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Dec 20, 2008

GRASS - The History of Marijuana

Run From The Cure: The Rick Simpson Story

In Pot We Trust

Emperor Of Hemp - Jack Herer

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Posted: Dec 20, 2008 5:39am
Dec 18, 2008

Howdy dear readers. Today I bring you a 6 part documentary about media and news by Rob Ager. He's got a lot of interesting and educational videos on his website


© by Rob Ager (July 2008)








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Posted: Dec 18, 2008 2:46pm
Dec 16, 2008

I wonder if that is his real name. Anyway, interesting video.

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Posted: Dec 16, 2008 12:49pm
Dec 15, 2008

I'm not usually one for New Years Resolutions. I will often make them sometime in December and before January even hits, I've broken whatever it is! I didn't make any resolutions last year, but the year before I swore I would remain celibate and single for one year. On New Year's Eve, I began my relationship with Joe. So I guess breaking a resolution isn't all bad because we have a good thing going on and 2 years later we're both still happy. It does make me wonder though, if maybe my new years resolution should be the opposite of what I want to happen so that I get what I want for once.
I already know that the new year has lots of change in store for me. We are finally moving out of our shack in the woods to a more urban area. We've been trying to get out of here for a while now, at least a year... We had talked about moving to New Hampshire for a long time, and we even looked at some apartments, but we decided that for now, the best course of action was to stay here and try to save money. Unfortunately, Plymouth is not exactly brimming with jobs, there's public transportation but it's infrequent and a pain in the ass to deal with, especially in winter. I have been going nuts, wanting a job, wanting to make some friends, basically anything that would involve getting out of the house more than just on the weekends when Joe and I do our errands.
In a little less than 3 weeks, we'll be moving into a 3 bedroom apartment with another couple that we are friends with. Joe used to live in that town and has known them and a bunch of other folks for a while now, so it's kinda like I am inheriting a group of friends before I even move there. I mean, I already know most of these people and have hung out with them on a handful of occasions, so it's really cool to know that I don't have to start completely from scratch. I will have to start from scratch on the job front, but I am looking forward to it. We'll be a few blocks from a train that goes back and forth between Providence and Boston, so I will be accessible to all the art schools and can hopefully gain work as a model once again. I am hoping that my timing isn't bad for this, because usually it's best to do interviews before the fall semester begins. But, I did get hired by PAFA just after the Christmas break a few years back, so not all hope is lost. I don't remember when the other Philly art schools hired me, but as I recall, I would show up at the model coordinators' offices at random times throughout the years and no one ever turned me down. I guess my trepidation about it stems from having called the school at the Museum of Fine Arts shortly after moving to MA in February 07, and the model coordinator told me to come for an interview before the fall semester. It doesn't necessarily work like that in all schools. Anyway, I'm calling up all the model coordinators today to find out what's up so I am ahead of the game. Whoa - look at me being all organized and responsible and shit.

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Posted: Dec 15, 2008 8:46am
Dec 10, 2008

A great documentary discussing the current state of copyright, piracy and free culture.

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Posted: Dec 10, 2008 7:05am
Dec 3, 2008

just rereading some of my past entries, and I'm just kinda blah about it all. I used to be a freewheelin' weirdo with no particularly strong opinions about anything, and then I just had to take an interest in politics and stupid conspiracy theories. I ranked pretty high on some dumb "How Libertarian Are You?" quiz, and I gotta shake my head and laugh a little cuz I'm totally an anarchist - despite my hatred of labels. Maybe I'm not an anarchist, either. Maybe I just would like to round up every person on this rock who I dig and take them with me somewhere awesome with no big bad daddy telling us how to live.
Anyway, this hermit period is coming to an end, thankfully. Joe and I are moving somewhere else. We were gonna move to NH and be part of the Free State Project, but while it sounds nice and all, we're just gonna stick close to home but be closer to our friends. NH is okay, but not that great. We met some interesting folks but no one who we really clicked with. We're better off moving closer to the friends we have.

In other news, the right side of my throat hurts when I swallow. It's probably the aids.

