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Feb 21, 2009



Senator Leahy Lays Out Case For Bush Administration Truth Commission In Time
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So what is to be done about the abuses of the Bush years? Some say do nothing, and others say that even if it takes many years and divides the country and distracts from the urgent priority of fixing the economy, we must prosecute Bush Administration.
Irony Alert: Jumbo-Loan Defaults Surge in U.S. as Recession Reaches Wealthy Homeowners
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Luxury homeowners are falling behind on mortgage payments at the fastest pace in more than 15 years, a sign the U.S. financial crisis that began with the poorest Americans has reached the wealthiest.
AFSC - Countdown to Withdrawal
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Sign our 5/20/10 pledge: We want to end this war immediately -- a war that costs us $720 million every day. A war that has resulted in the deaths of an estimated 1 million Iraqis. But what does an end to the war really mean? It means total withdrawal.....
                   AND MORE ~~~~~
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Posted: Feb 21, 2009 1:52am
Jan 25, 2009

Thanks to Sherie H, here is the incident I had asked about~

Secret Work at Cheney’s House Rattles Neighbors

Neighbors of Vice President Dick Cheney are being shaken and rattled at least once a day by mysterious blasts at the U.S. Naval Observatory where Cheney lives.

The Navy says the explosions are part of a construction project that has been going on for several months, but won’t say more because the project is classified.

Navy spokeswoman Cate Mueller described the work as an infrastructure improvement, a utility upgrade.”

She said they have tried to reassure the neighborhood – which includes the Washington residence of former President Clinton and his wife, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) – that the blasts will not damage their homes. She said most understand that, because of national security concerns, they can’t reveal details or confine the construction to a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule.

Joseph Rieser, who lives half a block off Observatory Circle, said each blast was “almost like thunder because it rolls and it lasts a noticeable period, probably several seconds.” He said the explosions rattle windows that aren’t shut tight.

Rieser said his concern was that neighbors received no warning of the project. “If this were a normal construction contract I would expect that they would have told the neighbors.”

Mueller acknowledged that they were “not as aggressive up front in warning” neighbors about the project.

She said the construction is expected to last eight more months, and for the time being there will be one or two blasts a day, each lasting about three to five seconds.

The blasts were being carefully monitored to assure they were well under acceptable vibration standards so there would be no damage to nearby residences or to facilities at the observatory, she said.

The Naval Observatory moved to its current location on Massachusetts Avenue in northwest Washington in 1893. It became the official residence for the vice president in 1974.

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Posted: Jan 25, 2009 2:01am
Jan 23, 2009


Greetings Friends!  I was able to get a few good items submitted that I hope you will read, Note, & appreciate. Thanks & Hugs, Kathleen

Bush Holdovers Raid Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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Top positions at the DEA are still filled by Bush cronies, who are attempting to undercut the Obama's pledge.
Getting Rid of the "War on Terror" Mindset
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"...the so-called 'war on terror' of which the Iraq war, in the Bush administration's formulation, is but one 'battle.'"
To Support and Defend
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"...Ironically, we POWs often reminded each other 'that our country would never stoop to torture and the low level of treatment we were experiencing at the hands of our captors.'"
MoJo Video: Goodbye, Bush
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"I think it's now safe to show the Bush video featuring our Riff columnist and resident DJ, Party Ben. Below, his take on Bush's departure."
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Posted: Jan 23, 2009 4:51pm
Jan 12, 2009


Another Bush Legacy: 84 Percent More Unemployed
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"Let history be clear on one point when it comes to Bush's mismanagement of the economy:...the number of unemployed people has increased more than 84 percent." !!!
More Americans Getting Multiple Chronic Illnesses
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"More Americans are burdened by chronic illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure, often having more than three at a time, and this has helped fuel a big rise in out-of-pocket medical expenses..."
Scientists Track Poverty's Links to Cognition
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ATTENTION: "The brains of children who are living in poverty function differently from those of children living in better circumstances..." PLEASE CARE as poverty is quickly increasing~~~
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Posted: Jan 12, 2009 8:36pm
Dec 18, 2008

                                                                                                                             Please, check my news:                                                                        THANK YOU!!  Kathleen R    

For a Last Hurrah, Protesters Give Bush the Boot
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They assembled a pile of clogs, boots, flip-flops, slippers and pumps, and, in celebration of the journalist who threw his shoes at President Bush.....

