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Oct 7, 2007
Burma: We Need Direct Actions From UN! visit site
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- 10 hours ago -
Throughout the past 15 years or so, UN sent representatives to solve national reconciliation in Myanmar. But all the efforts these representatives made were in vain since the Burmese dictator is not willing to move a step towards national reconciliation.

Myanmar Junta Puts Pressure on Monksvisit site
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- 6 hours ago -
Myanmar's military leaders stepped up pressure on monks who spearheaded pro-democracy rallies, saying Sunday that weapons had been seized from Buddhist monasteries and threatening to punish all violators of the law. The government also announced dozens of

Secret Cremations Hide Burma Killingsvisit site
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- 1 hour ago -
THE Burmese army has burnt an undetermined number of bodies at a crematorium sealed off by armed guards northeast of Rangoon over the past seven days, ensuring that the exact death toll in the recent pro-democracy protests will never be known.

Power of Love Might Not Be Enough, Says Monk Who Fled Rangoon Terrorvisit site
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- 1 hour ago -
Last week Vida was a simple monk who marched through the streets of Rangoon because he believed it would persuade the regime to be more compassionate towards Burma’s hungry poor. Yesterday he was an angry, perhaps even traumatized, man - but a determined

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Posted: Oct 7, 2007 2:59pm
Oct 5, 2007
Ben Oscarsito and others have relentlessly been posting News Items about Burma/Myanmar ever since the Peaceful Demonstrations started in Burma - let's help them along, by noting their News Stories, and get News about Burma to cover the Care2 News Front Page.

You don't have to comment or have an opinion - you just need to NOTE the news!

India Wants Burma to Release Suu Kyivisit site
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- 2 hours ago -
New Delhi: India has asked the military regime in Burma to release opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi. New Delhi made this demand at a special session of the United Nations Human Rights Council on Myanmar in New York on Tuesday, a MEA release on Thursday.

Burma, September 2007
Burma: Don't Let Them Silence Us

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- 14 hours ago -
We won't let our voice be silenced like this.
We're taking our message to the streets,
in an international day of action on Saturday --
details are on our petition page, and below.
Make our voice louder!

Burma Sets Conditions for Suu Kyi visit site
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- 1 minute ago -
Burma's military leader, Gen Than Shwe, has agreed in principle to meet the detained pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, state media has reported. In return she must drop her support for international sanctions and abandon her confrontational attitude...

Free Aung Suu Kyi! Free Burma!

Burma Junta Invites US and Opposition for Talks visit site
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- 10 minutes ago -
Burma's ruling military junta has invited the US envoy in Rangoon for talks, in what is said to be the first high level bilateral meeting since a bloody crackdown on pro-democracy protests, the State Department said Thursday.
Australian Government Rejects Burmese Ambassador visit site
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- 1 minute ago -
Oct 4, 2007 (DV–The Australian government has refused the appointment of a Burmese general as ambassador to Australia because of the brutality of the military regime. The decision to reject the appointment was made around two months ago, but was not made public at the time. Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs Alexander Downer gave his reasons for the refusal at a media conference on 2 October.

Gold Notes Thursday, 12:38 AM

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- 51 minutes ago -
Burma military junta machine gunning peaceful civilian demonstrators, killing journalists. Reports of empty monasteries. Thousands of monks murdered. WE MUST STAND AGAINST THIS!

Remember - all you have to do is note this news and get Care2 News Front Page covered in News about Burma.

Silly Old Bear

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Posted: Oct 5, 2007 2:09pm
Jun 23, 2007
So I and Ket write a blog together. A blog that quotes people. Oy, what a hideous crime...and we comment on what we have quoted, oy, how horrible!

Most people, if not all, quote others daily and comment on those quotes here in Care2 - right in front of your eyes! Better start hate campaigns and witch-hunts, this is a serious, serious "security breach" - call the FBI, report to Care2 - people are actually using this site - and they are constantly violating the Terms of Service and CoC by actually QUOTING others before they comment...Oy Vei!

Considering the abuse and violent verbal attacks people in this site subject others to, I and Ket are being moderately nasty. And what's more, the people subjecting others to abuse and verbal attacks here in Care2 do not advertise this beforehand, which I and Ket do in our Blog. Furthermore we actually give people the opportunity to comment on what we have said.

The people launching this witch-hunt, organizing the lynch mob and starting the hate campaign didn't let us give our side of the story. They blocked us.

Nice. Very mature. Very ethical.

So why have a blog in which to respond to people that aggravate us?

Mental Hygiene. Just as we say in the description of the blog - out of respect for the Code of Conduct of Care2.

Some times people say the most irritating things, and it is not possible to say exactly what is on our minds, so we take it to our Blog.

The quotes are just that - quotes - they are Public and they do not come from Closed Groups, as someone said. No violations of anything have occurred.

You know what I think this is all about?

I think this is all about what people think we stand for. What people believe they know about us based on their own prejudices, bigotry and preconceived notions. I was warned that this would happen if I persisted in my assertions about certain people, and I suspect that is what is happening here.

