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May 2, 2011

The car shipping industry has been around for years, and they are very helpful not just for the car manufacturers' commercial use   but even to our very own personal use as well. There are quite a number of different reasons why people hire auto   transporters, wherein convenience is the common denominator to all. For those who haven't tried to have their vehicles   shipped before who are planning to hire the auto transporters anytime soon, read on and find out more about the car shipping rates and the factors that affect it.

Allow me to list down the factors that constitute the car shipping rates and give a brief explanation to each.
  • Distance. This is the primary factor that determines the car shipping rates. Much like   any kind of shipping or logistics services, the distance is very important as this defines the auto transporter's   operational expenses, which is technically more than half of what you pay for. Also, the distance may define the level of   services (and efforts) needed for the transport. 
  • Shipping Method. There are two types of shipping method you can choose from - door to door and terminal to   terminal. If you choose the door to door shipping method, the auto transporters will pick up your car right from your   doorstep, ship it to where you are going, and deliver it to the doorstep of your destination. On the other hand, if you   choose the terminal to terminal shipping method, the car movers will pick up your car from your agreed terminal and ship it   to the (mutually agreed) terminal closest to your destination. Clearly, choosing the latter will allow you to save and   choosing the first will be more costly. The simple explanation? The door to door method requires less efforts from you but   more from the car movers, while the terminal to terminal requires the opposite.
  • Vehicle type and size. Car movers ship as much vehicles they can in every trip. Therefore, the size and type of   the car matters a lot. Some vehicles are large enough to take up two spaces or so, ergo higher rates. The vehicles that are   more affected by the type factor would be the exotic, luxury, or classic ones. These cars are quite sensitive compared to   the usual everyday vehicles, and this only means that they need special care- leading to higher car shipping rates.
  • Carriers. There are two car transport carrier types - the open and the closed. The open carriers are the ones we usually see being used by car manufacturers, the ones carrying like 10 or sometimes even more vehicles. The closed ones are the more exclusive ones, as they only accomodate a couple or so cars. In fact, exotic cars are automatically shipped by closed carriers.
  • Other factors. Aside from these factors listed above, there are lot of other factors that determine car shipping rates. This long list includes (but is not limited to) insurance, policies that were not adhered, booking in advance or booking too late, and many others.
Aside from the determining factors I have mentioned above, there are other factors that may affect car shipping rates, some even situational. Car Shipping Rates differ from a transaction to the other and because of this, gathering car shipping quotes are very important. If possible, call your auto transporters and make sure that you mention all possible variables that may or may not be involved with how auto transporters come up with the rates. I mean, you should even inform your auto transporter about transportation legislations of your destination, especially when you are shipping to another country. These information can be easily found online so make sure to read it well. For example, if you are shipping to Australia, make sure you read Australia's Road Transport Legislation and abide by them. Doing this will not only guarantee a hassle free move, it will as well allow you to avoid being asked to pay extra fees.
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Posted: May 2, 2011 4:54pm
Apr 26, 2011
Depending on the style and material used to make the hair strands, lace front wigs vary greatly in price from forty dollars all the way to nearly four hundred dollars.  Let’s look at the least expensive one for calculating the approximate annual cost of wearing lace front wigs on a daily basis.  For a simple style made of synthetic fiber hairs, you might pay forty dollars, plus the cost of shipping and handling if you order it online.  
The estimated length of normal daily usage for the synthetic lace front wigs is six to twelve months before they start to show too much wear and tear and need to be replaced.  If you look at the shorter end of that period, you would be paying about one hundred dollars for the two wigs needed for a full year.  
Of course, purchasing several styles of lace front wigs would increase the amount of money you would be spending, but we will focus on owning just one style.  When considering the annual cost of wearing lace front wigs, you also need to think about the additional costs that you might need to pay for any adherents you will use to keep your lace front wigs in place throughout the day.  The least expensive way to hold your lace front wigs in place is simply using hair pins around the underside of the edge of the wig to secure it.  The cost of a package of hair pins is very little and will not make much difference when calculating the annual cost. 
If you choose to use one of the special liquid adhesives for holding your lace front wigs in place, it will need to be removed by a compatible adhesive remover.  A small container of water proof wig adhesive might last an entire year, depending on how much you use.  It costs approximately twenty dollars.  The adhesive remover for use with lace front wigs will cost an additional thirty dollars for enough to last a whole year.  That brings your approximate annual cost to one hundred and fifty dollars if you choose to use liquid adhesives.  
Although most people would not guess it, adhesive tapes are the most expensive way to secure lace front wigs.  They usually cost six dollars for a three week supply.  That adds up to close to one hundred dollars a year plus the one hundred dollars for the cost of the lace front wigs gives you an approximate annual cost of around two hundred dollars if you use the adhesive tape.  
Overall, the annual cost of wearing lace front wigs costs much less than going to a hair salon every month to have a permanent style in your own hair at an annual cost of over seven hundred dollars.
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Posted: Apr 26, 2011 4:53am
Apr 8, 2011