Veterans Lose Bid to Speed VA On Disability Pay
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- 6 minutes ago -

ATTENTION: This is DEPLORABLE!!! "A federal judge yesterday rejected a bid by veterans groups to force the Veterans Affairs Department to speed up handling of its disability claims, saying it was not the court's role to impose quicker deadlines."
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Posted: Dec 18, 2008 2:34am
Apr 2, 2008

Hi! I believed this is worth sharing~~~ Kathleen R
With Congress back in session, the Bush Administration is pushing hard to pass another trade agreement based on the failed NAFTA model, this time with Colombia. The Administration is in a race against public opinion, which is quickly turning against the kind of neoliberal trade deals that have worsened poverty and inequality in every country where they have been implemented and led to a massive loss of jobs in the United States. The proposed Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Colombia promises more of the same. The deal will also strengthen Colombia's government, which is responsible for severe human rights violations.

With more and more people--in Latin America and in the US--becoming aware of the repercussions of unfair trade rules, now is the time to take action and demand change.

Please sign our petition asking Congress to vote No on the US-Colombia FTA. Let your representatives know that a vote for this trade agreement is a vote for:

1. Worsening Rural Poverty and Hunger

The FTA cuts tariffs on food imported from the US but benefits only the few Colombian farmers who export to the US. Moreover, the deal bars the Colombian government from subsidizing farmers, while large-scale US corn and rice growers enjoy billions in subsidies. These double standards guarantee that US agribusiness can undersell Colombian farmers, who will face bankruptcy as a result. Many of Colombia's small-holder farmers are women and Indigenous Peoples who are losing their livelihoods and being forced off their lands.

2. Fueling Armed Conflict and Drug Trafficking

The intertwined crises of poverty, landlessness and inequality are at the root of Colombia's 50-year armed conflict. The FTA will further concentrate wealth in the hands of a few while worsening poverty for millions of people. Many Colombian farmers, whose livelihoods will be destroyed by the FTA, will be compelled to cultivate coca (the raw material for producing cocaine) to earn a living.

Continuing a trend begun in the wake of 9-11, the US has cast the FTA as a matter of its "national security," and the Colombian government has followed suit by treating anyone opposed to the deal as a terrorist. Colombia's workers, Afro-Colombians and Indigenous Peoples have taken a clear position against the FTA. Their peaceful protests have been met with severe repression, including murder.

3. Repressing Labor Rights

Colombia is already the world's deadliest country for trade unionists, with more than 2,000 labor activists killed since 1991. The FTA does not require Colombia to meet international core labor standards; it merely calls on the government to abide by its own weak labor laws. Without enforceable labor protections, the trade deal will put more workers at risk. US workers' power to negotiate better wages will also be weakened by a deal that allows corporations operating in Colombia to keep labor costs down through sheer violence.

4. Exacerbating Climate Change and Threatening Biodiversity

The FTA will increase logging in the Colombian Amazon, weakening the rainforest's capacity to stabilize the Earth's climate. Under provisions sought by the US, corporations that have bought the rights to a country's forests, fishing waters, mineral deposits or oil reserves can totally deplete these resources, with grave consequences to ecosystems and the many species that inhabit them. Small-scale farmers and Indigenous Peoples who depend directly on these natural resources will be the first people to suffer.