We came too close to the truth - or rather we were spot on - and now the posse is up.

Ironically, the blog we are talking about here had very few visitors. Because of all this it has gotten some free publicity, and have more than tripled its visitor count in 36 hours... for being something people despise and abhor it sure has gotten popular.

Thank you!

Thank you also to all those who are supporting our right to post what we want on a private blog. You are a fantastic bunch of people.

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Posted: Jun 23, 2007 7:56pm
Apr 25, 2007
Please Note these News Articles:

NPR : Cases of Forced Abortions Surface in China visit site
World (tags: china, children, abortionscrime, deaths, government, HumanRights, women )

Shadow Be
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- 16 hours ago -

Agony of Indian Cotton Farmers Continues - Express Textile visit site
World (tags: India, agriculture, cotton, US, subsidies, failed crops )

Moscow Dorms Shut Before Hitler Birthday - Central Florida News 13 visit site
World (tags: students, Russia, Hitler, ethniccleansing, protective-custody )

Thank you!


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Posted: Apr 25, 2007 12:43am
Aug 1, 2006

Check out

Lebanese Expatriates Condemn Syria, Iran; and Praise Israel

by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz, Arutz Sheva-Israel National News, July 26, 2006

Many Lebanese expatriate groups have roundly condemned the Hizbullah, Iran and Syria. Some of them are also calling for Israel to press ahead in its military campaign.

The Lebanese Canadian Coordinating Council (LCCC), a coalition of organizations in Canada, has released a statement laying out its vision of what measures should be endorsed by the world community at an international conference on the ongoing warfare in Lebanon. The conference is to be held in Rome on Wednesday, pursuant to a recommendation issued by the United Nations Security Council on July 21, 2006.

Among the measures the LCCC is recommending are the dispatch of international combat forces to Lebanon, armed with the full authority and sufficient firepower to implement all clauses of UN resolution 1559. This would include the to mission to “disarm the Hizbullah group and the Palestinian organizations, and prevent and intercept the transfer of weapons to them from Iran and Syria.”

Another agenda item the LCCC called for is “a resolution by the United Nations condemning Syria and Iran, holding them responsible for the escalation leading to the catastrophe that has befallen Lebanon, and making them liable for the damages incurred by the Lebanese people and the costs of reconstruction….” LCCC also seeks to establish an international commission of inquiry “mandated with the task of determining Hizbullah’s legal responsibility for the events leading to the cycle of violence inflicted on Lebanon today….”

The LCCC also warned all Lebanese against “the deceitful calls aiming at surrendering to the will of the fundamentalist Hizbullah group and the dictates of its financiers and sponsors in Damascus and Tehran…. To remain silent over their crimes or to turn a blind eye to their practices, violations and threats is itself an act of treason to the nation and an unforgivable crime.”

In addition to the LCCC, the press release was endorsed by eleven Lebanese groups from the USA, Europe and Lebanon itself. The LCCC represents the Canadian Lebanese Human Rights Federation, the Canadian Lebanese Free Patriotic Movement (FPM-Canada), the Phoenician Club of Mississauga (PCOM), the Canadian Phoenician Community Services Club (CPCSC), the Canadian Lebanese Christian Heritage Club (CLCHC), the World Lebanese Cultural Union-Canadian Chapter.

The Lebanese Foundation for Peace (LFP), an international organization of Lebanese Christians, issued a press release last week that called upon Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert “to hit them hard and destroy their terror infrastructure. It is not [only] Israel who is fed up with this situation, but the majority of the silent Lebanese in Lebanon who are fed up with Hizbullah and are powerless to do anything out of fear of terror retaliation.” The LFP also said that “thousands of volunteers in the Diaspora” are “willing to bear arms and liberate their homeland from [Islamic] fundamentalism,” with the logistical support of Israel.

In an interview with Israel National Radio’s Tovia Singer, former South Lebanese Army officer, and leader of the Guardians of the Cedars militia, Etienne Sakr (”Abu Arz&rdquo called on Israel to press ahead until victory in its offensive against the Hizbullah. He said that, while Lebanon can be rebuilt, Israel must not allow the Islamist elements in the country to survive the war. To do so, he said, would repeat the mistake of the 2000 IDF withdrawal from Southern Lebanon. At the time, speaking before the Knesset, Sakr charged that Israel had “made heroes out of Hizbullah.”

Another well-known expatriate Lebanese individual calling for Israel to win the war in Lebanon is Brigitte Gabriel, founder of the American Congress for Truth, a non-profit organization dedicated to combating radical Islamic fundamentalism in the West. She compared the current destruction in Lebanon to a painful operation aimed at removing a cancerous growth, which will hopefully release Lebanon from the “hijackers” - Iran and Syria. To that end, Gabriel said, the roots of the Islamist movement in Lebanon must be completely destroyed.

