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Apr 29, 2006
In the early morning hours, yesterday morning, my precious friend, my "sister" LaDanna went home to be with our Lord!  Our "sister" Lori called to tell me the news yesterday and we cried together!  For reasons beyond our control we can not attend the services for our "Sister"!  We live in Utah and LaDanna lived in Arkansa!
LaDann's daughter, Christina went to wake her Mom to take her medicine early in the morning and she wouldn't wake up!  This had happened the week before and Chris called 911 and they couldn't get her to wake up, she was in a coma.  So LaDanna had to be put on a ventilator, she was in a coma!
She did come out if it thanks to the prayers and the good doctors.  And got to go home last Wednesday, I think.
At my Mom's 85th birthday party, LaDanna called our "sister" Lori on her cell phone so we got to talk to her for a while!  And that was really neat because it had been a while since we got to talk on the phone.  Her health wasn't good so she didn't get on her computer any more either!  So the call was very sweet and very special.  But very sad because LaDanna's voice was very shakey and I  know she was in a lot of pain!  But I did get her to laugh!  We promised to call each other more often and we exchanged cell phone numbers.  That was Saturday a week ago.
Then Lori called me yesterday to tell me that LaDanna had passed away!  Our hearts are just broken.  She is the youngest of our circle of friends!  Her young daughter Christina is around 20 something and she is a Lukemia survivor.  Christina is a special child, and will probably go to live with her Uncle and aunt and their family. 
Christina has taken care of her mom for the past few years.  Through several surgerys and  other health problems!  So I am asking you all for special prayers for this precious young woman who will miss her Mommy so much! 

The pix that I picked for my blog from left to right is Linda-LaDanna's sister, a brother, LaDanna in the red, you can see how bad she looks in this pix taken just last year or early this year.  And Christina, in the yellow shirt.   ARKIE is Linda and LaDanna's Dad, he is sitting.  And his health is not good at all!

Just wanted to Share this with all of you and ask for you to please pray for this family!  I have known them for over 26 years and I love them all very very much!  It is so hard to believe that my precious friend, and "Sis" is gone.  But she is with her Momma in Heaven, I know!  And Lori, Linda, Chris and I will see her when we get there, too!  

LaDanna's funeral will be on Tuesday.

Thanks to all who read this and will take a moment or two to say a little prayer for this family!  

GOD Bless ~ 

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Posted: Apr 29, 2006 11:36am


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