5. Subordinating National Sovereignty to Corporations

By allowing corporations to sue governments for passing laws that could reduce profits, the FTA erodes Colombia's prerogative to regulate foreign investment and undermines citizens' chances of improving health, safety and environmental laws. In anticipation of the FTA, the US pressed Colombia to pass a law that would expropriate land from Indigenous and Afro-Colombians and allow multinational corporations to gain control of millions of hectares of rainforest. The forestry law was part of a series of constitutional "reforms" undertaken to meet the conditions of a US trade agreement. In January 2008, Colombian civil society won an important victory: the forestry law was struck down as a violation of Indigenous rights. Had the FTA already been in place, US corporations would now be allowed to sue the Colombian government for "lost future profits."

6. Deteriorating Public Health

By extending patent rights on medicines produced in the US, the FTA hinders the use of far cheaper generic drugs and puts life-saving medicines out of reach for millions of Colombians. Women, who are over-represented among the poor and primarily responsible for caring for sick family members, are particularly harmed by this provision.

7. Loss of Vital Public Services

The FTA requires the Colombian government to sell off critical public services, including water, healthcare and education. Elsewhere in Latin America, this kind of privatization has resulted in sharp rate increases by new corporate owners that deny millions of people access to essential services. Women are hardest hit because it is most often their responsibility to meet their families' needs for such basic services.

8. Harming Indigenous Women

The FTA would enable corporations to exploit Indigenous Peoples' traditional knowledge by allowing companies to patent seeds, plants, animals and certain medical procedures developed and used by Indigenous women over centuries. Under the FTA, Indigenous women could lose access to important medicinal plants and agricultural seeds unless they pay royalties to patent holders. Indigenous women's role as the protectors of their community's natural resources and traditional knowledge would be eroded, threatening Indigenous cultures and women's status within the community.

There Are Viable Alternatives to Free Trade Agreements

Despite more than a decade of failed NAFTA-style trade deals, the US continues to insist that its trading partners adhere to rigid neoliberal economic policies. But Latin America's social movements are articulating viable alternatives for regulating trade and economic integration in ways that benefit women, families, communities and the environment. The women of MADRE's sister organizations in Colombia and throughout Latin America affirm the need for Fair Trade Agreements that:

1.   Are negotiated through democratic processes with effective participation from communities that will be impacted, including women's organizations.
2.   Ensure that life-sustaining resources such as water, food staples and medicinal plants are guaranteed to all people and not reduced to commodities.
3.   Ensure that access to basic services, including health care, housing, education, water and sanitation, are recognized as human rights that governments are obligated--and empowered--to protect.
4.   Institute the region's highest, rather than lowest, standards for labor rights and health, safety and environmental protections.
5.   Adopt principles of "fair trade," including social security and development assistance programs that protect small farmers and workers and that recognize the economic value of women's unpaid labor in the household.
6.   Require foreign investors to contribute to the economic development of the communities where they have a presence.
7.   Promote policies that respect local cultures and collective Indigenous rights and that preserve traditional agricultural techniques and biodiversity in agriculture and nature.
8.   Recognize the links between economic growth, environmental sustainability and building peace.

Jan 19, 2008
THIS IS A TRUE STORY I'VE JUST LEARNED FROM A CLOSE PERSONAL FRIEND. I obscured all the names. It's a poignant example of various aspects concerning one of our nations MOST critical issues. Military families must endure conditions in so many different ways. Each situation has many facets to consider!!! 
~Well, I could write a book about this but I haven't the time nor $ right now, so here is the short SAD TRUE STORY~

Z's daughter, Y, is about to be deployed to Iraq, even thought they promised her she WOULD NOT when she signed up.  Her baby, X, is now old enough to realize that something is up and panicks when she wakes up and her mom isn't there. Z says she is fine when Y tells her that "Mommy is going to work for a few hours, but I'll be back." The military MADE Y sign X over to Z "just in case."  Z wants Y to say "NO" and get a discharge, but Y says no, that she couldn't live with that. We KNEW the dang military was lying to her!!!  
Z says Y has just clammed up and won't talk about it anymore. To make matters worse, Y had a wedding planned for December and the guy dumped her at the last minute and now he's back after her again. We think the poor girl has had about enough. Maybe she should just get pregnant again so they can't deploy her!!!!  She is in the ##### (reserve) because they promised her enough money to put a downpayment on a house for her and her baby and also an education. 
PLEASE, learn from this tidbit of realism and see if there is someone you could help! : )
Kathleen R / Angel Faith
~The Angel Power Emporium, Inc.~ 

