such as birth certificates or drivers' licenses. But as of this summer, one of the options for returning residents will be an "Enhanced Driver's License."

The rules are being promulgated under the outline of the WHTI, a result of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004, which requires travelers to present a passport or other identity documents on entry into the U.S.

While the government has expressed confidence that no personal or critical information will be revealed through the system, it also says drivers will need special information on how to use, carry and protect the radio-embedded licenses as well as "a shielded container that will prevent anyone from reading your license."

But Albrecht, the author or co-author of six books and videos, including the award-winning "Spychips: How major corporations and government plan to track your every move with RFID," warns it goes much further.

"This must be nipped in the bud. Enhanced DL's make REAL ID look like a walk in the park," Albrecht said.

"Look, I am all in favor of only giving drivers licenses to U.S. citizens or people that are otherwise here in this country legally," Opsommer said, "But we are already doing that in Michigan. We accomplished that without an EDL, as has virtually every other state via their own state laws.

"But just because we choose to only issue our license to U.S. citizens does not mean that our licenses should somehow then fall under federal control. It's still a state document, we are just controlling who we issue them to. But under the EDL program, the Department of Homeland Security is saying that making sure illegals don't get these is not enough. Now you need the chip to prove your citizenship," he continued.

Opsommer further warned the electronic chips embedded in licenses to confirm identity are just the first step.

"Canadians are also more connected to what is going on in Britain with the expansion of the national ID program there, and have seen the mission creep that occurs with things like gun control first hand … Whatever the reason, as an example, just last week the Canadian government repatriated a database from the U.S. that contained the driver's license data of their citizens," he said.

"Someone finally woke up and realized it would not be a good idea for that to be on American soil … I think it is only logical that we as state legislators really understand how the governments of Mexico and Canada will have access to our own citizen's data. Right now it is very ambiguous and even difficult for me to get answers on as a state representative."

But Opsommer said Big Brother concerns certainly have some foundation.

"So if EDLs are the new direction for secure licenses in all states, it just reinforces what many have been telling me that DHS wants to expand this program and turn it into a wireless national ID with a different name," he said. "We'll wake up one day and without a vote in Congress DHS will just pass a rule and say something like 'starting next month you will need an EDL to fly on a plane, or to buy a gun, or whatever.'"

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Posted: Mar 6, 2009 6:54pm


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