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Feb 1, 2008

This is a video with George Carling.  He says it as it is, and this video is a must see!  Posted on C2NN by my wonderful friend Chrissie and forwarded by my other fantastic friend Scott!


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Posted: Feb 1, 2008 2:55pm
Dec 30, 2007
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Here is the share, I copied it before I deleated it!

Alert: My Mental Illness is Attacked on Wish Website!      
Focus:HealthAction Request:Visit - onlineLocation:United States

I made a wish because I am homeless and in this post I was trying to tell them why I am having such a hard time with these messages.....

and then.................

here is my wish:

Help for ME: A Place to Live: A Dollar at A Time?

Feel Free to post this anywhere you see fit!

I am devastated! 

The stigma against mental illness is already unbearable!  I did not expect it at a wish site!

Posted: Sunday December 30, 2007, 12:14 am
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Original Message:



I never saw anything that nasty as comments than on GON...  I can't believe it!  I posted a comment earlier asking where the nasty comment about your mental health was on the page, not because I don't believe you, but because Sublime denied anyone had done it.  I thought if I could find it, I would re-post it for her to see!!!

Frankly, you and Lauren are the only reasons why I am staying on GON.  If you leave, once Lauren is done there, I'm gone!  Care2 is not perfect, we know this, but I have never seen any mean comments here from a member to another like what they do on GON.

You know what?  If you leave GON and have a PayPal account, hell, if we can't send you $1. we are not better than them!  I think most of us activists don't have any money.  We are disabled or retired, which is nice because we can work for peace, but we know how it feels.  I also have been homeless with my son while I was living in Mexico as an illegal. The ones on care2 who are not homeless right now, I don't think anyone would have any objection to share with you whatever we can.

If you want, I will post the suggestion on your group here.  I so sympatized with you!  These guys at GON are plainly cruel and we don't belong there.  But, before I leave, I will also give them a piece of my mind!

Hang in there sweetie...  You will get what you need.  And remember, even the worse things have an end!  That's what I keep telling myself when everything goes wrong.

Wishing you a wonderful New Year,

In solidarity,


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Posted: Dec 30, 2007 11:30pm
Dec 28, 2007

Embrace your Global Citizenship:

Our Earth Heritage is timeless yet no one gives it even the slightest moment of thought; not even for a mere minute. It is guaranteed to all people yet no one really embraces it and very few speak in it's favor. We do not act and speak as humans united in spirit and heritage because that only happens in movies when there is an outside threat. While our Earth Heritage is natural we run from it as if it was poison. There is no Earth Flag that flies on any public buildings which represents everyone. There is no unity in even the slightest manner; heck we cannot even seem to agree upon if there is or is not a Divine Creator -- much less what types of leadership we would want, or how the world should function.

Our national heritages are temporary; yet we devote thousands of hours to them every year. There are festivals and holidays celebrated for our national heritage. Patriotism is strong in most cases. People are even willing to die for their countries and often they do in countless of wars and conflicts of unrest. Even though it is a man-made heritage there are millions of national flags of all types flying and being waved everywhere. Why? It is so unnatural and yet we cling to it like it is the only truth out there. Borders of Nations are not defined by nature but by people not unlike us. Yet we spend valuable resources to define them, map them and then fight over them. We issue passports, have embassies everywhere else, guard our borders with lethal force and dare anyone say anything about anything. There is actually debates going on every day about immigrants and this, that and the other. In other countries people are forbidden to leave and go elsewhere. Do you have any idea how silly all this looks from an outsider's perspective? Why do we do this? We are all humans, are we not? Does the Earth not have very clear and concise borders? Are we not all living on Earth together? Is this not your home just as it is mine?

I believe it is time to define and embrace our Global Earth Citizenship. It is also time to define and fly a common flag for all of us. It is time to speak out about what we believe in and to unite to make these things happen. It is time for all of that and more. So let us take a moment to cover some of the basics.

Our Unity:

Whether we realize it or not we do have plenty of things in common. We all want to live and seek happiness. We are all born the same way and we all come to this world crying and vulnerable as babies. We all want to build our families and have enough to eat and a roof over our heads. We all want to be loved. We can all agree that we do not like others forcing their way of life on us. Of course we can also all agree that our time on Earth as individual humans and even the existence of our countries are but a blink of an eye compared how long the Earth has been around. We all bleed when we are hurt, and we all look at the same sun, moon and stars every day. Everywhere the sun rises and sets, every day -- no matter who we are or where we live. All these things and many more are those things we have in common. I know we can agree on these things as Planetary Earth Citizens.