In an interview with Canadian, LCCC head Elias Bejjani, a Maronite Catholic, said that Israel “had no choice but to act, if you understand their situation and point of view.” Furthermore, he said, “I’m not sure Israel is targeting civilians. Hizbullah moves from one neighbourhood to another. According to reports we have heard from Christian villages in south Lebanon, Hizbullah come into the villages and fire their rockets; then they run away. And these villages pay the price.”

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Posted by Jerry Gordon @ 8:51 pm |

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Posted: Aug 1, 2006 3:23pm
Jul 26, 2006

"Unbiased" Advice

Human Rights Watch and Saeb Erekat lack objectivity

The Israeli Defense Forces recently concluded a report on the tragic deaths of seven Palestinians on a Gaza Beach. As detailed yesterday in HR's special report "Gaza Beach Libel", the IDF has carefully analyzed all evidence and proven that it was not responsible for this tragedy.

In the past 24 hours, our report has generated over 500 letters to the media. While some news organizations have reported the IDF findings, it certainly does not compensate for the highly emotive front page initial accusations.

At the same time, many in the media have been quoting Human Rights Watch (HRW)'s military "expert" Marc Garlasco. Garlasco was one of the authors of HRW's controversial study "Razing Rafah." The study is based on unverifiable Palestinian allegations and unsubstantiated security judgments. This "academic" study claimed that "the IDF actions destroyed over 50 percent of Rafah's roads and elements of its water, sewage, and electrical systems" based on a combination of Palestinian "eye-witnesses" and sympathetic journalists.

HonestReporting does not expect media to accept Israel's conclusions at face value. However, Human Rights Watch, along with many other organizations which claim to focus solely on human rights without a political agenda, have hardly proven themselves to be an "unbiased" source.

First, as an NGO (Non-Government Organization), HRW is not held accountable to anybody but its own staff.

According to Professor Gerald Steinberg of Bar Illan University:

The international human rights framework was created in response to the horrors of the Holocaust and embodied in the Nuremberg trials and the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. But going far beyond simple irony, this idealistic framework has been hijacked to justify the Palestinian terror campaign against Israelis.

A small group of powerful NGOs has played a leading role in this process. At the same time Israeli victims of the latest Palestinian bus bombing were being buried, HRW's ideologists denounced "Israel's West Bank barrier" as a grievous violation of human rights. While claiming to speak in the name of humanitarian principles, HRW officials have been abusing these norms in order to play an active role in the public-relations campaign to demonize Israel.

The organization's bias against Israel is hardly new. A report from the influential NGO Monitor (which we encourage our readers to read in full) makes the case of HRW's agenda against Israel:

In a study of activities between October 2000 and April 2004, HRW?s reports and activities on Israel were found to be systematically and exceedingly biased. Most of the 103 reports, press releases, letters, photo essays and film festivals focus on condemning Israeli responses to terror, in comparison to only 13 that deal with Palestinian terror attacks. This record illustrates HRW?s exploitation of the rhetoric of universal human rights in order to pursue political and ideological objectives in concert with international demonization of Israel.

The bias of HRW become clear when reading any of its reporting on the Middle East. In their latest annual report, they dismiss the fact that Israel removed all civilian and military personnel from Gaza, and that Gaza now has its own border with Egypt:

Gaza remains occupied, and Israel retains its responsibilities for the welfare of Gaza residents. Israel maintains effective control over Gaza by regulating movement in and out of the Strip as well as the airspace, sea space, public utilities and population registry. In addition, Israel declared the right to re-enter Gaza militarily at any time in its ?Disengagement Plan? Since the withdrawal, Israel has carried out aerial bombardments, including targeted killings, and has fired artillery into the northeastern corner of Gaza.

While the last sentence is true, to write it without explaining the context of why Israel has launched attacks into Gaza is deliberately misleading, like condemning the U.S. for attacking Afghanistan without context. Israel conducts military operations in order to stop continual rocket fire targeting civilians. To ignore the rationale for the military operations is to ignore the very "human rights" that HRW claims to monitor.

Human Rights Watch is just one of many biased or previously discredited sources that the media often refer to when reporting on Israel. After being caught telling an outright lie that thousands of Palestinians had been killed in Jenin, there is no reason the media should ever quote Saeb Erekat. (For more on Erekat and other PA "spokesmen", read this CAMERA report). Yet, we the media again giving exposure to his outrageous statements. Consider Erekat's recent claim:

The Palestinians do not have any weapons capable of such precision and such effectiveness that can massacre seven people in one shot. Now they want to escape the responsibility, and these crimes may reoccur and that is dangerous and alarming.

No responsible news agency should repeat the outrageous claim that the Palestinians have no weapons that can kill seven people in one blast. Tragically, the Palestinians have become quite proficient in mass murder through explosives.

HonestReporting subscribers should demand that the Media use sources without history of questionable integrity. If your local media have cited spokespeople or NGOs with a proven anti-Israel agenda, challenge them to work harder to get the story right. To do otherwise is to mislead the public.

HonestReporting. com
Thank you for your involvement in responding
to media bias.

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Posted: Jul 26, 2006 2:45pm


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