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Apr 6, 2011



Think about it.

Even better yet, view it with your own eyes. And in this way, you will be the one that proves it, yourself.

Go in to any bodybuilding nutritionstore. This is the Mecca for bodybuilding. If there is any place on the face of the earth that would have the 1 thing that would satiate the demand for everyone in the world that seeks to build huge amounts of muscle, bodybuilders, athletes, and those looking for *any* possible (and still legal) advantage in order to gain huge muscles, this is it. It's customers DEMAND it. And from the side of the store, it would be in the interest of the store, to obtain, pack, and sell every possible substance whatever it is, that they could market to people and make sales of things that would increase muscle. And muscle heads already consider such Nutrition stores as their gold standard for supplements and a plethora of resources for obtaining their goal of huge muscle. Go ahead, go into a Bodybuilding Nutrition store. What do you see. Hmm?

Do you find slabs of Meat hanging in there? No. They have freezers, for the drinks. Do you see "Pork Shakes" in there? No. Can you buy  "electrolyte drinks" with little chunks of beef floating in it? No. Where are all the jugs of powdered "Mutton" meat protein? There is none. There are No fish flavored protein bars. There's no "big juicy steaks" hanging from hooks from the ceiling for building muscle. None. Where are the "ChickenPills"? There's no BaconGreaseProtein Bread. No bottles filled with chunks of grassfed beef. None. There's no little foil or paper packets of Powdered Coagulated Cow Blood mix. If you believed chatboards, you'd be lead to believe bone marrow enabled ancient man to rise to attain untold levels of brain smartness and built the muscles of all mankind (now known wrong). So where's the tubes of vanilla flavored bone marrow that you can squeeze out like a greasy toothpaste onto your food which should enlarge your muscles and your head, afterall, it (supposedly) did just that, already. Where's those yellow styrofoam packages with the clear plasticwrap wrapped over it with the juices welling up in the corner covering a bunch of pig testicles? Obviously that's gotta be good, right? I mean that's got to have a big gush of meat, testosterone, and manly musclebuilding male sperm "rich in protein" for the meat eater, that would gush into the willing bodybuilders mouth in a rush of manly muscle building triple stack, right? NO. And there you have it. Bodybuilders and those seeking to build muscle prove it themselves. There's virtually no meatpills, peanut-butter beef bars, or chicken drinks in the very place heralded as catering to every whim of the person seeking to obtain protein and muscle.

"Wow, now that you mention it. That's right."


Virtually all of the BEST PROTEIN SOURCES are all VEGETARIAN. All the best sources of protein for building huge muscle that you see all over the shelves in precisely the store dedicated to bodybuilding and building muscle are either Vegan or Vegetarian. WHEY PROTEIN  (Whey Protein is lacto-vegetarian.), ALBUMIN PROTEIN (From eggs. Egg protein is ovo-vegetarian.), and SOY PROTEIN (Soy Protein is 100% complete, and vegan), and even Hemp Protein (which is 100% vegan protein containing all amino acids). Nearly every single protein muscle building product, all the jugs, bottles, protein bars, muscle building shakes, packets, mixes, drinks, powders, etc are all vegetarian.

If meat were the ultimate source of protein, they'd sell it. They don't. The best sources shown to build muscle are virtually all vegetarian. Educated Bodybuilders already know this, that's why nearly all of the smart bodybuilders avoid red meat. Meat is regarded by bodybuilders and athletes in the know, as a less-than-suitable source of protein. Nearly every protein source for Bodybuilding and muscle is vegan or vegetarian.

"Huh? But, my friend's friend who always heard it on chat boards says he knows best and plants don't have protein, can't build muscle, and uh, well, you just 'need' meat, well, cause he just always heard that. And he posts that on the inter web. Why is meat such a horrible source of protein?"

Here are the facts.