Universal Morality:

We can all agree on a few points of universal morality; while understanding that in the cases of personal morality we will at times disagree. Things such as the golden rule are common sense. "Treat others as you wish to be treated". Every spiritual leader that has ever risen up always spoke that we should love our neighbors. It is best all summarized as "Live and Let Live". In essence this means that we should not force our personal beliefs on other people nor should others be subjected to our personal morality. Of course a part of universal morality is also that we do not harm or abuse children, animals, the elderly, and those who are ill. Because we would not want our children, pets and loved ones to be abused and hurt. Lastly, the universal morality includes that we should respect our place on our world in that we live only but for a moment in eternity and that this does not make us the masters of the universe. In this, no matter whether one believes in a Divine Creator or not, it is clear that the world does not belong to us and that we cannot simply destroy or harm it without repercussions on all of us. As Planetary Earth Citizens and Residents of our Earth I am sure we can agree on these and the should be our highest laws.

Individual Morality:

By the tenets of the Universal Morality which I propose above all matters of individual morality are to be cases of personal taste and choice. As covered under "Live and Let Live" and "not forcing our will on another" it is not our right to say it is wrong to live any certain way or believe any certain thing. While this protects religion, what we eat, how we raise our families, where we live and a number of other personal choices this does not give us the right to harm another person and still keeps most crimes such as murder, kidnapping, and so forth still illegal. However, not being allowed to force your way of life upon another will make all wars illegal and immoral as they should be. All those who are elected or appointed leaders of communities would have to remember though that this means matters of individual morality are the choices of individuals and families not the choices of our "elected leaders" and "religious figures". Because we all believe that we should have the freedom to believe as we choose, I know we can agree on allowing others the rights to their beliefs as well and as Planetary Earth Citizens we should not be hypocrites in this matter under any circumstance.

One Global Earth: Many Individual Communities:

It is important to remember as we unite into one global family by embracing our global heritage we still retain the right and privilege to be a member in as many smaller communities as we choose to. While we may be one global earth we are made up of thousands if not millions of smaller communities who while sharing our common heritage and a few universal truths may still have different beliefs and different ways of life; which must all be recognized and respected as long as they do not break any part of the universal morality.

A United Flag:

As global earth citizens we should start flying a global flag instead of the national ones. A good one is linked in the EarthPeace community. Flying a global flag will show solidarity and unity for others to see and show the world that we do not believe in the artificial borders created by man.

Leadership reform:

We should globally call for a major reforms in leadership by a manner that cannot be countered. We need to move away from selfish leaders who are just there to pander to special interest groups and move towards those who really are there for *all* people. We do not need leaders who will only love one group of people and hate another; and we do not need leaders that will make laws only benefiting certain people but excluding everyone else. In this, I suggest that the people themselves choose these leaders using various guidelines to recognize them. In our past there were a number of great leaders; such as Gandhi, Jesus, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr. and others like them who shared certain traits among them. From them we can see what we need for the future. We should adopt a system where anyone may begin to try to lead, however, people choose themselves whether or not they are "fit" to be followed. Anyone who is a global citizen should have the right to be in leadership; and those not fit to be leaders should be collectively told to step down and find something else to do.

Everyone has a voice:

As part of us sharing one Heritage, I believe that every person has a voice and that this voice should be heard in all matters if the individual wishes to speak up about anything. As such, I believe among those of us who choose to embrace our Earth Heritage there should be a council where anyone may join to help set up laws and to figure out what needs to be done on a global level. A link will be given to all who become involved in this project, and the council will also be featured on these community sites in the future. All those who embrace their human heritage and who are involved with EarthPeace and our Global Society may become involved with the council. The council will not go in session until at least 3 more months; in the spring of 2008.

Commitment for Peace:

As global citizens it does not suit us to constantly fight wars amongst ourselves. As such, it is recommended that all people make a commitment for peace so that we can tell leaders that we do not believe in war and that we are for peace. When there are no more people willing to fight their wars, the wars will stop. There is a petition to sign this commitment linked from this community.

By sending a statement or posting you are making the following statements:

-That you are embracing your planetary earth citizenship
-That you endorse the universal morality as suggested above
-That you follow your individual morality; and allow others the same right
-That you will do what you can to further our global community

Thank you for reading this and considering to embrace your Global Citizenship. You can mail me back any words of confirmation or post them as you wish and I will record you as being a Global Citizen.

Please share this essay and our community at Care2 with as many people as you can. If by you talking to people, only two make the step and they too talk to two others, then before we know it, there will be thousands involved. So pass it onwards.

In Peace,

Silvia ---

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Posted: Dec 28, 2007 6:39pm


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