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Nov 2, 2008
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Other
Location: United States

The Humane Society Legislative Fund -- the nation’s only group that tracks on a nonpartisan basis the voting records of Members of Congress and works to hold them accountable -- needs your help on an urgent election issue. We are working to let voters in Michigan’s 9th Congressional District know about U.S. Rep. Joe Knollenberg’s terrible record on animal cruelty -- one of the worst records in the entire country. Click here to see our TV ad
highlighting Knollenberg's terrible record.

But now, just days before the election, Joe Knollenberg is paying for radio ads and robo-calls trying to fool voters into believing that he is a friend of animals. He is even trying to use local humane societies as a shield for his long and embarrassing record on animal cruelty.

Please call Joe Knollenberg’s campaign office today at 248-723-1477. Tell him to stop lying about his record on animal cruelty, and to stop using local humane societies as a shield for his political agenda.

The Humane Society Legislative Fund has been watching Joe Knollenberg vote against animal protection time and again. We’ve reached out to him and asked for his vote to stop animal cruelty, yet he has sided with animal abusers almost every time. In fact, he has an average score of 12 out of 100 over 16 years in Congress -- meaning Knollenberg sided with animal abusers 88 percent of the time!

Some of his votes on animal protection issues include the following:

  • Horse Slaughter: He voted against the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act, H.R. 503 ( -- September 7, 2006), to prohibit the slaughter of American horses to be served as a foreign delicacy in France and Belgium.

  • Animal Fighting: He voted against the Blumenauer-Tancredo amendment to H.R. 2673 ( -- July 14, 2003) which provided $800,000 for the U.S. Department of Agriculture to improve enforcement of the federal law against animal fighting -- the same law that was later used to break up Michael Vick's dogfighting ring.

  • Polar Bears: He voted against the Inslee-LoBiondo amendment to H.R. 2643 ( -- June 27, 2007) to prohibit wealthy American trophy hunters from importing the heads and hides of sport-hunted polar bears killed in the Arctic.

  • Downer Cattle: He voted against the Ackerman-LaTourette amendment to H.R. 2673 ( -- July 14, 2003) to protect our food supply and stop the abuse of sick and crippled cattle too weak to walk to slaughter. Six months after that vote, a downer cow in the U.S. tested positive for "mad cow disease."

  • Bear Baiting: He voted against the Gallegly-Moran amendment to H.R. 2691 ( -- July 17, 2003) to stop the inhumane and unsporting practice of shooting bears over piles of pizza and jelly doughnuts on national forests.

  • Lethal Predator Control: He voted against the DeFazio-Bass amendment to H.R. 1906 ( -- June 8, 1999) and the DeFazio-Bass-Morella amendment to H.R. 4461 ( -- July 11, 2000) to end the use of tax dollars to kill predators with cruel traps and poisons as a government subsidy for private ranchers.

  • Dolphin-Safe Tuna: He voted for H.R. 408 ( -- May 21, 1997) which ended the embargo on dolphin-deadly tuna and weakened protections for dolphins caught in tuna nets, and he voted against the Miller amendment to H.R. 2670 ( -- August 5, 1999) to limit U.S. funding of the international tuna fishing convention, which allows the use of dolphin-deadly nets.

  • Trapping: He voted against the Farr-Whitfield amendment to H.R. 2466 ( -- July 14, 1999) to stop the use of steel-jawed leghold traps and wire neck snares to kill and maim animals for their fur pelts on national wildlife refuges.

  • Fur Subsidies: He voted against the Shays-Deutsch amendment to H.R. 1976 ( -- July 21, 1995) which eliminated a $2 million annual subsidy for the luxury mink coat industry.

  • Foreign Trophy Hunting: He voted against the Fox-Miller amendment to H.R. 2159 ( -- September 4, 1997) to stop the use of tax dollars to promote the trophy hunting of African elephants and other foreign species as a rural development strategy.