I am addicted to this song, and the show that uses it as it's theme, "Weeds":
Little Boxes - Malvina Reynolds

I discovered last night that the one comment I ever left on the IMDB was used on a most excellent website. I feel honored and tickled, and I even signed up for WordPress to let the author of the site know, except it won't let me log in. C'est la vie. I think they chose my comment cuz I said Dean Cameron was adorable or something. Flattery gets you places.

I think i need to change my email notification sound. Every time Borat says "wow wow wee wah" my speakers are turned up too high and it scares the bejeezus outta me. Receiving email should not make me jump out my skin.

Joe bought me a pair of handpainted underpants by the Let's Paint TV guy. That is really the highlight of my week. Maybe he'll have me on his show to model these fancy ass drawers. But seeing as how he's on public access and I am a broke ass, I doubt I'll be in Los Angeles anytime soon.

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Posted: Dec 3, 2008 12:37pm
Nov 28, 2008
Popular opinion is the greatest lie in the world.
Thomas Carlyle (1795 - 1881)

I don't get involved in internet dramas anymore. I really don't enjoy arguing, or upsetting others. I am fortunate to not have any drama in my real life either - well, not any that I'm involved with directly, anyway. I try to avoid it online by not speaking my mind too frankly in forums other than my own. I say what I want in my blogs or whatever, but I don't get into playing karma police on YouTube and suchlike. It would be easy if I didn't care about making some anonymous person at the other end of the interwebs upset. Sometimes I do wish I could hold up the mirror of truth to everyone I see that could use a dose of reality, but I decided a long time ago that it isn't my place. Maybe some of them would appreciate it and thank me, but I know how fragile people's egos are. They can handle the truth about a lot of things but they spend a good part of their lives running from the truths within themselves. And when someone comes along and shows them what they've been running from, it's shoot the messenger time. So, I keep my mouth shut. Whether I am handling this right or not isn't up to you to decide, by the way. It works for me, for now.

I have mentioned in the past about how folks are looking for the truth, and many do it obsessively. And there's a lot of infighting going on. Folks have the same common enemy but they feel the need to see faults in their comrades and bitch about that instead. There's a lot of semantics involved, and who said what and unsubscribe from my channel if you think so-and-so is the right one in this, and so on and so on. My theory about why this happens is that folks are overloading on the large and scary truths, desperately trying to find ways to come together and change it, and because of the overwhelming nature of things like NWO and such like, some feel the need to bring the argument closer to their level of ability and they lash out at each other. This is just a theory though, pretty much based on being a silent observer of the online circles who run in my areas of interest.

Let me back things up a little. Over the summer, I too was obsessed with keeping up on all the happenings in the truth movement. I started really thinking about it all very deeply. I wanted to help people understand it all, open their minds to new possibilities, and come together to push good things forward. At first I was really paranoid and scared. I know that "propaganda" comes off as a dirty word, but no matter what side of the truth you're on, whatever opinions and facts you stand behind that are presented as audio, video or writing - is all considered propaganda. Anyway, I started to realize that much of the "truth propaganda", while many of the facts are there, there is also a great deal of inciting fear and paranoia in there as well. Alex Jones is a fine example of that.

I used to give my mother shit for believing everything that she heard on the nightly news. She would keep me from doing fun stuff with my friends because there was so much "murder and accidents and crazy people on the streets". I knew, from actually going out and being in the world every day, that it really isn't as scary out there as the "news" will have you believe! Well, I just started to feel like maybe it's all the fucking same. No matter where you get your news from, if it all makes you feel horrified, angered, and paranoid, then it can't be good for you. I'm not saying at all that we need to ignore injustices in this world. I'm saying that we need to stop focusing on them all day every day, or we're all going to be cowering in a basement somewhere, alone save for a year's stockpile of food and guns, clutching our rifles to our chests while we freak at every sound coming from outside.
And you know, the real world is the same as it ever was. When I go out anywhere, I never see or experience violence. I do see a lot of stupidity, but I don't hold it against anyone like I used to because I realized that if all this shit is true, that they are dumbing us down, well... You just can't hold someone responsible for their stupidity when they've been raised in front of a TV, drinking fluoridated water and nutrasweet. And so many people think it is their duty to "wake the sheeple". Newsflash: People are coming to realizations on their own. Do you think it's actually going to help them come out of it if they've got an army of folks calling them an ignorant sheep? Please get over yourselves if you have an "anti-sheeple" attitude. It isn't your job to wake them up, and it's not your right to call them names for something they can't help. People get duped. And you shouldn't say it's their responsibility to know they are being duped. I mean, I can distinguish bullshit from truth, but not always - especially when I was younger. You think I'd be addicted to cigarettes now if I knew the difference between truth and lies when I was 13? Would I have had an almost decade long addiction to Mountain Dew? No.

