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Jun 9, 2006
Wednesday was a good day for me. 
I asked God to give me the strength to get some things done around the house.  There were dishes that needed to be washed, laundry to be done, and my main mission was to clear off my "catch all" table which stands in the dining area of my home!  Piles of this and that, papers , magazines, bills and God knows what else lies beneath all the clutter! 
I must warn you that you should be careful and be specific in what you pray for! 

I started off my morning praying for my sis, Lori and her husband Jimmy.  They had left for Provo to get some testing done on Jimmy.  He had a brain scan and CT Scan schedueled that morning.

Jimmy was in a bad accident in his mine where he works a few years ago.  His neck was injured and he had to have surgery and  a donor bone put into his neck.  Not long after his return to work he was in another accidet which hurt another part of his neck and he has suffered terribly!  So, he went to his doctor and the scanns were ordered for June 7th in the morning and he would know the results by the afternoon. 

I called Lori Wednesday evening and she told me the good news, Jimmy's brain scan came back normal!  She said that totally surprised her!  She was expecting a blank ex-ray, I guess!  : )  So we laughed about that!  And of course gave God all the Glory for the good news!  BUT, ( there is almost always a BUT right after the good news!  Jimmy's neck between the 4th & 5th "thingy" is damaged and has developed a bone spur!  So that has to be taken out and a donor bone put in.  Same surgery that Jimmy had gone thru a few years ago. 

This is very stressful for Jimmy and he has some fears about it knowing what he will be going through.  AND!  Oh no!  There's more!  The doctor told Jimmy that his mining days are over, he is done.  Can't go back.  And so close to retirement,  Jimmy had decided to retire this summer!  Jimmy will have his surgery on the 7th of July and will be in the hospital for about 3 days.

Please keep this family, my family in your prayers.  This is not all of the story!  My sis, Lori has to have another scope surgery on her right knee, on the 23rd of this month.  She went through this in December of last year and said it was worse than the brain surgery ( yes! brain surgery, she had an anurisum and surgery in October of 2004!) !  She came thru the brain surgery and recovered very well, thanks to the Grace of God and all the prayers that were prayed in her behalf! 

The knee surgery was really hard trying to walk and sit was very painful for Lori.  But Lori fell a while back and has injured her knee again and things have to be repaired.  I pray that the Lord will allow her a speedy recovery so she can feel better as she goes thru this surgery with Jimmy!  I know that she will be by his side thru it all!  And nothing will keep her from being there! 

Alas, that is not the end of this family story. 

Lori and her sister in law will be traveling to Arizona next week to visit with another of Jimmy's sister's, Kitty.  Kitty is not doing well and the doctors have allowed her to go home and are keeping her comfortable.  This is more stress on this family! 

So many prayers are need for this family, my family!  I just pray that God will get them thru these surgeries and help them to heal with his speed! 

OH, Yeah!  Back to me and my prayer for strength!  Like I said, be real careful how you word your prayers.  I may have forgotten to mention to the Lord that I didn't want to get "everything" done on my list for yesterday.  I did want to make a dent in my cleaning and straightening up!   I guess I didn't make it real clear that I didn't have to get it all done in 24 hours, there will be another day!  But I was wound up like an 8 day clock!  I puttered around and did a few dishes, did a load of laundry, worked on my computer, even got some photos scanned and put on discs. In between the things that I had to do on my feet.  

I was so busy with little things here and little things there that the time just flew and before I knew it, it was 5 am and I knew Ron would be getting up soon.  So I hit the start button on the coffee maker and soon we were talking and enjoying our coffee! 

As tired and as much as my legs were screaming at me to go and lay down, I just knew that one cup wouldn't hurt, I would be able to fall right to sleep!  I came in here and got on the computer, big mistake.  I get lost in time and can't seem to pull myself away at times!  Had to check my messages and write a "quik note" to this one and that one.  Saw a cute photo that someone had put in the gallery at myboomerplace, so had to check it out, then the next one and the next one!  Wrote a blog letting everyone at myboomerplace know that I am still alive and doing OK, and sorry I hadn't been on there for a while.  Explaining about having doctor's appointments and my physical therapy for my feet which has kept me busy for the past few weeks! 

It started raining, finally around 4 something yesterday morning!  What a wonderful aroma, the smell of the rain.  We don't get that often around here!  There was some lightening and thunder and wind and then the rain.  Nice and steady for about an hour and a half. 

Ron was suppose to leave for work in Beaver yesterday morning, but with the rain, he didn't have to take off.  So after his coffee and a chance to read the paper he was up doing some of his chores around the house.  Sprinkleling the good smelling powder he puts down before he vacuums!  Awwe!  Another great smell!  I got some packages ready to mail off and Ron said he would take care of them for me!  

So, finally, after I took my morning medicines I laid down!  My body was so happy!  I fell asleep almost instantly!  And didn't wake up for over 5 hours! 

Got up and took a shower and felt a little better. But still  tired and legs hurting.  And was looking forward to watching  CSI: , then Without a trace and My Name is Earl.  And the new show, "WINFALL"!  
Well I made it as far as half way thru Without a Trace and that was the end of that!   So I am hoping that my dear daughter in law TiVo'd the programs for me to watch later!

I finshed a great little book that my Mom let me borrow.  "THE CHOICE" by  OG MANDINO.  A good book about a man and a lighthouse!  I reccomend it, highly!  It has a great story and message, and it doesn't take long to read it!

It's been a long morning, so I will close for now! 
I pray that you are having a good day!  You are all in my prayers! 
One more scarey little thing! 

Barricaded Man Has Fired At Police In St. George

(KUTV) ST. GEORGE We have breaking news this morning out of Washington County. A police standoff is underway in St. George.

Here's what we know so far.

The suspect, Joe Watson, has been sought after by police after he walked away from a prison work site.

Authorities say Watson was incarcerated for warrants in a work release program when he simply walked away.

Police were lead to a home at 400 north 468 west in St. George. Upon arriving there they found a stolen car at the home and saw Watson look out a window.

That's when authorities say he began to barricade himself in the home.

When officers broke a window to toss a cell phone into the home Watson reportedly fired three shots.

Nearby homes were evacuated to a nearby church at 500 north and 500 west where a temporary shelter has been setup.

Watson is the only person in the home right now. His wife was taken to jail for three outstanding warrants for separate offenses. Police say she is not at home at this time.

Investigators tell us the owners of the house offered Watson the upstairs portion of the home until he and his wife could find another place to stay. 

Oh what an exciting life I lead!  : )  I just pray that no one is hurt thru all this! 

GOD Bless ~

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Posted: Jun 9, 2006 9:50am


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