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Jul 17, 2009

By Carmellita M. Brown

Did you hear the message? Did you receive it in your heart? Did the message touch your soul with the energy of unconditional love and enlightenment? If so, the Oneness Blessing also known as the Holy Spirit is flowing peace, order, wealth, success, empowerment, health, wellness, knowledge, wisdom, and good fortune into your life. What message? The message you attracted into your life today. The message of foresight and prophecy designed to transform your reality for success, peace, joy, and happiness. Did you get the message or did you resist it?

Everyday of our lives, Source Energy-the Creator of ALL that is (God as some knows this power)-is speaking to us and in some cases this great power is speaking through us if we allow it. The message is always to inspire us to become more and create more life. Deep within our soul, it is the greatest desire of every human being to become more and to create more life. Creating more life gives us joy. We all want to be vessels of creativity and we want to do it successfully.

Some of us get so busy throughout the day that we can not hear the message in our hearts and this is why spiritual guidance from the Lightworkers in our society is so important. Lightworkers are fully open to receiving and discerning these messages and sharing them with those who are willing to hear. There is joy in this two-way experience because the Lightworker and the listener or receiver are both in the Presence or the present moment.

And just what are these messages? These messages are foresight and prophecy significant to the times. These messages of foresight and prophecy provide insight to what is happening in our day and time and how it affects co-creators. These messages also give us insight to how the Creative Spirit is moving.

This is a gift from the Oneness Blessing. The Oneness Blessing has provided these messages to co-creators so that as we are equipped with Divine wisdom and knowledge as we co-create our reality. These messages are insight because these messages give view to what is happening in the Absolute Reality. With this knowledge we are prepared co-creators rather than ill-informed victims of circumstance.

Furthermore, these messages from the Oneness Blessing are messages which emit the power of foresight and prophecy. The power of foresight and prophecy makes it possible for us to make powerful intentions as we segment and go throughout our day. For example, if the power of foresight revealed to you through a Lightworker (one who serves as messenger for light and wisdom) or through your own Living Mind that "now is the time to focus your gifts and talents on empowering women," then you are equipped with Divine guidance and wisdom. With this Divine guidance and wisdom, you can set your intentions for empowering women. You know what to focus on. You know where you should align your thoughts, visualizations, and prayers.

The power of foresight and prophecy removes the ego out of the driver's seat because it renders fear powerless. Most of our fears are associated with the fear of the unknown. The power of foresight and prophecy makes the unknown known to us. Faith grows because we have wisdom and knowledge. And it is with this wisdom and knowledge given by the Oneness Blessing that we become more dynamic and more powerful co-creators.

Carmellita Brown, the Creative Director for Blue Lotus Living, invites you to experience a message of foresight and prophecy. To address many people's concerns about the perceived economic crisis, as a Lightworker, Carmellita has channeled a powerful message. Get spiritual insight that will set you on the path of prosperity instantly, visit The Oracle Within - The Scepter of Prosperity.

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Posted: Jul 17, 2009 11:46pm
Jul 13, 2009

My desire is to live an inspirational life.  And inspirational life is a life where what I do inspires others to inspire others, thus making inspiration perpetual--contagious.  Living an inspirational life must be a daily intention for me.  So each day, I ask myself, "what inspires me today?

Today, my inpiration comes from a quote by Marianne Williamson:

"When we think with love, we are literally co-creating with God."

While this is a very empowering statement, it is so true.  Love is what moves our universe.  Love is what helps our Universe maintain cosmic order.  And the beauty is, the power of love can do the same for you.

There is an Absolute reality which is formable and which yields to your desires.  When formed, it becomes your reality.  As co-creator, we press upon this unformed stuff of the universe and it yield manifestations according to our attitudes, thoughts, beliefs and feelings.  What we yield in our reality can always change when we change our thoughts and ultimately change our vibration.

So what inspires me today, oh it is love.  It is the gift of co-creation with a our loving and abundant universe.  So what inspires you today?

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Posted: Jul 13, 2009 10:30am


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