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Feb 8, 2010

Making the World Safe For Hypocrisy
The American History You're Not Supposed to Know

200 Years of Lies, Racism, Mass Brainwashing, Repression, Invasion, War Crimes, Genocide, Censorship

1620: Lie Number One, The Pilgrims

1763-1783: Lie Number Two, The American Revolution

1783-1799: Lie Number Three, The Miracle of Democracy

1800-1849: Thirty Five Invasions And A Genocide

1850-1859: Invasions, Racism, Slavery and Ethnic Cleansing

1860-1864: The Civil War, But First, Let's Kill Some Indians And Get Rid of the Jews

1865-1869: The Final Solution To The Indian Problem And The Invasions Keep On Coming

1870-1884: More Invasions, More Racism, More Ethnic Cleansing. Happy 100th Birthday America.

1885-1894: The U.S. Steals Hawaii, Four Thousand Lynchings, Shooting Workers in the Streets and Planning For a Splendid Little War

1895-1899: The Spanish-American War, A Sordid Little War

1900-1904: The Philippines, A Full Dress Rehearsal For Iraq

1905-1909: Treacherous Muslims and Ze Quest For Ze Master Race

1910-1912: Invasions, Apartheid, Lynchings, Censorship And The Quest For The Master Race But No Conspiracies

1913-1914: Destroying Democracy in Mexico and the Federal Reserve Scam

1915-1916: Dangerous Singers, Lynching Jews and Niggers Speaking French!

1917-1918: Now The Great War's A Good Thing, Fascism In America, SettingThe Stage For Old Adolf Plus The Miracle Of Free Speech

1919-1920: A Summer Of Blood, Lynching Will Brown And J. Edna Hoover Takes The Stage

1921-1922: Setting Up The Hitler Project, Giving Away The Nation's Oil, Mass Murdering Black Americans And Poisoning All Americans

1923-1924: Destroying Rosewood, Racial Purity In Virginia And Prescott Bush And The Boys Get Old Adolf Started

1925-1926: Legislated Ignorance, Dupont's Supermen, Hoover In Drag And Murdering Nicaraguans

1927-1928: Sterilizing Americans, Slaughtering Miners, Making Your Boyfriend FBI Assistant Director, Invading China And Dive Bombing Nicaraguans

1929-1930: The Crash of '29--A Federal Reserve Production, Racist Pseudoscience, Murdering Workers (Again) And The Dulles Brothers Help Old Adolf

1931-1932: Admiring Mussolini, The Depression Ain't So Bad For Some, Murdering U.S. Veterans And Killing Puerto Ricans And Black People For Science

1933-1934: The Dust Bowl, Gangsters In Pinstripe Suits, Pimping For Hitler, The Merchants of Death And An All-American Coup

1935-1936: Arming The Nazis, Gangsters For Capitalism, Hanging Out With Hitler, Blackmailing Hoover And Truth, Justice Or The American Way

1937-1938: Lebensborn U.S.A., Murdering Workers (Again), Murdering Puerto Ricans (Again), Arming Adolf (Again) And Outlawing The Killer Weed

1939-1940: War's Just Good Business, Shortselling Czech Stock, Torturing Veterans' Kids, Crushing Dissent And The Hitler Project Boys Hedge Their Bets

1941-1942: Lobotomizing Rosemary, Shock And Awe, Playing Both Sides Of The War And Concentration Camps In The Land Of The Free

1943-1944: GM Builds Jet Engines For The Nazis, Apartheid In The Workplace, Beating Up Hispanics And The Hitler Project, Plan B

1945: Bullshit At Nuremberg, Kissinger Joins The Boys, Experiment In Hiroshima, Installing Fascists And It's Not A War Crime When We Do It

1946: Stealing A Hundred Billion Dollars, The Mafia Finances Tricky Dick, Rewarding War Criminals And It Ain't Over Yet For The Master Race

1947: Thoughtcrime In America, Nazi Immigration, Subverting Democracy, No Nigras On The Freedom Train And Mickey Mouse Is A Commie Rat

1948: Trying To Kill Robeson, Promoting Fascism, Mass Murdering Koreans, Lebensraum For Jews And Spying On Everyone

1949: Bombing China, Lying To The World, Destroying Democracy, Silencing Uppity Niggers And Forrestal Goes Flying

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Posted: Feb 8, 2010 3:50pm
Feb 6, 2010
Haiti after 5 centuries of genocide, slavery, isolation, colonization and globalization

"With the devastation of the Haitian earthquake of January 12, many Americans are literally learning of Haiti for the first time. The following is an attempt to present a very brief outline of Haiti’s history: first being dominated by Spain, then France and certainly for the last two centuries the United States."

"Professor Robinson demonstrates how U.S. foreign policy changed in the 1970s from supporting dictators across the globe to an official policy of “democracy promotion.” Unfortunately the democracy being promoted was not the small ‘d’ democracy that Lincoln defined as government “of the people, by the people and for the people.” It was polyarchy instead in which there is elite rule and the masses are given the illusion of democracy by participating in regular elections for pre-screened candidates. In polyarchy, the emphasis is on the forms and institutions of democracy such as regular elections, political parties and the rules and laws governing such. This is what passes for democracy in the U.S. There is no concern of what the results are. Whether these forms of democracy produce a government of, by and for the people is of no concern. While other sources are listed throughout the paper, it is Professor Robinson that is the source and my hope is that I have been able to do justice to a much needed understanding of the effects of U.S. foreign policy on our neighbors and ourselves."

"We witness nightly on our television screens the courage and independence of the Haitian people who won their freedom defeating Napoleon’s army and then dealt with isolation from the great powers. Especially the United States which ignored its neighbor for the first century and then invaded, occupied and manipulated the Haitian government in pursuit of its own agenda of neo-liberal globalization (free trade, free markets, no regulations and tax cuts for the wealthy)."

My thoughts...

Clearly, Haiti needs an altruistic protector (at this time) to oversee the rebuilding and stability of their nation until they get on their feet. Any nation or organization that wants to help them should not be allowed to exploit  these people for capitalistic purposes, push them into their religions, but simply help them rebuild their society and maintain their own culture and belief systems. The US government, corporations and "Christian" organizations are FILLED TO THE BRIM with corruption. Let's not force our own inadequacies and falsehoods on other nations and cultures, especially since the USA is a morally and economically deficient country itself.

Those organizations that have true altruistic motivations will be recognized immediately and embraced by the Haitians...and will also do a great service to their own nations...and the world.
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Posted: Feb 6, 2010 10:52am


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