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May 20, 2010
Ten Ways You Can Tell If You Are A Teabagger

A Brief List of Clues as to Whether You are a Teabagger or Not!

1) If you are part of a movement that mocks sick, disabled, or terminally ill people, you are a teabagger.

2) If you are part of a group of people that hurl racial and homophobic slurs at elected officials. (Extra-special teabaggery awarded to those that called my former congressman and civil rights leader, John Lewis the “N” word,) you are a teabagger.

3) If you are part of a movement that defends someone spitting on an elected official, you are a teabagger.

4) If you are part of a movement that orchestrated a nationwide campaign to disrupt town hall meetings in an attempt to stifle and shout down ordinary citizen’s you disagree with, in order to deny them their equal first Amendment right to free speech, you are a teabagger.

5) If you are part of a movement that holds a convention and the keynote speaker suggests we should go back to the Jim Crow laws that required a literacy test for voters, you are a teabagger.

6) If you are part of a movement that holds a convention and a featured speaker suggest president Obama was born in Kenya and has no legal right to be President of the United States, you are a teabagger.

7) If you are part of a movement that believes Obama is part of a global socialist conspiracy to sell America out to a “New World Order,” controlled by foreigners, you are a teabagger.

8) If you are part of a movement that believes Obama plans on using the military against his own citizens and have FEMA create reeducation/concentration camps for white Christian conservatives, you are a teabagger.

9) If you are part of a movement with websites that promotes recruitment for radical militias, you are a teabagger.

10) If you are part of a movement the hosts organizations that openly support the idea of an armed insurrection and believes we are headed toward a bloody "Second American Revolution," like the Oath Keepers, you are a teabagger.

Bonus note: This past week, the Tea Party Patriots site ran a headline that announced, “FBI Raids Tea Party Compound” after the arrests of members of the Hutaree militia. Once again, who am I to argue with members of the Tea Party movement if they wish to claim the Christian Identity militia as one of their own? The fact is, at least one member of the Hutaree militia has connections with the Michigan and Ohio militia. And both these militias have connections to the Tea Party movement. And, we all know Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols attended Michigan militia gatherings.

Extra credit Maddow videos:

May 20, 2010
Republican (Tea Party/Teabagger) talking points and their true meanings

TALKING POINT: "Stimulus has not worked and not created a single job"
MEANING: Everything the President has done must be made to look bad to cover up our failure

TALKING POINT: "Government takeover of healthcare"
MEANING: There is going to be less money for us because we have to help "those" people

TALKING POINT: "Shoved down our throats"  "Ramming it through" (now changed to "Cramming it through"  "The bill was so big they couldn't take it all at once!"
MEANING: You tell me? What does this sound like? I think it's group of people fixated on rough sexual activity talking to their base.

TALKING POINT: "The President does not take the threat of ter.rorism seriously enough"
MEANING: as soon as there is a successful attack we can say 'GOTCHA'

TALKING POINT: "The American people have spoken"

MEANING: Never mind the majority of Americans are against this. If we say NO long enough then maybe people will vote for us thinking we were right

TALKING POINT: "The polls show..."
MEANING: Rasmussen says...

TALKING POINT: "Let's slow this down..."
MEANING: Give us time to water it down so the bill is worthless to the American people, and favors Corporations and Wall Street.

TALKING POINT: "Hell no you can't!"
MEANING: I hope we can stop him and get into power again.

TALKING POINT: "Endless bailouts"
MEANING: Phew..that vote to break up the banks was a close one.

TALKING POINT: " 9.9 % "
MEANING: We definitely don't want to talk about that 290,000 jobs number.

TALKING POINT: "We want to see his birth certificate!"  "Obama was born in Kenya!"  (Birthers)
MEANING: We don't want a black man as our president.

TALKING POINT: "Obama is a Liberal/Socialist/Marxist/Communist"
MEANING: We know Obama is more of a Centrist and we are pleased with many of his programs. But if we keep telling this lie long enough, maybe we can get power back away from the Democrats and Liberals.

TALKING POINT: "I want my country back!"
MEANING: Away from you.


This is the same song and dance the right has been performing in the past. They always say the same thing only the subject changes:

We are all in favor of __________  __________.  It is the right thing to do. We just think this ________________ is not the right thing to do. We should just stop and _______________ this and start over on it. We need to insure we have this _________________ perfected before taking any action on it. The Democrats are just trying to cram this down our throats, they say we have to ___________________ or else. They are just not giving our side and opportunity to offer ideas and suggestions to _________________.

I for one am tired of their lame A__ excuses, and right wing rhetoric, dogma, and B___ S____.

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Posted: May 20, 2010 7:38am


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