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Nov 21, 2008

city of Kountz (south TX), is still suffering and trying to repair their damaged properties, even long after IKE has been gone. The animal control building was totally destroyed by IKE, and will take months for the city to budge and plan to rebuild the animal control facility.

 ACO  Andrea Creel is begging and asking everyone for help for the dogs and cats.    There is no place to put them, even for short time of 72 hours (law in most cities for the holding of picked up animals by ACO).

The animals are exposed to weather and conditions with no adequate sheltering, the kennels are damaged that only a couple kennels can hold an animal.

with devastation of storms, there is more animals to contend with then normal, and alot of wandering pets or strays, that either were forgotten by owners, or unable to locate owners that had the pets.

please cross post to your friends, and rescuing contacts. these are desperate and very sad animals in the kountz area, and andrea creel is willing to work with anyone that can help take on, or find safe haven for these sweet furry friends.


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Posted: Nov 21, 2008 4:57pm
Nov 11, 2008

SMILING DOG FARMS is a sanctuary for the unadoptable, the dogs that would normal be put to death, that rescuer's can't help, train, or rehab. This sanctuary helps nationwide, and thousands of dogs from all kinds of rescue's and places. where hope was lost for the dogs, new light came for them thru smiling dog farms. its a happy place, well organized, and well managed. its housing is better then alot of people do in their own back yard for personal dogs.

this sanctuary is getting more and more noticed for its achievements, its ability and its care of the most unwanted dogs in the USA. Along with awards of kindness and mercy to many dogs.

there is one problem, the funds are running out and the cost of care for these animals is high maintenances and work.  The  organization won't be able to help or be there much longer without support from public, or kind people that are against animal killing.

there really isn't too many places that can do what smiling dog farms has done, and we really can't afford to lose this place. can we help, do we want to help, and will we help them keep their doors open for many years to come and help the hopeless, and unadoptable dogs that no one else can do for??

----------NEWS ARTICLE: Wapokoneta Daily News/Ohio

Staff Writer
At the beginning of the Christmas season, a county organization is giving two men in Texas the gift of Mercy and Forgiveness.
Mercy and Forgiveness, two 5-year-old female pit bulls living at the Auglaize County Humane Society since June, flew cargo-class Wednesday to Smiling Dog Farms in Wharton, Texas.
The farm offers a sanctuary for dogs that have no option for adoption and face being euthanized.
“We wanted to be sure that the dogs were going to a place where they would be well-taken care of,” Auglaize County Humane Society President Sandy Harrison said Wednesday as members of the animal shelter staff said goodbye to the dogs.
Mercy and Forgiveness came to the local animal shelter after a deputy at the Auglaize County Sheriff’s Office rescued them from a residence near Buckland, where they were suspected of being used as bait in dog fighting.
Wounds covered the dogs bodies, leaving lasting ramifications. Mercy suffered severe damage to the skins and fur of her upper lip and had no nose — she could only breath through her mouth because her nostrils were non-existent. A reconstructive surgery that cost approximately $300 gave her what shelter employees call a “breathing hole,” which at least allows her to breath — while snuffling and snorting.
Forgiveness suffered damage to one side of her lip and muzzle, and is blind in her right eye.
‘”We told ourselves that these two dogs would never have to worry again about being mistreated,” Harrison said.
Because of their past, Harrison said shelter employees believe Mercy and Forgiveness could never be adopted.
Harrison described Mercy as a dream-boat and Forgiveness as feisty.
“We get so attached to them here and it is hard to let them go,” Harrison said.
Michelle Pharr, who takes care of incoming animals, said that if she had the space at her house, she would adopt Mercy.
“She has almost a human quality,” said Pharr, who spends most of every day with Mercy by her side. “She loves everybody who walks back there.
“I just tell her she’s beautiful all the time, even with her little messed up face,” she said.
Beth Moyler, an animal control assistant at the shelter, was the initial shelter employee to work with Mercy and Forgiveness.
“She’s just a big baby,” Moyler said of Forgiveness. “She’s just a good dog — the most dangerous thing on her is her tail.”
With her thin, whiplike tail thrashing like a metronome, Forgiveness lay her head in the sitting Moyler’s lap and began to give caregiver “doggie kisses.”
After hearing about Smiling Dog Farms, a 37-acre sanctuary surrounded by more than 1,000 acres of farmland, Harrison sent her son, who lives in Texas, to scope out the sanctuary.
Smiling Dog Farms owner Jay Hellerich and his partner, Ricky Clements, began taking in stray dogs in 1994 while they lived in a residential neighborhood near Albuquerque, N.M.

The couple began taking in female dogs with puppies to protect them until the puppies were able to be placed with families because at that time Albuquerque had a policy that mother dogs with litters could only be held in shelters for so long before the puppies where killed.
“From there it sort of spiraled and grew,” Hellerich said Wednesday in a telephone interview from the farm.

