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Nov 7, 2012
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Posted: Nov 7, 2012 2:51pm
Mar 25, 2011
Name: Cheeky
Type: Memorial (for the deceased)
To Honor: Pet(s)
Location: Sligo, Ireland

I know I put this little story up before, but I felt that it deserved a rerun. The true spirit of the warrior was embodied in this little dog and I am proud to have known him. Joseph
It was another cold night.
He pressed deeper into the wreckage of his home. Some of the debris was big enough to break the icy wind. He could see the house from where he lay, cold and deserted.
As he watched and dozed, his thoughts drifted back in time.
The fire was lit, and he was warm. His mistress was knitting, as he lay
at her feet. The son, a young man now, was painting the doors. The fatherwas working in the garden. It was a good life, a family.
One day the son left with a suitcase, and didnt return. His tender
mistress left too a couple of years later. She just went asleep and never woke up. He could sense her close by, but he couldnt find her.
Life was hard from then on. The father was drunk a lot, and he was cruel. Kicks and abuse, where once had been love.
Then the house went silent, and stayed silent. Empty and uncared for. He was alone.
Time passed, men came one day and knocked the shed where he slept.
They flattened it, and left it lying there.
With hunger, and cold, and age, death beckoned, but he would not go.
He could not go, not until the son came back. Many years had passed,
but he vowed to keep his lonely vigil. Night after night he lay staring
at the cold, dark shell. He dreamed of hearing the son calling him in
from his bleak existance. He was having one of those dreams now, and he revelled in it. Soothing words in his old ears, as strong arms picked
him up and carried him. It was raining, but it felt like tears of love
falling on his aged body. The fire was lit, he could feel its warm glow....
Wings of Love

Fly me to that place unknown.
Far, far away beyond the sea.
Where love abides, and kindness shown,
The children of eternity.

The words that speak will say no more.
For words are only earthly things.
To see the ones who went before.
Carried home on angels wings

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Posted: Mar 25, 2011 2:48pm
Mar 5, 2011

This is a very sad and touching story.
The soldier was shot by a sniper, and his dog although unhurt physically died later the same day. He curled up and died to follow his beloved master. When we send hero dogs to war, lets not forget that they are little persons and their hearts can be broken too.

Army dog dies

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Posted: Mar 5, 2011 2:05am
Jul 15, 2008

I want to share something with my friends here at Care2.   I like some others am very close to animals, their feelings, their love, their loss. In this human world. Almost two years ago my 16 year old terrier Brusty passed away. I will never get over it, life will never have his huge courage, or his little games again. Three other dogs have joined me since, they had nowhere to go. I love them also. As I love the little robin who sings over my doorway.  I love and feel for them all. I have been active, I have done my best and still do. I always will.
I ask my fellow lovers of the natural world, do not send me pictures and stories of cruelty. My mind and my heart is too full of what goes on. I never stand by, but living alone the burden of the horrors becomes too much.
Make others aware, I am, and dont glorify their torture. I had to get this off my chest tonight, I wont sleep after opening that email. What good does that serve.   I wish that you all walk in beauty.

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Posted: Jul 15, 2008 4:16pm


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