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Mar 4, 2008
Since the expansion of the number of women in the military, what about George W. Bush’s daughters – Barbara and Jenna? Their father repeatedly describes the war in Iraq as crucially important to protect the United States and to spread democracy in the Middle East. Early on, he called it a “crusade” until his advisers made sure he never mentioned this word again, since it has a special meaning for the Islamic world.President Bush also repeatedly asserted that the losses of life and the costs of the Iraq war are “worth the sacrifice.” Whose sacrifice? Certainly not that of the family in the White House. There have been no indications in this town of 24/7 gossip of either the parents urging or the daughters considering joining the armed forces.
Double Standards, in whatever context is outrageous. I say, bring back the general draft in the US. Since the US Commander in Chief is so fond of sending American Troops to all kinds of places on the Planet, especially places where there is a buck to be had, it wouldn't be more than fair that his daughters, and every US High Military's sons and daughters would have to serve.
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Posted: Mar 4, 2008 2:29pm


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