They found themselves unable to say no when someone asked them for help.
“For a big part of our time, we lived in a two-bedroom ranch style house in one of those cracker box subdivisions,” Hellerich said. “At that time I think we had 38 dogs. We had dogs in the bathroom and dogs in the kitchen. We had dogs everywhere.”
The couple purchased their property in Wharton in 2005 because it has 175 acres bordering two sides, and a 1,000-acre egg farm on a third side.
Mercy and Forgiveness will join the 400 dogs, 22 horses, five pigs, three donkeys, a cow, sheep, and an assortment of chickens, geese and ducks that comprise Smiling Dog Farms’ roster of rescued animals.
Hellerich stressed Smiling Dog Farms’ purpose is to serve as a sanctuary, not a rescue shelter.

“We have a unique niche in the rescue world — we don’t take in adoptable dogs,” Hellerich said. “We should be the very last choice, but the fact remains that there are many dogs where no other option remains.”
Lance is Hellerich’s favorite example of why the farm exists. This dog came from a shelter in Phoenix and was unadoptable because he bit four people while at the shelter and posed a liability risk if placed with a family.
“Lance’s choice was either to come here or to be euthanized,” Hellerich said. “He has been here three years and he’s never bit anybody since he’s been here. He’s the sweetest dog.
“It’s a good little life for Lance,” he said. “Those are the dogs who are supposed to be coming to Smiling Dog Farms.”
Another key aspect of the sanctuary is the lack of a corporate atmosphere — Hellerich and Clements try to be intimately involved in every animal’s life to a degree.

“This is our home,” Hellerich said. “The dogs live with us, and we have outside, self-contained units for the dogs where they have big play yards. One of the biggest things is I don’t want a dog to feel like he has gone to jail when they come here.”
The dogs are on a rotating schedule to spend a day in the house as a pet, to go for car rides on trips to town and to spend the night cuddling in their masters’ bed.
The farm employs six full-time employees, and is in the process of developing a Web site and taking other steps necessary to become an official non-profit organization.

“Up until now, Ricky and I have basically supported this out of our own pocket, and as we’ve grown and grown and grown, what we really need now is to have an annual fundraiser that has a solid economic foundation that’s not dependent on Ricky and me,” Hellerich said, adding that eventually he would like to hire a full-time director so he and Clements could take more of a back seat and focus on casting vision and expanding the operation.
“The goal is for Smiling Dog Farms to exist long after Ricky and I are dead,” Hellerich said.
The farm accrues $300,000 in annual expenses — 20,000 pounds of Kibble brought in on a semi-truck costs $5,700 and lasts six to eight weeks.

As Mercy and Forgiveness become acclimated at the farm, they will spend time in the house getting to know the new people surrounding them, and so the sanctuary employees can get to know them and what to expect from them.
“My hope and my goal and wish is that they’ll be able to have friends and it’ll be OK,” Hellerich said. “What we have to be watching for early on is what kind of things trigger bad memories for them.
“These little girls were purposefully, willfully tormented on a level that’s hard to imagine,” he said. “What they did to these girls is unspeakable, unconscionable.”
For every dog at Smiling Dog Farms, the cottage, porch and yard unit they come to is their final home.
“These are our babies — it’s not like we’re a corporate entity,” Hellerich said with a laugh. “This is the end of the line and this is their home and we’re all going to grow old here together.”

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Posted: Nov 11, 2008 8:06am
May 25, 2007
Liz is trying to make a decision...

This lady has been a vet tech for years, and has loved her work at the clinic. but...she is wanting to drive across country and the state of texas just to help rescuer's get their animals safely to them, from one location to another. Especially those city pound pulls that we all have critical time limits.

thing is ...
Liz would like to work on just gas donations to fund the expense of such an adventure. Can it be done?  We believe it can!

This memorial weekend is going to make or brake for all of us and if we have liz as our direct driver or not??
Liz is run schedule is :
beaumont to houston to dallas TX
over night in dallas

dallas to austin to san antonio TX

Abilene texas is being considered at this time also.

San Antonio (over night)

San Antonio to Houston Back home to Beaumont TX

This schedule is not a full animal carrier load, and there is plenty of room for more babies to come out from any of these cities and going to any of these cities over the weekend right now.
Presently on the pickup/delievery run

5 chi coming out of dallas to beaumont rescue
2 sugar gliders from Austin to Beaumont
1 mix rescue out of San Antonio to Austin

why are we writing this network message?? to help liz feel that she is needed, this can be done and this can be her full time calling and life, if she wants it.  We feel that such a long distance driver would be a true blessing for us that rescue long distances and need transporting, we that want the best for the animals and their safety think its a fantastic idea to have a vet tech on board with such animals in route also.