Anyway, my whole point that I wanted to make was that we really need to put petty bullshit aside if we are going to have anything resembling peace. I have been witnessing infighting over petty drama for several months within the "truth movement" and this is precisely why I haven't aligned myself with more than a few people. I came into it all gung ho and wanting to wake people up and spread info everywhere, but it seems to me that most of the info is scary as fuck and I didn't want to be responsible for inspiring any more fear and hatred than there already is. To me the answer is really simple... I recognize what the problems are, and I know which ones I can do things about and which ones I can't. From what I can tell, there just needs to be a shift in consciousness to where folks realize that they have to change themselves and lead by example instead of "you're with me or against me" bullshit. I have said before that everyone is going to have a different idea and opinion, but we need to focus on our similarities instead of our differences if we really and truly want freedom. I'm of the opinion that you can't be an endorser of freedom while you tell everyone to think just like you and share your opinions. This is why we have the "all-seeing all-knowing" government and morality police out there. Why you wanna be like them? And furthermore, why do you want to fill your time with voraciously gathering information that scares you instead of making the necessary changes to your life and enjoying it all while you can?

We are all on this planet together, and there aren't any goddamned ships coming to take us off it. So we all need to start sharing it and taking care of it, or we will be fucked. You want "them" to lose? Then stop doing the things they want you to do! Stop hating each other and arguing about differences of opinion. Stop buying their processed foods and drinking their unhealthy water. Do things to make a change. Figure out what that means to you; whether it's getting off the grid, joining a farming community, buying local food, cutting off the corporations, or whatever. As big as it all seems, the so-called "bad guys" are a minority, and so are their morality police. Please just start trying to get along with each other. We are only hurting our LONG OVERDUE evolution by staying in these patterns.

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Posted: Nov 28, 2008 6:59am
Nov 20, 2008

Well folks, I'm definitely at a turning point in my life, emotionally and spiritually. Actually, I have been in this transition for a while now, but have been avoiding dealing with some things, I guess.
I'm having a roller coaster ride of a week as far as emotions go, so bear with me. Or, don't... This blog entry is really just something I thought I might need to do for myself. I just don't mind sharing it, is all.

Your Life Path Number is 9
Your Life Path Number represents the path you should take through life and the talents and skills you have to make your journey a rewarding one.

A 9 Life Path will lead you to look at all with love, compassion and tolerance. You will explore the connection that exists between all the things in our universe. You will learn to let go of your own desires to serve the better good of all of us. In whatever field you choose, your endeavors will help heal the wounds life inflicts on those around you. It is your mission to make our world a gentler, kinder place for all of us.