  • Yellowstone Bison: He voted against the Rahall amendment to H.R. 2691 ( -- July 17, 2003) to protect the last free-roaming buffalo herd in Yellowstone National Park from government slaughter.

  • Wild Horses and Burros: He voted against the Rahall-Whitfield-Sweeney-Spratt amendment to H.R. 2361 ( -- May 19, 2005), and voted against H.R. 249 ( -- April 26, 2007), to restore the decades-long protection for wild horses and burros on public lands from commercial sale and slaughter.




    Don’t be fooled by Joe Knollenberg’s phony conversion to animal issues right before the election. He can’t hide from his long and embarrassing record on animal cruelty, and now he is lying about it. Please forward this message to everyone you know in Michigan’s 9th District, and urge them to vote for Gary Peters instead -- the candidate we can trust on animal protection.

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Posted: Nov 2, 2008 12:32pm
Oct 17, 2008
Focus: Racism
Action Request: Petition
Location: United States


John McCain and Sarah Palin have launched a strategy relying on fear-mongering, racial divisions, and hate. The result is McCain/Palin supporters saying "kill him!" "terrorist!" "traitor," and more, at rallies, with the McCain campaign.It's outrageous and it must stop.
Together, we can show that Americans of all races won't stand for this.
I've signed onto ColorofChange's open-letter to McCain and Palin. will publish it this week, and as they've shown in the past, when enough of us stand together, we can force the mainstream media to amplify our message. Will you join us?    
McCain-Palin rallies have been appearing on youtube and other sites. The candidates keep asking "who is the real Barack Obama?" (a question that also kicks off many McCain television ads).In response, supporters have yelled "terrorist!" and "traitor!" And the venom goes beyond Obama--one McCain/Palin supporter shouted a racial epithet at a Black member of a news crew, saying "sit down, boy". Another supporter said "Negro[es]" are "second-stringers" and yet another carried a "Little Hussein" monkey with him. 
McCain and Palin are going down a dangerous path. Watching some of their supporters being interviewed shows the kind of fear their campaign is stoking and exploiting.McCain and Palin are clearly in the driver's seat. They've personally made it a point to use "terrorist"; they have surrogates repeatedly refer to him by his middle-name;and they keep pushing the discredited guilt-by-association smears that have long been debunked.
All of it plays on the much more sinister rumors in anonymous smear emails which claim Obama is Muslim or an Arab (a myth designed to tap into anti-Muslim/Arab bigotry), anti-American, and is somehow connected with terrorists. This strategy is powerful because Obama is black, and it's designed to make Obama's race a disadvantage without appearing overtly racist.
As Americans of all stripes, we've seen how Barack Obama's historic candidacy has moved our friends and family to have a more honest conversation about race in this country. It's inspired a lot of people to step out of their comfort zone and confront racism in their own communities, with their friends, neighbors and families.
In the final days of this campaign, we can't let hatred drag us down. If enough of us act, we can create a powerful story in the media about all races standing together against race-baiting and fear-mongering coming from the McCain/Palin campaign. But it will take a lot of us speaking in unison.
Will you sign an open letter to McCain and Palin, telling them who you are and why you won't let our country regress? will publish the letter and make sure John McCain is forced to respond.       
Thanks so much.    
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Posted: Oct 17, 2008 9:04am
Oct 6, 2008

In order to pay for his healthcare plan that will prevent some Americans from obtaining insurance and will tax all Americans' healthcare benefits, McCain will make cuts in the Medicare and Medicaid programs.  I wonder if all the senior citizens that are voting for him know this?  Probably not.

Check out

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Posted: Oct 6, 2008 11:44am
Sep 29, 2008
Focus: Church-State
Action Request: Write E-Mail
Location: United States

Always making sure to include his middle name, Hussein, many churches across the country preached against voting for Obama yesterday, September 28th.