So to help, we are requesting donations of any amount, small, large, 2.00 dollars / anything for gas funds. PPRT has given Liz the paypal card for her gas needs and is now working to get those donations submitted for Liz to use on the road to keep going thru all these cities for us.
donations can be sent to paypal, or at our site  (WHEN DONATING PLEASE PUT FOR TRANSPORT SERVICES OR FOR LIZ).

keep your fingers crossed, cause we can ALL BENEFIT from such a driver, willing to drive to new york, to california, all over texas anytime.  I hope you find this a good idea also.

thank you in advance for all and any help.
hugs kindle
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Posted: May 25, 2007 3:21pm
Mar 1, 2007
PPRT is having another growing pains AGAIN!, and expansion of activities involving animal welfare, rescue, and transporting.
Needing driving volunteers, donations to vetting accounts for the animals health needs, and ALSO supplies that will help animals stay healthy, happy, and ready for adoption viewing to prospective new owners. 

PPRT has become affiliated and in volunteering work activity at petco & petsmart adoption days with life force (a discounted spay-neutering program here in south texas area).  With other things such as events cordinating, fund raising, and animal educational materials given to public freely in pet care and responsiblity.

This jump has put PPRT in the lime-lights of other great organizations that assist animals and their well being. PPRT has had to obtain volunteers with the skills of accounting, orgaization, and archives records maintaince in the home office of PPRT.

All of this has deeply affected the funds for transporting animals long distances for safe havens/new adopters, has put us in position that we need more volounteers to help out the various important programs to public and with the animals, plus the need of funds to continue on with all these areas, of vehicle gas, printing needs of pamphlets and vetting expenses that are getting higher on our balances (presently we are at 1600.00 balances on the vetting accounts balances).

We need people to survive and help us to help the animals, If you can foster, or drive & can't work in rescue yourself, perhaps there are other things you can do that help save more animals lives.
wish lists

blankets/sheets/towels donations

carrier/cages/puppy play pens

puppy shampoos and conditioners

puppy foods and coupons are all helpful

donations may be sent to several options to help animals

1. westend animal clinic
#14 plaza dr
beaumont texas 77707

or on the site with secure paypal acct/puppy passions animal supplies & animal vetting donations.

or direct supply boxes postal send to:
1680 wooten rd
beaumont texas 77707

for more info, you can call kindle at 409-860-4684

thank you in advanced for any and all contributions to assist in this expansions in animal rescue in the southern portions of texas, where its desperately needed and has been since the hurricanes in 2005 (yes texas is saturated with homeless animals, and no the crisis is not over even in 2 years time after the hurricanes!)

hugs to all from wagging tails at Puppy passions rescue & transport

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Posted: Mar 1, 2007 8:56am
Nov 15, 2006
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Read
Location: United States
An arrest has been made in the Nellie Truck Dragging case....!!!!
David Howard
Kinder Harbors Animal Sanctuary
Teenager In Nellie's Dog Dragging Case Arrested For Drive-by Shootings
One of the teenagers who's admitted a role in a possible case of animal cruelty, has now been arrested in a string of drive-by shootings.
KLTV 7 was the first to bring you Nellie's story. She's the one year old labrador who was dragged down a Van Zandt county road behind a pick up truck, then left on the roadside severly wounded. The story prompted a nationwide outcry from animal lovers everywhere. Police say the two teenagers involved in the dragging insist it was an accident.
Now, as KLTV 7's Lindsay Wilcox reports, one of those teenagers is facing felony charges for something else. 17 year old Mark Jared Cann is accused in a string of drive-by shootings.
Carlton Davis' lives next door to his son, David. Last Monday night, David ran to check on his father after bullets from a 22 caliber rifle pierced the walls and shower of his Wills Point home.
"I couldn't believe it, actually. I asked my boy, 'Boy, you made any kind of enemies?' He said, 'I haven't that I know of," says Davis.
There was a close call at Mica Evans house, too. Her car was hit, then the shooters took aim at the house.  Mica's mother, LeAnn, was sitting inside on the couch. She says if the bullet had been a few inches higher, she could have been hit.
She says, "Somebody was shooting at the house.  I needed to get down, so I got in the floor. That's when I heard the second one, and when they shot a second time, that's when I said, 'I'm getting out of here."
The Van Zandt County Sheriff's Department arrested 17 year old Mark Jared Cann in connection with the drive-by shootings. He's now charged with deadly conduct, a 3rd degree felony.
Sheriff Pat Burnett says, "Anytime you fire a weapon, you're responsible for where that bullet goes, and if you're shooting at a residence and that bullet hits someone, you could be charged with murder if they die. I'm just glad we're working it as a deadly conduct and not a homicide."
The sheriff says three additional juveniles were involved in the drive-by shootings. Thirteen total offenses in the county, and there could be more charges coming.  Sheriff's Deputies are still trying to decide who the gun belonged to, but one of the juveniles involved in the drive-by shooting says the bullets were stolen from the Canton Walmart.
Those bullets did a lot of damage to personal property, and the victims of the drive-by shootings say they are glad the suspects were caught before anyone got hurt.
One of the three juveniles in the case is already in police custody. The sheriff's department is still pursuing the other two. The sheriff's department says the Wills Point police department is working on at least one drive by shooting involving the same people.
As for Nellie, she is doing well, but is not expected to go home from the veterinarian's office for a couple of more months.
Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting:

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Posted: Nov 15, 2006 9:51pm


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