TAPE for Cracks in the System

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Posted: Jan 19, 2008 7:31pm
Jun 11, 2007
Dear Good Friends,
I am taking a break from my sites, blogs, & Care2, because my summer is to be spent writing my masters thesis -- and hopefully visiting grandchildren. Completing my masters degree is a major goal and I must focus deeply and finish well. (Hopefully with my 4.0 AGPA intact!) I won't be reading messages & emails daily for awhile. Yet of course I still CARE!! Therefore, I will visit groups when possible, & I ask that messages be kept to the following main issues & petitions:
PEACE; Poverty; Bush & Gang must go; Veterans' services; Native Americans; and, Education reform ideas. You will all remain in my mind & heart! And, hopefully, I can get active again this autumn.
I appreciate everyone of you!!!  Thank you!
Peace & Love,
~The Angel Power Emporium~
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Posted: Jun 11, 2007 12:55am
May 22, 2007
Focus: Government
Action Request: Petition
Location: United States

As of yesterday, gas prices are the highest in U.S. history—we just passed the 1981 record, even adjusted for inflation.1 Prices could reach $4.00 per gallon in parts of the country, just in time to crimp summer vacation plans. As consumers suffer, the oil industry continues to reap the windfall—breaking profit records on an almost quarterly basis. It's outrageous!

Enough is enough. Hearings start today on H.R. 1252, a House bill that would make gas price gouging a federal crime, punishable by 10 years in prison. Speaker Pelosi has said she'll move the bill to a vote this week—if there's the two-thirds majority required to fast track the bill through the process.2

Oil company lobbyists are frantically trying to stop the bill. Your representative needs to hear from you today. Will you sign our petition asking Congress to pass the price-gouging bill—and then send it to your friends?

"Gasoline price gouging should be made a federal crime before the summer price increases hurt more American families."

Rep Bart Stupak (D-MI), sponsor of the House bill said this of his motivation to introduce the legislation:

"In April ... crude oil was $7 a barrel cheaper than last year (but) gas prices were almost 50 cents a gallon higher. Clearly there's more at play than simply the world crude oil market."3

In April, more than two-thirds of Americans reported that their gas bills were causing financial crunches, with a full third saying it was having a "serious" impact on their families.4

That same month, the top two US companies, Exxon-Mobil and Chevron-Texaco, announced a combined $14 billion in first quarter profits.5

It seems like even the oil industry has gone too far this time, and it's time to balance the scales. The Senate passed a price-gouging measure out of committee last week, and the House bill now has over 100 co-sponsors from both sides of the aisle.

The oil industry is nervous. They've sent their lobbyists to the Hill in full force to stop—or at least weaken—these bills, and they're pulling out all the stops. The American Petroleum Institute, an industry front group of more than 400 oil and gas companies, even threatened that new laws could increase gas prices more.6

Enough is enough. This summer, we can stop Big Oil from profiting at the expense of American families. Can you sign the petition to ask your representative to make gasoline a price gouging a federal crime now?

Don't forget to pass it on to your friends—this week is an historic opportunity to send Big Oil a message that we've had enough.

Thanks for all you do.