Ok, first of all, that has to be one of the funniest things some lesser informed people try to state on the internet. Think about it. What this person is saying, is that plants don't contain protein. And then is saying that you can't build muscle from plants. And then is saying that meat is the best most wonderful source of protein. --Ahem. How did that bull, get to be 2-thousand pounds of protein then? Hmm? Do cows eat Meat? No. That bull got to BE that 2-thousand pound vegetarian animal full of rippling muscle mass from eating what...PLANTS! If there were no protein in plants, then how could their steak have any protein in it in the first place. That bull in fact, got to be 2,000 pounds of rippling muscle mass that could flip him and any human around like a girly rag-doll with its strength, which is built up entirely from protein from plants. So the idea that plants don't contain any protein, or that plants can't build muscle, is hilarious. In fact, what he just did is proclaim that the BEST source of protein (in his mind, his steak) came ENTIRELY from plants! Massive bulls are vegetarian!

The next thing someone uninformed will do, is then attempt the "4-stomachs" fallacy. This is where they try to say that cows have 4 stomachs and therefore that's the only reason they can get protein from plants...until you point out that not only do elephants have just 1 stomach and are the strongest most powerful and muscular land animal on the planet and are vegan, but also even closer to us, a GORILLA could beat the living tar out of any person, weighs upwards of 400 to 800 pounds of massive muscle, has 1 stomach, is a primate, and eats plants! A gorilla is even a primate like us, and a Silverback could toss you around like a floppy accident dummy. And Gorillas eat maily fruit! They're frugivores. And the Gorilla is the true ALPHA MALE, rippling with massive amounts of huge packed muscle.

The '4-stomachs' thing is debunked. The 'you need meat' thing is debunked. The 'plants don't have protein' or 'plants don't have enough protein' thing is debunked. The 'you can't build huge muscle from plants' thing is debunked, news: Gorillas are bigger than you and eat fruit.

In any case, it's more a factor of what's IN meat, rather than what's NOT in it. Meat doesn't only have protein 'in' it, Meat also contains effeminizing hormones. In other words, any man eating meat and bragging about 'big juicy steaks' is actually FEMINIZING himself. Eaters of meat are making themselves more girlish. Meat contains 17-Beta-Estradiol. Estradiol is estrogen. Estrogen is the hormone secreted by girls. Especially during their period. So in other words, every time you eat a piece of steak, and drinking its juices, you are eating fluids akin to what's contained in a women's menstrual period juice. Not sounding too manly anymore, is it.

But maybe you don't yet believe it. Ok, go look it up for yourself. First know this word--> "SYNOVEX". Learn it. (Pretend its some new brand or something.) Now know this: Livestock Farmers inject that into steak and meat and then sell it to you. You unwittingly buy it, and eat it. Meat Farmers put feminine hormone implants into their cows to 'fatten them up'. You've been eating it. There are hundreds of them. Just 1 is called "SYNOVEX-S". Go look it up.

Go right now and put this into Google: "SYNOVEX-S ESTRADIOL"  <-- Look that up.

What you will see is this: Synovex is the brand name of a product which Meat Farmers buy and implant into the cattle that they slice up and then get you to buy thinking it's manly, when in actuality it's soaked with women's ESTROGEN fluid. Go look at the packages. You will see that SYNOVEX is purchased by ranchers and livestock farmers and it is an implant that is injected into all their cattle. The main ingredient (go look) is Estradiol. Estradiol is 17-Beta-Estradiol, otherwise known as the hormone juice that a female excretes: Estrogen. Every time you eat meat, you are eating effeminizing estrogen. Not what you want to do if you are a male bodybuilder.

"But wait, my friend's friend who heard it on the inter-web chat said soy has it in it!"(No. This is scientifically proven wrong. Myth.)

