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Sep 14, 2013

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Sep 10, 2013

Article from, "Occupy for animals"

UPDATE: The fate of Romania's homeless animals is now decided with:

266 votes in favor of euthanasia,
20 votes against
and 23 abstentions

The vote on the killing of ALL homeless animals in Romania is taking place right now, and the final decision will be taken at 12:00 CET, in about 20 minutes from now.

Following the death of little Ionut, the four-year-old boy, who has been supposedly mauled to death by 5 stray dogs on a private, fenced property, more than 1 km away from the park where the grand mother had lost sight of him and his older brother, was followed by a campaign without precedent in Romania, and which, led mainly by Antena 3, hides INCREDIBLE POLITICAL STAKES AND INTERESTS! A campaign with an unimaginable visual and psychological pressure! ...A mediatic destruction which was never met before!

A continuous and intense campaign, full of lies, calumnies, accuses, unimaginable scenarios regarding the animal lovers, especially the NGOs, is undertaken by the televisions, especially by “Antena 3” (please, send protests to ). The animal welfare NGOs are merely „bastards who steal the state's money”, which have „turned rich by exploiting the strays problem”, which have „done businesses with the mayors for huge amounts of money”, „impostors, fake animal lovers, only ruled by their own interests”. The loss of credibility towards the NGOs has occurred and thus the people are starting to talk about the NGOs like entities for which the „truth” is only now surfacing. Fake statistics, images with „fearsome” strays, interviews with „terrorized” citizens, have fully occupied the TV broadcasts these days! Fake histories, forged documents are presented to the population!

For 10 days the televisions are debating and are hysterically yelling and screaming on the same subject!

But the case of the 4 year old child killed by dogs is more than blurry and strange. There are things in the official version that just don't add up and many people have started to ask questions and wonder. Even Romanian MEP Corneliu Vadim Tudor had publicly expressed doubts on the official version of the boy's death.

The child was found approximately 1 km away from the park and in order to get there he would have had to walk a highly difficult road even for an adult! Especially for a child!? He should have passed a steep and then pass homeless people.

If the boy had been mauled to death by dogs, he would have screamed. How comes that no-one has heard the boys cries for help although there are a couple of residential buildings and many many houses in close proximity to the place where the boy is supposed to having been killed?

A journalist and his team took the same "possible path" that little Ionut is supposed to have taken when he left the park. Already the first part of the "possible path" was very difficult for an adult and it took them more than one hour until they landed in front of a very high fence which separated them from the place where the little boy had been found. According to the journalist, a child would have had no chance to walk this path till the end and to even reach the fence. And: why would a child do it?

If it took an adult more than 1 hour walking, a child would need even more time, but let's just assume that the two children really managed to reach the place where Ionut was later found in one hour time.... Ionut gets attacked by strays, his brother runs back to his grand mother. He would have needed at least 2 hours only to make the 2 ways. But it is said that the grand mother left them unsupervised for about 45 minutes...

According to the journalist, the coroner had found little Ionut in the yard with his pants down...

Furthermore, the majority observes the attitude and behavior of the parents, which are constantly present in the TV studios, especially the mother who is awkwardly relaxed and untroubled. In order to counter-balance this relaxation, some journalists resort to shocking titles, by expressing their own suffering, by photos. There are more and more details which do not make sense and which do not fit the story. And the grandmother who lost sight of the child is not in any way legally accused or pursued, not even interrogated! On the contrary, the entire fault is attributed to the NGOs!!!

We have compiled the inconsistencies which have emerged days after the death of the little boy at the bottom of the following page and we invite you to read them, to watch the video and see the pictures, to read the different statements, and to build up your own opinion...


We have managed to defeat a political force by stopping mass euthanasia in 2011! Now their strategy has changed by creating such a public pressure, which, supposedly, will put pressure on the political bodies! The loss of credibility of the NGOs, of the animal lovers, currently represent the priority of the country! Once these occurred, they lead to the meeting of various objectives having colossal financial implications!

They have manipulated the collective mentality in such a way that the people themselves have massacred strays in the streets, people are abusing and hitting them, the public dog pounds are emptied over night, a national dog catching procedure has begun, the dog catchers even enter the properties of the people. They have entered so deeply in the psyche of the people that the people have started to denigrate each other, to mutilate one another!


The protests against the gold extraction by cyanide in Rosia Montana has brought 10.000 people in the streets, for 9 days. This is a protest without precedent in Romania but still the televisions only rarely present this subject. Nonetheless they are constantly debating the subject of the child killed by the strays!

For information on Rosia Montana, please see:

Only the joint and destructive forces they resorted to in a premeditated manner show us just how high the stake really is!


While Romania's populace is occupied blaming and killing strays because of the tragic death of little Ionut - who was probably not even killed by strays - their Government is moving forward with their plans to give the go-ahead for the construction of Europe's biggest gold mine and to sign away Romania's most valuable natural asset!