–Ilyse, Natalie, Eli, Tom, and the Political Action Team
  Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007


1. "U.S. gas prices jump more than 11 cents," Atlanta Journal-Constitution, May 21, 2007

2. "Debate on [H.R. 1252], offered by Energy and Commerce Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Chairman Bart Stupak, D-Mich., will kick off Tuesday with a hearing in Stupak's subcommittee. It is possible that an Energy and Commerce markup will follow. But Democratic leaders might opt to bring the bill up to the floor under suspension of House rules by Wednesday."
Excerpted from National Journal's Congress Daily, Monday, May 21, 2007

3. "Lawmaker Links Gas Prices to Investments," Houston Chronicle, May 16, 2007

4. "As Gas Prices Rise Again, Democrats Blame Big Oil," Washington Post, May 11, 2007

5. "Lawmaker Links Gas Prices to Investments," Houston Chronicle, May 16, 2007

6. "Lawmakers' blood pressure rises with prices at the pump,", May 17, 2007

Support our member-driven organization: Political Action is entirely funded by our 3.2 million members. We have no corporate contributors, no foundation grants, no money from unions. Our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way. If you'd like to support our work, you can give now at:

Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.
Peace, The Angel Power Emporium 

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Posted: May 22, 2007 9:19pm
May 4, 2007
Breaking News and Commentary from Citizens for Legitimate Government
04 May 2007
All links to articles as summarized below are available here:

U.S. eyes $500 mln ammunition sale to Iraq 04 May 2007 The Bush regime told Congress on Friday of plans to sell Iraq about 400 million rounds of small arms ammunition, 170,000 grenades, demolition explosives and other military gear and services valued at up to $508 million. As part of the proposed package, the United States would sell 170,000 40mm HEDP grenades, 80,000 C-4 1-1/4 pound plastic explosive packets and 4.2 million feet of detonating cord.

Troops at Odds With Ethics Standards 05 May 2007 More than one-third of U.S. soldiers in Iraq surveyed by the Army said they believe torture should be allowed if it helps gather important information about 'insurgents,' the Pentagon disclosed yesterday. Four in 10 said they approve of such illegal abuse if it would save the life of a fellow soldier. In addition, about two-thirds of Marines and half the Army troops surveyed said they would not report a team member for mistreating a civilian or for destroying civilian property unnecessarily. "Less than half of Soldiers and Marines believed that non-combatants should be treated with dignity and respect," the Army report stated.

Iran accuses US of terrorism in Iraq --Mottaki slams detention of Iranians by American forces 05 May 2007 Iran accused the United States of terrorist acts in Iraq during an international meeting on Friday aimed at discussing security cooperation in the war-torn country. "To create a safe haven for those terrorists who try to turn Iraqi territory into a base for attacking Iraq’s neighbours should be condemned," Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said at the conference. "Mr Mottaki was referring to countries which, like the United States, carry out acts of terrorism in Iraq," he said. "When the United States arrests five Iranian diplomats in Iraq, it is an act of terrorism," he said on condition of anonymity.

Iraqi lawmakers demand U.S. withdrawal 02 May 2007 As calls in the U.S. Congress grow for a scheduled troop withdrawal from Iraq, similar demands are escalating in Iraq's National Assembly. Some 133 Iraqi lawmakers from different political blocs, calling themselves the "free deputies," signed a document demanding a scheduled withdrawal of the U.S.-led 'multinational' troops from their country, according to the Sadrist bloc in Parliament.

Projectile Bomb Attacks Hit Record High in Iraq --U.S. Says Weapons Are Made in Iran 04 May 2007 Attacks in Iraq involving lethal weapons that U.S. officials say are made in Iran hit a record high last month, despite 'efforts' to crack down on networks supplying the armor-piercing weapons known as explosively formed projectiles, according to a senior U.S. commander. The number of attacks with the projectiles rose to 65 in April, said Lt. Gen. Raymond T. Odierno, who oversees day-to-day U.S. military operations in Iraq.

Five U.S. Soldiers Killed, 11 Wounded in Iraq 04 May 2007 Five American soldiers were killed and 11 others were wounded in four separate attacks in Iraq, the Defense Department announced today, as a top U.S. military official predicted more service members will die in the coming weeks.

Beleaguered Iraqis now fear their own security forces more than the insurgents 04 May 2007 "Be careful," warned a senior Iraqi government official living in the Green Zone in Baghdad, "be very careful and above all do not trust the police or the army." He added that the level of insecurity in the Iraqi capital is as bad now as it was before the US drive to make the city safe came into operation in February. The so-called "surge", the dispatch of 20,000 extra American troops to Iraq with the prime mission of getting control of Baghdad, is visibly failing.