Plants can't even physically manufacture mammalian estrogen. Got it? What someone did, is this... They saw that soy contains something called PHYTOestrogen. That's not the same as human or animal estrogen. See that word PHYTO on the front there? That means "Plant". The plant form is not identical to and does not have the same effects as the animal Estrogen in meat! In fact, the dingbat(s) going around telling people not to eat soy because it has estrogen is actually doubly wrong! First, Soy has PHYTOestrogen, not Estrogen, which is not the same. And 2nd, PHYTOestrogen actually PROTECTS YOU AGAINST mammalian estrogen! In other words, the phytoestrogen in soy merely has a similar molecular 'shape' and what soy phytoestrogen does, is, it can fit into the receptor sites in your body and therefore PREVENT the real estrogen from binding to the receptor sites in your body. The plant phytoestrogen does NOT affect you the same as the feminizing animal meat estrogen. So when you eat soy protein, the phytoestrogens block the real estrogen from sinking into your actual estrogen receptors and doing their unwanted feminizing deed. So your 'friend' just made you not only eat meat containing real female estrogen, but told you Not to eat the very thing that reduces the effect of real estrogen. So by eating pieces of meat, hamburgers, beef, steaks, etc, you are wide open to the regular levels of estrogen, plus you are getting a dose of feminizing hormone juice. This is why if you look at many Bar-B-Que'ers, they are often fat. With gynecomastia (manboobed). And eaters of loads of meat have wide womanly hips, and men who eat lots of BBQ and steaks and Meat grow soft rounded shoulders.

Vegetarians do not have this problem. The phytoestrogens in SOY actually block the receptor sites for estrogen. So the soy is acting as an attenuator. It stops the real estrogen. Allowing increased male testosterone. And second, soy doesn't have any SYNOVEX or 17-beta-Estradiol in it. And it's chock full of rich vegetarian protein. This is the reason Vegetarians have higher measured Testosterone levels than meat-eaters. (Yes, Vegetarians have HIGHER Testosterone levels. This has been scientifically confirmed in multiple studies.)

Meat also contains parasites. Worms. Larvae. Tapeworm Eggs. Trichinella. Ecoli. Salmonella. Germs. And things like Brucellosis, Blue Tongue disease. Scabies (you don't want this one). Seafood such as Oysters carry Herpes. Deadly Bird Flu. SARS. And infectious pathogens. So each and every time you order that steak are risking it. Meat also has Fecal bacteria on it. The only reason more people aren't getting sick is because people are cooking it. In other words, it's not gone, it's still there, you're just eating all this stuff cooked now. Cooked worm larvae are still in there and you're eating it. Cooked pieces of tapeworm proglottids, and cooked feces.

Ahh, so everything is "ok" by cooking it, right?? No. Even if you still want to convince yourself that eating cooked feces is now "ok" and as long as the worm eggs in the hamburger are "cooked" they're alright, you've now got the problems that are actually GENERATED by the act of cooking meat. You see those spots showing Grilled Meats? You see them showing pictures of those supposedly 'delicious' grill-marks on it? Those black lines across the meat? Those things that are supposed to make it seem so delicious? Well, that's actually full of Carcinogens. And the rest of the meat where you CAN'T see it is also now full of carcinogenic compounds now from cooking it. You see, when you cook meat, it CHANGES the protein in it. When meat of any kind, grass fed, organic, doesn't matter, is cooked, compounds called HETEROCYCLIC AMINES are formed. You know Amines as similar to the root word of amino acids. Heterocyclic Amines, or HA's (look it up!) are hellacious carcinogens. It means that every time you cook meat too little, you are at risk of infectious parasites and worms. And if you cook it, you are ingesting carcinogenic heterocyclic amines. To give you an idea how risky this is, Heterocyclic Amines are classified as a CLASS 1 CARCINOGEN. That's actually hard to do. It's actually hard to get on that list. Only the most powerful cancer-causing chemicals are awarded that status. And what gets it? The carcinogenic compound in meat. So, every time you grill, every time you barbecue, you are ingesting yourself, and feeding your child, and your family, a Class 1 Carcinogen. And the more you push those "grill marks" on it, the more soaked with carcinogens it is. BBQ and Grilling and cooking are destroying the proteins in meat. Changing them. And producing tissue-destructive heterocyclic amines. There is nothing you can do about it. You can't avoid it by buying it 'grass fed'. Grass Fed beef is still carcinogenic. Organic meat and beef is still carcinogenic when cooked. And you can't cook the hormones out of regular meat either, like the dead parasites and cooked fecal matter you're eating when you eat meat.