I definitely feel like this is true, and I've been feeling this way for all of my life, as far back as I can remember. I have certainly had my moments, though. There's been occasions where I've been knocked down, but I always get up again. And sometimes when I get up, I'm really pissed and it can take a long time for these things to cool off. I'm a lot better at working through shit these days, but it's never an overnight process. These events in my life, whether caused by external circumstance or by my own bad decisions, are the reasons why I can get bitter, withdrawn, and generally negative about things. I need to rise above all of it and let it go. Because in my ideal world, there is peace. What does "Peace" mean, anyway? Precious few of us have had it in our lives, so I figure the concept of peace must mean different things to different people. For me, it goes a little somethin like this:
Folks choose love and compassion over anger and hatred. Things like discrimination and censorship do not exist, because people understand that if something offends them, they just have to turn away. They focus on things that agree with their sensibilities instead of calling the moral high ground and angrily trying to eliminate the offensive thing, whatever it may be.
People know and understand that there are billions of human beings residing on the planet. We are all here together. No one ideology is right for all, and all understand that freedom requires doing onto others as you would have them do onto you. Respect of others beliefs and ways without having any kind of pressure to adopt those ways as their own. Freedom to choose what your truth is. Acceptance. Love. Compassion. Sometimes people just can't click and get along. So they leave each other alone if they can't agree to disagree.
No rulers. No prisons. No abuse. No hatred. No manipulations. No mind control. No slavery. No carelessness.

But, I guess that's asking a lot, even though it's 2008 and we really should be at this point by now in our human enlightenment. What gives me hope though is that more and more people are becoming enlightened as the years go on. It can only get better from here, if we all start trying to get along. The past is in the past, and things have changed radically from decade to decade. Can we finally learn from our mistakes so we can have a more peaceful future? I better see it in my lifetime, because I do not want to become a curmudgeon. I've got too much love to give.

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Posted: Nov 20, 2008 7:08am
Oct 21, 2008

In regards to all the information and ideas springing up as of late, relating of course to politics, society, NWO, et cetera - folks are getting so caught up in semantics that they are losing sight of the larger picture.
Doesn't anyone realize that when they obsess over the symbols and key words of the occult/satanist/illuminati/whatever that, despite being against it, they are feeding it energy and therefore, power? I know it sounds like magical thinking or whatever, but think about this... If you choose to focus on your personal solutions to the problems in the world today instead of on obsessing over debunking this, that, or the other, you will evolve and in turn help others around you evolve. And it will spread.
Bottom line: stop giving the shit your energy.
Think about what you are against.
Are you against the lying corporate media?
Unplug that TV set of yours, take it out in your yard, and smash the fucking thing. You don't need it. And when you realize you have all this time and money on your hands that you used to waste sitting in front of that glowing box of lies and manipulations, you might think about moving on to the next idea...
Are you against corporations and overblown, unchecked, irresponsible mass consumerism?
Then be a mindful consumer. Buy only what you need from companies that you believe deserve your support. Don't advocate waste and poisonous materials. Learn how to create things you need or want. There's a tutorial for everything, and if you say "I can't do it", you are only lying to yourself - because if you have two hands and a brain, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. It may take some practice, of course, but who is good at anything straight off the bat?
Are you against the government?
Stop giving it your full attention. Govern yourselves. Why, in this day and age, do SO MANY of us still believe that one man can change the world? Why do we feel we need some "Daddy" telling us the difference between right and wrong? Oh, that's right - it's because through the above two topics, and others (public schools, laws against the most ridiculous bullshit, religion, etc), they have reduced us all to their little teat sucking babies.