There is even a group, The Alliance Defense Fund, that is trying to overturn the separation of church and state that was set up in the Johnson Amendment. The Johnson Amendment rescinds tax-exempt status for any church that endorses a political candidate from the pulpit during sermons.

The Alliance Defense Fund actually sent videos of the sermons to the IRS to dare them to revoke the tax-exempt status of the churches involved.

http://www. alliancedefensefund. org/news/story. aspx?cid=4690

I'll be writing a petition to the IRS and the Federal Election Commission as soon as I can, but in the interim you can write to them and ask them to enforce their laws and revoke the tax-exempt status for these churches....

http://www. irs. gov/contact/index. html
http://www. irs. gov/individuals/article/0,,id=106778,00. html
http://www. fec. gov/pages/brochures/citizens. shtml#complaint

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Posted: Sep 29, 2008 5:31am
Sep 21, 2008
Focus: Politics
Action Request: Read
Location: United States

CNN hosted a forum of ex-Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright, Warren Christopher; Henry Kissinger, James Baker and Colin Powell.  Try to catch it the next time it's aired, because it's fascinating to see them all together discussing how best to move forward.

The general consensus?  Obama's policies are better.

Check out

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Posted: Sep 21, 2008 9:06pm
Sep 16, 2008

1400 Alaskans gathered to protest Sarah Palin's nomination for VP on the McCain ticket. How many more would have showed up if hoax caller(s) to radio station(s) hadn't announced the rally had been cancelled? Why, if the media is so liberal, has this not been featured all over cable and network news?

Check out






flip flop

never again

pro woman


no palin



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Posted: Sep 16, 2008 3:04pm
Sep 15, 2008

Dear John McCain:

You have forfeited your right to be my President.  I will never salute you.  I will never call you my President.  I will never give you any respect.  I will never believe a single thing that comes out of your mouth from this point forward.

Sure, all politicians stretch the truth.  We've all come to expect that.  I can forgive you for stretching the truth.  I can forgive you for choosing someone who, up until this point in time, had no interest in anything outside of Alaska.  But you have lied.  You have lied a lot.  You have lied about very important things.

It was bad enough that you lied about Palin selling the jet for a profit on Ebay.  It was worse when you lied about your voting record.  It was worse still when you lied about Obama wanting to teach comprehensive Sex Ed to kindergarteners before they were taught to read.  But today you lied to the American people in a time of crisis.

You told them that financial institutions would never have failed in a McCain administration.  You told them that regulations on the banking industry were too lax and you would reform them.  You conveniently forgot to mention that a former Senator and lobbyist for financial institutions, Phil Gramm, was a proponent of the bill that relaxed regulations that allowed the mortgage companies to write all the bad loans and the banks to fail.  You conveniently forgot to mention that you voted for this legislation.  You conveniently forgot to mention that Phil Gramm is your economic advisor.  You conveniently forgot to mention that you are, in part, responsible for today's banking crisis.  You stood in front of the American people...people already in trouble and who are now wondering how long it will take to recover their money from Lehman Brothers' bankruptcy....and pretended you had nothing to do with it and that you cared.

You stood in front of the same crowd and then lied to them about the 'nasty' things Obama was saying about you.  Guess what, John?  Obama only quoted what the media was saying about you and your lies.  And guess what, John?  It was all true.  And you played the victim and lied again.

So, go ahead and pretend you're still an honorable man.  Pretend you have our best interests at heart.  Pretend that everything you say is true.  Pretend you put your country before your campaign.  But as for me....don't even bother.  I know none of what you say is true.  I know you've lost your honor and your respectability.  I know you're no longer a hero or a maverick or a decent human being.  I know you're a coward who has to hide behind a woman to win.  I know you're not a reformer.  I know you're a self-involved Washington insider.  I know you only care about winning.  I know who you are.  I know you're a liar.

May God help us all if you win.

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Posted: Sep 15, 2008 9:41am


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