By the way, cooking plants does no such thing. Plants don't produce heterocyclic amines. Cooked or not. You can even burn it and it still won't produce heterocyclic amines. Only cooked animal products form these carcinogens.

So you see, it's not a matter of meat being a horrible source of protein because of what's 'missing' from it, it is a matter of meat being a horrible source of protein due to the other adulterants that are in meat. In other words, it's not merely a question of WHETHER meat contains amounts of protein in it, or not, in fact, that doesn't even matter. It's a case of all the other adulterants you're ALSO ingesting at the same time.

Think of it this way: Let's say there was a bottle of vitamins. Lucious, rich, healthy, vitamins! Absolutely good for you. Now throw a bunch of them in your own toilet and eat them out of your toilet. That's the example of eating meat. In other words it doesn't matter IF meat contains protein, so what, in order to get it out of there you have to eat a toilet full of worms, bacteria, and feces. There's no question, that if you poured tons of wonderful vitamins into your toilet bowl that you could definitely say YES, that toilet is a RICH SOURCE packed with incredible good vitamins! - But that does NOT mean that it is good to eat it! Steak is a virtual toilet full of parasites, worms, heterocyclic amines, ecoli bacteria, feces bits, brucellosis germs, zoonotic virusus, prions, chronic wasting disease, scabies, ticks, lyme disease, salmonella, campylobacter, pinworms, trichinella larvae, tapeworm proglottid heads, swine flue, bird flu, SARS, herpes, HIV SIV AIDS from bushmeat, carcinogens, diseases, and fecal soup.

Even if I had a vitamin that had a little less in it and I had to eat two of them to get as much as the one taken out of the toilet, I'd rather eat the two clean ones! Even if I had to eat two vitamins, one bottle that had some of them that I need, and then have to take another one with the rest, I'd still rather do that, than eat the 1 that happened to have them all but came out of the toilet.

Now it happens that the vegetarian protein ("vitamins" in the analogy) are actually better than the meat ("toilet"), but the above analogy is to put a nail into the coffin for even anyone still mistakenly *thinking* that meat had somehow more of something, or was more complete (which is false anyway). But as you see, even if you still wrongly believe that, meat is still a horrible source of protein due to all the other things that come in your mouth along with it. From women's menstrual juice, progesterones, melangestrol, zeranol, recombinant bovine growth hormones, feces, worm eggs, parasitic worm larvae, cooked parasite cysts, and fecal bacteria. Meat and hamburgers and steak are a veritable toilet of disease. It's no wonder that meat-eaters have been scientifically shown to have bad breath, and horrible body odor. Not to mention that the female estrogen juices you're eating, when you eat that big juicy steak are actually making men more effeminate and reducing muscle mass.

This is why all the smarter bodybuilders already know that Meat is a horrible source of protein and most smart and massive bodybuilders avoid  Red Meat. (You'll see some already mention that they don't eat red meat they eat "chicken", but chicken contains Roxarsone, that's a chickenfeed additive that contains Arsenic. In other words, each time you eat chicken, KFC, wings, whatever it is, you've been eating Arsenic.)

Vegan sources of protein do not contain mammalian estrogen. Vegetarian protein is recognized as the most effective for muscle growth, and this is why all the powders and shakes are made of it. Vegetarian sources of bodybuilding protein are 100% complete, containing ALL of the essential amino acids. Plant-based sources of protein are effective, they don't need to be broken down as much like meat, and plant based proteins build the highest quality muscle mass.

And once again, you can see it for yourself, all of the richest sources of protein as you see in bodybuilding muscle stores are WHEY PROTEIN, SOY PROTEIN, or EGG PROTEIN. All Vegetarian or Vegan.

FACT: Virtually ALL of the #1 best muscle mass bodybuilding sources of protein are VEGAN or VEGETARIAN.

And now you know.



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