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Jun 10, 2007
Anti-Semitism, Racism, Bigotry of all kinds are running rampant in Care2 and in the World in large. This cannot be tolerated anymore. Prejudice is, in my mind a sign that something is seriously wrong in a civilized Society.

Many groups of people encounter prejudice and bigotry every day, without anyone stepping up and showing solidarity. We want to change that - All people are born equal and should have same rights. So, together with my wonderful co-hosts I have created this group.

C2 Members Against Anti-Semitism, Racism and Bigotry

This is just what the Group Name says - a Group for members of Care2 that wishes to take an active stand against Anti-Semitism, Racism and Ethnic Prejudices.

Are you willing to educate yourself about other ethnic groups than your own?
Are you willing to refuse to use ethnic or racial slurs or generalizations in Care2 and elsewhere?
Are you willing to step in and oppose anyone making such Comments in Care2 and elsewhere?
Will you faithfully flag any member who express ethnic, racial or anti-semitic prejudice in Care2?

Then this Group is for you.

I created this group in response to increasing Anti-semitic and anti-Arab/Muslim sentiments here in Care2, so that those of us who are bothered by such sentiments do not have to feel that we are the only ones - but that we are many who feel this way. Let's educate ourselves and others about what ethnic, religious, cultural prejudice is.

This Group covers a range of Bigotry - All kinds of Racism, Ageism, Sexism, Ableism, Homophobia, Political prejudice, Weightism, Educationism - if you have encountered it, it has a place with us.

This is a Discussion Group - nevertheless, try and leave partisan politics out-side the door, as this is a Group where we should all be able to learn and teach and discuss. I don't want to have any Liberal/Conservative wars here - take them elsewhere.

Also, as in all my Groups:
Do agree to disagree, rather than trying to 'convert' someone to your opinion or your values. Yes, you are allowed to rant and rave and express your feelings, just be sure to point out that you are talking about your feelings. If you think you have been insulted by another member - please ask for clarification, stating how you have understood what was said, before responding to said insult. If some one asks you what you mean by something you said, answer straight and honest. Remember to criticize the POST, not the POSTER.

No bashing.
No name calling.
No offensive language.
No belittling.
No ridiculing.
No derogatory remarks.

Be the change you want!

Also, please don't bring your personal beefs here - and if you have a personal beef with the Hosts - take that in private messaging.

Please, make your Topic Lines Issue specific, so it's easy to find threads that deals with a specific issue/topic/discussion.

...the Four Horsemen of all prejudice: prejudgment, stereotype, double standard, scapegoat. These symptoms are also the tools of all prejudice, and have some similar consequences. At the minimum, they wipe out rational debate about problems or conflicts, and--with immoral and inhuman effect--they strive to demonize and delegitimate the target, whether ethnic group or nation-state. - Earl Raab -

Please pass this on to your friends, urge them to join and take action against Racism, Prejudice and Bigotry.

Silly Old Bear/Shadow Bear/Dov, and Co-hosts, Elizabeth, Amin and Carl.


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