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Jan 14, 2006
It's dark in here inside of me
Where the light has had to flee
The inner child, she's still here
She's battered and bruised beyond repair

It's cold and clammy way down in here
In the place that used to dream
Now all thats left are heart broken screams
She's battered and briusied beyond repair.

The silence of the smallest one is deafening
She sees and hears no more
Curled up into this tiny ball
She's battered and bruised beyond repair

Here there is no day or night
Here there is no laugh and play
Here there is no fairy tale
She's battered and bruised beyond repair

Only memories best left dead
Only pain and hurt remain
Maybe it's best that she play dead
She's battered and bruised beyone repair

SHe's battered and bruised beyond repair.

I wrote this poem from the stand point of the inner child who suffers most from abuse.  The child that is stunted, never more to grow.  For the little girl inside of me who I never got to know.

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Posted: Jan 14, 2006 10:59am
Jan 13, 2006
Are you there? 
Do you see me?
Will you see me this time?
Look down, here I am!
Why is the world passing me by?

Are you there?
Why won't you see?
See the me that I could be
If the world were a kinder place
And I was not locked in a dream.

Are you there?
Don't look away!
Can't you see my hurt?
Do you feel my pain?
Am I invisible?

Are you there?
Do you ever wonder why
You see my face, do you hear my cry?
I am right here!
Why won't you see?

I am not ugly!
I am not stupid!
I am not an animal!
I am not a mistake!
I am just me!

Do you ever wonder how good life can be?
Do you ever wish you could love someone like me?
Here I am, waiting for you to see!
If you would just look once then maybe then you would see
The pain that you put there.

Is that why you don't look?
Is that why you don't hear?
Is that why you walk away whenever I draw near?
Is that why I am dirty?
Is that why you hate?

Because I am your child?
Is it to late?
Do you really want to see me?
Or is better that you don't?
Because if you would just see me, maybe then you won't.

Please stop hurting me.
Please don't make me cry
Please listen to the words
Please stop this ugly thing
Please won't somebody hear me?

I can't go on much longer
Without a single word
Only the sound of your footsteps
Telling me I'm going to hurt.

Doesn't anyone see me?
Doesn't anyone hear my scream?
Don't you know the monster is inside here with me?
Do you hear his breathing?
Do you hear his sigh?

He doesn't really know this
But inside I'm gonna die
I can't keep hoping for a Savior to come
For me there is no Savior
For I'm the unwanted one.

Tina H
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Posted: Jan 13, 2006 2:42am


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