After the project had been on halt for the past 14 years because of vicious opposition from anti-mining activists and the successive Romanian governments being reluctant to give the go-ahead amid such heated environment, the Romanian government approved a draft law last week that sets out a course for development of the mine, and which now needs to be approved by parliament which is set to vote on the project later this month.

Ex-culture minister and Democratic Liberal Theodor Paleologu agrees, saying, "The project is technically dubious, the law behind it is against the constitution because it ignores property laws as well as the interests of the Romanian state, and it has corrupted many politicians."

It is, indeed, true that many Romanian politicians in recent years have done a surprising turnaround on the project, including head of state Victor Ponta, who, while a member of the opposition, was a vocal critic of the plans.

Current Prime Minister Victor Ponta (who is married to Dacaina Sarbu, Vice-President of the European Parliament's Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals) won a convincing victory in last year’s election, and has majority control over parliament which has allowed him to be far more aggressive than his predecessors in approving large capital projects that can boost the economy. One of his priorities is Rosia Montana.

But - of course - Rosia Montana Gold Corporation denies having bribed any politicians....

According to the already approved draft law, Gabriel would hold 75% of the mine, with the state holding the balance (25 %). Rosia Montana is the largest gold resource on the continent.


Since the murderous populace has got a free ticket to kill, dogs and cats are already being bludgeoned, shot and poisoned in villages and towns all over Romania. Pregnant bitches, little puppies and socialized gentle dogs, none are being spared!

BUT even if Romania would kill ALL HOMELESS ANIMALS, it wouldn't solve their problem!

Technically and logistically speaking, it is simply impossible for the dog catching services to capture all the stray dogs.

Owned dogs who are not sterilized also contribute to the stray animal population but they won't be killed. Most owned dogs in Romania are not sterilized and allowed to roam freely and to mate as they wish. They will continue to reproduce litter after litter which will then simply be abandoned by their owners and so the sad cycle will continue year in, year out, with new puppies replacing the dying or killed adult population. Just one unaltered female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in only six years. In seven years, one female cat and her offspring can produce an incredible 370,000 kittens. Male animals contribute to the companion animal overpopulation crisis even more than females do. Just one un-sterilized male animal can impregnate dozens of females, creating dozens upon dozens of unwanted offspring.

THUS: The only proven and humane method of stray animals population control is the sterilization and return of the gentle and healthy stray dogs, compulsorily accompanied by the sterilization of dogs with owners that are the main source of street dogs by mass abandoning.

Approximately 5 million puppies are born in Romania in rural areas every year, some of them being killed by their owners and the others being abandoned in the streets and the woods, and as long as the dogs with owners will not be sterilized, through coherent programs, Romania's streets will never be free of dogs !!!

AND: If the Romanian government was interested in solving the stray animals issue, they would have started mass sterilization campaigns long time ago. But fact is that the stray animals business is a profitable dirty industry in which many people profit from: the collecting of dogs --- the construction of unnecessary shelters (including research and design) --- the housing of animals, including supposedly feeding and caring of the animals --- the incineration of the deceased animals.

In 2001 the then-mayor of Bucharest (Traian Basescu) launched a campaign that led to the extermination of about 144,000 stray dogs in the capital alone, spending almost 9,000,000 Euros (62 Euros per dog) during the period from 2001-2007. Between 2008-2010, 20,000 dogs have been killed in Constanta spending 1,500,000 Euros (75 Euros per dog). As you know, both the city of Bucharest and Constanta are again littered with live and dead dogs.

Between 2001 and 2011 the Romanian animal control people have killed hundreds of thousands dogs by spending tens of millions of EUROs in public funds, while the number of stray dogs only grew larger because the authorities quickly came to realize that the mere existence of the strays is a very profitable business!

Solving the stray animals issue would leave all those who make big money from the "stray business" (including mayors and other politicians who receive bribes) without their huge profits!!!

The following link contains information on corruption, organized crime and stray dogs business in Romania and will open your eyes:


in a few years from now Romania's streets will be littered again with life and dead dogs. All those who have already died, and those who will die, will have died for nothing! And we'll be here again, having the same discussions on the same sad topic that we are having since 2008!

Romanians: USE YOUR BRAIN! ...STOP believing and buying all that you are being served by your corrupt politicians.

WAKE UP, ROMANIANS! ... W A K E .. U P !!!

Aug 4, 2013

So sorry if this may offend and I don't really post such pictures on my page as I don't really want to go down this route, but I find myself compelled to do so this time....This elephant shot by this 'family' whilst it was still eating. I was sent this picture and asked what I thought? Well I know something, I am FAR from perfect and have many issues and things I need to sort out in my own life and am the first to stand up and say so.... BUT there is one thing I can proudly say, I am SO VERY HAPPY I am NOTHING like this lot and for that I am very content. Sad, sad misguided people......