I wish that I knew about lace front wigs several years ago! 

I have very long, fine hair and I do not like to wear it hanging straight down. Unfortunately washing and styling it every day was a tedious process. It would take me hours to get ready to go anywhere. I wanted to simplify my life by finding another way to acquire my desired hair style without all the fuss, but I had no idea what I could do. 

One day, I was reading an online discussion board for women and I saw something about lace front wigs. I had never heard of these wigs before, but they sounded like they would be the answer to my problem. I did a web search for information about lace front wigs and as soon as I started reading the descriptions I knew that my hair styling problems would be over.

I went from web site to web site gathering information about the various lace front wigs in order to be sure that I knew as much as possible before I purchased one. I realized that sorting the lace front wigs by their price would help me choose ones that I could easily afford. However, the decision about which one to purchase was hampered by the fact that I still had to choose from the hundreds of hair styles and colors that were available in the online stores. 

To make it easier for my lace front wigs to go unnoticed, I decided to start with a style and color that closely resembled the way that I usually styled my own hair. I also decided to spend a little extra money and get one of the lace front wigs that are made of all human hair instead of synthetic fibers because the description said that they look and feel so natural. In addition, I had to purchase something made for adhering lace front wigs. I thought about saving a little money and simply using hair pins, but I worried that my wig might work its way loose at the most inopportune time. 

One of the online stores for lace front wigs had a sale on water proof wig adhesive and the matching adhesive remover. I calculated the annual cost of using that adhesive and realized that the security it offered would not cost as much as I thought. There was a money back satisfaction guarantee, so I decided to purchase two identical lace front wigs. That way I would always have one ready to wear while the other one was drying. They arrived within a week and I love the ease and convenience of wearing my lace front wigs on a daily basis.

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Posted: Apr 8, 2011 6:33pm
Apr 1, 2011

I really like wearing my various lace front wigs.  I have several different styles because I like the convenience of changing my hair style in only a few minutes.  All of the lace front wigs that I own are made of one hundred percent human hair so that they feel and look like my natural hair. 

These natural hair lace front wigs are almost as versatile as my own hair.  I have one that I bought that is just a long, straight style, but I do not have to wear it that way each time.  I can pull it back in a pony tail for a sporty look or I can fix it into a fancy up do.  I found out that I can even use home hair dye kits to change the color of my lace front wigs.  Using the dyes increases my options for how my hair looks without needing to purchase more lace front wigs than I already own.

I always want to be sure that my lace front wigs will stay in place no matter what I am doing, so I purchase the ones that are made with a special cap that has placement combs to grip my natural hair and keep my wig in place without any adhesive tape or glue.  All that I have to do is part my own hairs from ear to ear, insert the placement combs and lightly brush the wig hairs over my part to fix the style.  

The caps on my wigs are also made of a breathable material that does not trap in any sweat or other moisture so I do not need to worry about that irritating feeling.  My lace front wigs lay snug on my scalp so they look very natural and they do not bind or pinch.  The heaviest of my lace front wigs weighs a mere six ounces and I barely notice it is there even after wearing it all day long. 

Of course, my favorite thing about my lace front wigs is the fact that they are so simple to clean and maintain.  I can wash one of my lace front wigs with regular shampoo in just a few minutes and I can use a little conditioner if I think that it is needed.  While it is air drying on one of the wig stands on the dresser in my bedroom, I just wear one of my other lace front wigs.

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Posted: Apr 1, 2011 9:09pm


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