You want change? Then go out there and MAKE IT. No one's gonna do it for you. Keep feeding into a system of lies, and you will continue to live in a system of lies. Even if all you're trying to do is expose the lies to as many people as you can get to listen. Why don't we work from a place of love instead and expose the truth in how we could really be living, instead of "look at who's out to get you?" If we stop paying them attention, they will wither away! Why do we continue to watch documentaries and not know what to think, the shock and awe is still working on so many of us - even and especially many of those who consider themselves "awake"!
Remember - the bad guys in this don't want you to think for yourselves. They want you to divide and hate - it doesn't matter who, either. Hate them, hate other races, hate other religions, just keep on hatin! That's giving them what they want. Period. So for "truthers" or "freedom lovers" to make it a point to send out messages of hate not only towards the "powers that be" but to others who share some common enemy, think twice about whether or not they are really telling you the whole truth. We don't all have to agree with each other, but there is no reason for not embracing the idea that we can coexist. Remember - 6 billion people on this planet. ya can't be friends with every single one of them, nor can you be enemies with them all either. So surround yourself with people who you can get along with, and let all others move on. Forgive and then forget. We will never stop declaring war on other countries, on our government, on our peers, and on ourselves until we learn that simple idea. Forgive and forget! Yeah, I know - for those of you who feel the need to demand justice, this sounds ludicrous and impossible. Well, I too believe in justice. But I think that since this is 2008 and we still are at each others throats after all these decades, maybe we need to try something different. We need to teach ourselves, we need to learn from each other, we need to share what we know and what we can do. We aren't weak! We aren't stupid! I just want to see people rejecting all the notions they are against and start building something more positive. And maybe some folks still wanna live like animals and hate everything - let them do it in their own neck of the woods, folks. This is what freedom is - everybody does what they want to do. You can have some basic common sense rules for people to live by, of course. The way I see it is, so long as folks aren't abusing, killing, or stealing from anyone else, the rest of it all would just fall into a harmonious place. No one has respect anymore. We all have such vastly different beliefs, and everyone thinks they are right, and refuse to learn anything new from someone with an opposing opinion. How can we ever be free if we can't just accept others for who they are and agree to disagree? Why build up so much hatred and hang onto it so that it leads to mass generalizations? People are still individuals, you know. No two people have exactly the same belief structure - they can run parallel but who the hell agrees on every single thing, anyway? THIS IS WHY WE ARE IN THE TROUBLE WE'RE IN, FOLKS! Because "Daddy" in DC doesn't like gays or believes that abortion is immoral, or that the rich are more deserving of benefits than the poor... Every situation is different, mass generalizations do not work in the real world!

Please ponder on these things. We need to stop fearing, stop hating, and start creating and loving, and learning - especially on the forgive and forget thing. Agreeing to disagree could go a long way towards bringing about true freedom and peace.

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Posted: Oct 21, 2008 9:16am
Oct 19, 2008

I can't believe it's taken over a week for me to come round to writing about this experience, but... Better late than never, I suppose.
I honestly wasn't sure what to expect before going to this event. After experiencing it, I'm not even sure what to say about it, other than it was a lot of fun. We went with friends and didn't venture out of our cabin all that much, maybe once a day for an hour or so. Everyone we did meet was very friendly, and there were no problems that I was aware of - despite the fact that there were no police and no real "rules" other than looking out for each other and the property. Go figure - freedom could be a real possibility for us without any need for "the Man" making rules for us to follow.

The vibes at the campground were really good; I felt no animosity from or towards anyone. Folks were just hanging out, partying, enjoying the freedom of being in a secluded area where no one is judged for their choice to smoke marijuana or explore psychedelics and spirituality. Talented artists sold their wares, the food was excellent, and the entertainment we managed to catch was fantastic as well.
The Harvest Fest, in essence, is like a small community of open minded folks who get together for 4 days a year to get away from the fascist state we are all in the midst of. I didn't learn anything new here, to be honest - other than a renewed hope that as much as shit may hit the fan within our political circles, it won't really affect us for anything but the better. So long as people can understand that compassion, love, and sharing should be our base for everything we do, we can accomplish anything we want. We can truly be free, because we have ourselves and each other. We don't need a "Daddy Figure" telling us what we can and can't do - all we need is to understand that people are people, and as long as we don't abuse, kill, or steal from one another, we could be just fine.
We plan to attend this event annually from now on. Next year, we'll be more participative than we were this year. We didn't know what to expect, so we brought the bare minimum of what we would need; but next year we plan to bring our creativity along for the ride so that we can be part of the event and not just spectators there for the party.

I had planned to talk to people about activism and promote some of the projects myself and my friends are involved with, but the weekend turned into a vacation the moment we arrived. I do wish I had met and talked to more people, but shyness really overcame me and I chose to stick to hanging with the people I was there with. Next year will be different. We plan on renting a large cabin where anyone can come in and be entertained and enlightened. We want to participate and bring something fun and informative to the table instead of just relaxing.
It was a lot of fun and we look forward to future Harvest Fests.

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Posted: Oct 19, 2008 9:23am


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