Richard Symonds Artist

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Posted: Aug 4, 2013 3:14pm
Dec 31, 2011
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Petition
Location: United States

Hold the Department of Defense Accountable for Inappropriate Actions Done by Our Troops!

Link to website, that has this petition & more, on it.

(Copy and paste the link, into your browser, if link won't work. Some of the links to the videos, might have been taking down, I'm one that can't watch animals being tortured and, view at your own descretion-THEY ARE GRAPHIC!

Thank you, Shell

After watching a video of some of the troops taunting a crippled dog that was in need of medical help, these troop members laughed and made despicable pathetic remarks AND DID NOTHING to aid this poor helpless dog who badly needed medical attention. This is one of many incidents I've seen on television and on the internet of our troops acting inappropriately while serving our country. Examples of inappropriate behavior that have been exhibited are the unnecessary torturing, humiliation of people, and sickening videos of skits assassinating people, and wearing ridiculous masks and using derogatory filthy language. After recently watching the video of the crippled dog, I immediately emailed the Department of Defense asking for an explanation into why these troops engaged in such irresponsible behavior and "kindly" asked for a reply and received no response! I emailed the D.O.D. a few weeks later regarding this email and "I still never received a response". So after being repeatedly ignored from them, I called the D.O.D. and many of the operators hung up on me, and never connected me to a supervisor or manager when I requested that they do so. So I guess the D.O.D. doesn't have a logical explanation into this disgusting video, and could care less about what our military troops are doing on their free time? And us tax payers are paying them for doing such morally unrelenting actions, while not in combat. After seeing this video, it makes me ashamed that are military is disgracing our nation with these despicable actions. Is this how we "WANT OTHER COUNTRIES" to visualize the Morals and Values of what the U.S.A. stands for?? This is absolutely a "DISHONOR TO OUR PEOPLE AND NATION" and it NEEDS TO BE STOPPED IMMEDIATELY! Our country has a long way to go in becoming "ONE GREAT NATION", if this type of behavior persists, and our government continues to condone these actions!! Military troops who feel that they want to exhibit degrading behavior like this, should be IMMEDIATELY dishonorably discharged for their insulting disparaging behavior. Its time for some of our troops to act like morally responsible adults, instead of exhibiting behavior of a mentally deranged person.

Here is the link to the taunted dog who was ignored by our troops:

Another incident of troops taunting a dog in the military:

Unfortunately and sadly, here is another horrific video of some of our troops beating a innocent vulnerable sheep:

And then there's this horrific video which by far is the most barbaric act of them all:

It's due time the Dept. of Defense holds accountable the behavior of the troops, so that their actions DON'T HUMILIATE our Country! With their inhumane actions, they are encouraging more animal abuse crimes here in this country, which we already are dealing with ENOUGH horrid crimes being afflicted to animals without the perpetrator receiving any SEVERE punishments for their heinous crimes! Please put a stop to these killing machines in our military, Thank you!!


There are many petitons at Petition2Congress...from Animal Welfare to Worker's Rights. Please sign and let's clean up the world and make a diference!! THANK YOU, SHELL

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Posted: Dec 31, 2011 3:22pm
Dec 20, 2011
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Petition
Location: United States

Extremely Important Petition on Cosmetic Products That Are Tested On Animals..This Petition Needs Signatures. Forward And Pass To Your Friends, Family and Neighbors.

Target: Michael Grimm-Representative for the 13th district of N.Y. Sponsored by: Toni A.



Link To Her Page

A wake up up call to companies who should and could eliminate the needless testing on animals. Animals have as much right to life as human beings. In the U.S. alone, the number of animals tested on each year range between 17-70 million; and the Animal Welfare Act appears to set a minimum requirement for humane treatment in labs and other settings. When locked up, these animals suffer tremendous stress. Can we know they don't feel pain? Experiments on animals can be misleading. We don't know if their response to a drug is the same as that of a human being. These animals are not given anesthesia, as scientists feel it would interfere with test results, which, in turn,causes them excruciating pain, followed by certain death when the experimentation is over


We, the undersigned, are asking all cosmetic companies still using animals as research subjects, to stop and take a good look at the many companies who have discontinued this practice. Why put animals through thoughtless suffering when there is no need? The above mentioned compaines have created wonderful products that work; using ingredients from nature, thereby eliminating animal abuse and labeling their products as "tested on people", which is only right, as people, not animals are the ones using them.. If many companies can do this, why can't all cosmetic companies do it? I'm asking everyone to take a moment to think about this issue and after doing so, if you feel it's worthwhile, speak up and boycott the cosmetic companies that still use this practice. We all appreciate beauty, but it should not be had off the torment of animals. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.


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