US Republican presidential hopefuls insist on victory in Iraq 04 May 2007 A packed field of Republican White House hopefuls vowed to pursue victory in Iraq and castigated anti-war Democrats Thursday, in their first head-to-head showdown of the 2008 campaign. [Uh, all that's left is the surrender ceremony, whereupon the occupation forces --Blackwater USA, Halliburton and KBR --lay down their explosives, close their detention centers, and flee. --LRP]

Clinton Proposes Vote to Reverse Authorizing War 04 May 2007 Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, joining Senator Robert C. Byrd, Democrat of West Virginia, proposed Thursday that Congress repeal the authority it gave President [sic] Bush in 2002 to invade Iraq.

Many Prisoners at Guantánamo Rebuff Lawyers 05 May 2007 Many of the prisoners at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, are no longer cooperating with their lawyers, adding a largely invisible struggle between the lawyers and their own clients to the legal battle over the Bush regime’s detention policies... The prisoners’ resistance appears to have been fueled by frustration over their long detention and suspicion about whether their lawyers are working for the government, as well as anti-American sentiment, some of the documents and interviews show.

Another Guantanamo outrage (The Boston Globe) 03 May 2007 Unwilling to close Guantanamo, bring its prisoners to US soil, and let them fight their detention in US courts, the Bush administration now wants to shutter the one window the outside world has on the Kafkaesque conditions in the camp. It is proposing to clamp down on the prisoners' only nonmilitary contacts, their lawyers... The last thing the government should do is further limit the prisoners' rights with the proposed restrictions on their lawyers. Those attorneys, most of whom are working on a pro-bono basis, are the thin line that is keeping Guantanamo from becoming a gulag.

Thirteen more civilians killed in coalition raid in Afghanistan --Czech soldier dies in road accident in the north 05 May 2007 At least 13 civilians were killed in a bombing raid by US-led forces battling the Taliban, an Afghan official said on Friday, bringing to 70 the number of such deaths reported this week.

Some 1,600 displaced in Afghanistan after US air raids (IRIN) 03 May 2007 Almost 1,600 families have been displaced and many others need urgent humanitarian assistance two days after US war planes bombed several villages in the Shindand district of the western province of Herat, Afghan officials said. Reports of displacement follow claims that up to 60 civilians may have died in the fighting.

British soldier killed in Afghanistan 03 May 2007 A British soldier was killed in fighting with militants in southern Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence said on Thursday. A spokesman for the ministry had no further details but said the next-of-kin of the soldier had been informed.

Army: Milblogging is "Therapy," Media is "Threat" By Noah Shachtman 02 May 2007 To the Army's 1st Information Operations Command, the "media" is just another threat -- along with "al Qaeda," "hackers," and "drug cartels." Military bloggers are even lower than that: just poor saps looking for a "therapeutic" way to get out their feelings. No wonder the Army has put out new rules that could very well kill the sites off. I've pasted a couple of screenshots below. But it's really worth checking out the Information Operation Command's whole presentation on "OPSEC in the Blogosphere," obtained by Steven Aftergood's Secrecy News.

Is This What the Army Thinks of Us? By Paul McLeary 03 May 2007 It looks like it's official: the United States Army thinks that American reporters are a threat to national security. Thanks to some great sleuthing by Wired's "Danger Room" blogger Noah Shachtman, the Army's new operational security guidelines (OPSEC) hit the Web in a big way yesterday... Shachtman reproduces a slide from the new "OPSEC in the Blogosphere," document, which lists and ranks "Categories of Threat." Under "traditional domestic threats" we find hackers and militia groups, while "non-traditional" threats include drug cartels, and -- yes -- the media. Just to put that into some perspective, the foreign "non-traditional threats" are listed as warlords, and Al Qaeda. In other words, the Army has figuratively and literally put the media in the same box as Al Qaeda, warlords, and drug cartels.

