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Jan 31, 2006
Men’s issues are as valid as women’s issues, but until recently they have received little attention from the media or public policy. This brochure is intended as an ntroduction to men’s issues, which are part of the broader men’s movement. First of all, it is important to realize that most people in the men’s movement aren’t interested in pushing women into subservience. While their approaches may vary, most men’s advocates are interested in addressing the disparities that have increasingly affected men and boys in (mostly) Western nations since the late 1960s. This is an essential part of achieving gender fairness for both sexes. Second, the men’s movement is not just a concern of white men. Men’s issues affect all men and boys, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, or socioeconomic status.

The men’s movement exists because men and boys are at a disadvantage in several important areas in today's politically correct social structure. Laws and conventions originally intended to encourage equal rights for women have evolved into special privileges without responsibility for women and an elevated status for women only. This is taking place against a backdrop of misandry (hatred of men) in society. The result has been serious harm to many areas of society, such as family structure, education, and social services programs. Ironically, this has ultimately had a negative impact on women in general — and children in particular.
While this brochure cannot list all of the issues affecting men and boys, it does provide a summary of the most visible ones. These issues are:
· Divorce and Child Custody
· Domestic Violence against Men
· Media Representation of Men
· Workplace Issues for Men
· Men’s Health and Safety
· Education
· Other issues: Male only selective service, unequal sentencing, false accusations, and
double standards against men.

Note: While many of the examples and statistics in this brochure are from the United States, the
same concepts apply throughout much of the Western world.


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Posted: Jan 31, 2006 11:33am


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