Yellow ribbons By Rex Babin 03 May 2007 (Political cartoon)

Blair 'set to stand down as MP after elections' 04 May 2007 Tony Blair is preparing to stand down as an MP rather than stay on in Parliament after he resigns as Prime Minister, according to authoritative reports circulating at Westminister today.

Blair set for ambassador role in Africa 04 May 2007 Tony Blair is to become a roving ambassador in Africa and the Middle East when he leaves Downing Street in an attempt to rebuild his tarnished reputation. The Daily Telegraph can disclose that the Prime Minister is to spurn the chance to earn up to £10 million a year on the international lecture circuit by concentrating on raising money for his new Blair Foundation, which will fund humanitarian work in Africa.

Ecuador refuses US maneuvers 04 May 2007 Ecuador has refused to participate in the UNITAS 2007 maneuvers because of an unacceptable attitude on the part of the United States.

CIA agents' trial scheduled in Italy 04 May 2007 A judge in Milan Friday cleared the way for the trial of 26 CIA agents and two former Italian intelligence officials over the abduction [and torture] of a Muslim cleric. Constitutional Judge Simone Luerti denied the government's claim that prosecutors overstepped in bringing the charges, ANSA reported.

FBI agent testifies he posed as al-Qaida recruiter in terror case 03 May 2007 An FBI agent [Ali Soufan] who posed as an 'al-Qaida' recruiter in a terrorism investigation testified Thursday at a doctor's trial, recalling that a key conspirator in the case showed him how he could strangle somebody with his prayer beads.

FBI opening far fewer civil rights inquiries --Terrorism supersedes hate crimes, police abuse 25 Apr 2007 The FBI touts civil rights enforcement as a top priority, but the number of investigations into such cases -- from hate crimes to the actions of rogue police officers -- has fallen sharply, raising concerns that victims are left with nowhere else to turn. Pressed by the Bush regime to beef up counterterrorism ranks, the FBI has pulled agents off civil rights and slashed the number of criminal investigations conducted nationwide.

'If they are going to do training for torture, are they going to do that on the site? We don't know.' Blackwater Rising By Chuck Goudie 02 May 2007 The world's most controversial security service is now open for business in Illinois... According to critics, Blackwater is nothing more than a corporate warlord, based in North Carolina, with a payroll of hired gunslingers-- hundreds of them now protecting diplomats and contractors in Iraq... The firm has received hundreds of millions of dollars in State Department security contracts the past few years. But Blackwater also has a law enforcement training division. And the company says the facility it just opened in northern Illinois is for police training.

Rove, Still In the Mix By Michael Isikoff 03 May 2007 Deputy chief of staff Karl Rove participated in a hastily called meeting at the White House two months ago. The subject: The firing of eight U.S. attorneys last year. The purpose: to coach a top Justice Department official heading to Capitol Hill to testify on the prosecutorial purge on what he should say. Now some investigators are saying that Rove’s attendance at the meeting shows that the president’s [sic] chief political adviser may have been involved in an attempt to mislead Congress—one more reason they are demanding to see his e-mails and force him to testify under oath.

College student charged with threatening Hillary Clinton 04 May 2007 A 19-year-old Louisiana State University student was being held Friday on $1 million bail, accused of planning an attack against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. State District Judge Mike Erwin set bail after Richard Ryan Wargo of Shreveport, Louisiana, was booked on charges of terrorizing, communicating false information of planned arson and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

State looks to pull anti-Bush license plate 03 May 2007 Heather Moriah loves the personalized license plates on her silver Prius encouraging the impeachment of President [sic] George W. Bush. But somebody doesn’t agree. And that somebody complained to the state. Now, the South Dakota Division of Motor Vehicles is trying to recall the plates -- which read MPEACHW. And if Moriah doesn’t turn them in voluntarily, the state might send law-enforcement officers to pick them up.

Hagel Says He Would Consider Presidential Run as an Independent 04 May 2007 Republican Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska said he would consider entering the 2008 presidential campaign as an independent.

Oops! TSA computer hard drive missing 04 May 2007 The Transportation Security Administration is trying to find a missing computer hard drive containing Social Security numbers, bank data and payroll information for about 100,000 employee records. Authorities realized Thursday the hard drive was missing from a controlled area at TSA headquarters.

US govt says to reduce bird flu testing during '07 04 May 2007 The United States will test fewer wild birds during 2007 for the avian influenza virus than it did a year ago, government officials said on Friday... "There are several theories on how (high-pathogenic H5N1) could get here, if you go by the wild migratory birds theory Alaska is the most likely spot," said Nicholas Throckmorton with the Interior Department. [No, a US Army lab is the most likely spot. See: Scientists Recreate 1918 Flu and See Parallels to Bird Flu 18 Jan 2007.]

U.S. Issues Guidelines on Use of Face Masks in Flu Pandemic 04 May 2007 If a flu pandemic ever emerges, surgical masks "should be considered" by anyone entering a crowd, and thicker industrial masks "should be considered" for anyone taking care of the sick, federal health officials said yesterday as they finally released guidelines for mask use.

USDA: 20 mln birds on farms may have had bad feed 04 May 2007 The U.S. Agriculture [Agribusiness] Department said on Friday as many as 20 million chickens currently on U.S. farms in several states may have been fed contaminated feed. A USDA official said the birds must be held until the government can complete a risk assessment to determine if they can be processed. [OMFG! The Bush regime is going to allow the corpora-terrorists to 'rocess' the contaminated chickens!!!]

Petfood recall widens on cross-contamination 04 May 2007 A major pet food recall has expanded again as manufacturer Menu Foods Income Fund revealed evidence of cross-contamination by some cat and dog food pulled since March.

Big Pharma Gets its Hooks into Seton Hall Law School (Corporate Crime Reporter) 01 May 2007 For decades, the pharmaceutical industry has marinated the medical profession in millions of dollars of free samples, lunches, trips, and fees. The goal – influence, power, profits. Now, the industry has another target – the legal profession. Last week, industry leaders Schering-Plough Corporation, sanofi-aventis, Johnson & Johnson and Bristol Myers Squibb and the pharma law firm Gibbons PC – announced that they will donate a total of $9.1 million to establish the Center for Health & Pharmaceutical Law at Seton Hall Law School in Newark, New Jersey.

Italy's largest river drying up 04 May 2007 Italy declared a state of emergency in northern and central regions on Friday due to fears of drought following unusually warm and dry weather. Farmers have been fretting as Italy's largest river, the Po, has dried up in recent months.

Growling Cat Stops Mail Carriers From Delivering to Home 04 May 2007 Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow will deter the postal carrier from his appointed duty. But apparently a "threatening" cat does. John Samborski, of Winnipeg, received a letter from Canada Post stating that due to his cat Shadow's alleged growling, carriers will no longer deliver mail to his home.

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[Previous lead stories:] Insurgents 'right to take on US' 03 May 2007 'Insurgents' in Iraq are right to try to force US troops out of the country, a former British army commander has said. Gen Sir Michael Rose also told the BBC's Newsnight programme that the US and the UK must "admit defeat" and stop fighting "a hopeless war" in Iraq. Iraqi insurgents would not give in, he said. "I don't excuse them for some of the terrible things they do, but I do understand why they are resisting." Sir Michael has written a book drawing similarities between the tactics of insurgents and George Washington's men in America's War of Independence.

US inspector general for Iraq under investigation 02 May 2007 Stuart Bowen, the U.S. special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction whose office has uncovered abuse of both Iraqi and U.S. funds, is under investigation himself, a White House spokeswoman said on Wednesday. Bowen heads the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, or SIGIR.

Iraq says U.S.-backed oil law sent to parliament 02 May 2007 The Iraqi government has sent to parliament a landmark draft oil law, the oil minister said on Wednesday. Parliamentary officials, however, said they were unaware the bill had been submitted to the legislature.

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