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Jun 16, 2013

Hello to all the beautiful animal lovers at care2!!!!!  I am very happy that I found this site, have learned so much, many things I have learned I had no knowledge of before you.  Much of what I read does involve the ABUSE of ANIMALS, it has been an eye opener.  They say "ignorance is bliss and knowledge is power, but I must tell you I have been so heartbroken coming upon story after story of abused animals, their torture, their deaths due mainly to man.  The truly horrific case of the inspiration and treasured life of the wolf, their lives in such danger, the terrifying crimes being done to them, again at the hands of ignornat hunter who in my mind are very dangerous individuals, also the dog and cat population, an allarming rate of deaths, governments needing to have stiff laws and prison sentences to abusers, and believe me the torture that people, both men and women, has been so horrific it has many more times brought tears to my eyes, my heart aches everyday knowing there are animals being abused right now and I cannot find them nor can I rescue them and I find myself wishing I had magical powers to wisk them all away.

However, the real reason for my message, not the real reason, but just a question.  I wrote a comment about a sad case of a tormented horse I believe it was in Argentina, people witnessed the man, the "owner" of this poor old horse being whipped because he was way too old and not in good health due to poor nutrution and abuse, but the remarkable thing is these people gathered together called the police and an immediate halt to the abuse of this horse, now named Amilia, was taken from the "owner" to a sanctuary, not the best sanctuary but AWAY from his tormenter to another life, with good food and good people, this horse was SAVED, she was RESCUED , I was so thrilled at this tale and thus I wrote my comment.  My question is this, I have had and continue to have over 40 and counting personal messages from other people who read my comment and continue to send me replys to my comment, I am wondering why this is happening to me, so I come to you and ask you why all the comments?  Please advise, and HUGE hugs to all those involved in care2 and God Bless everyone of YOU!!!!!

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Posted: Jun 16, 2013 10:54am
Mar 25, 2013
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Location: Michigan, United States

Please, I am looking for any sentences charged against a few people who have attacked 3 innocent young animals, causing their deaths.

One is the woman and her 2 sons, ages 5 @ 8 (old enough to know better) who beat 2 baby kittens with a baseball bat, then the mother told her sons to smash the baby kittens onto trees.  A young boy in the vicinity saw the entire  attack, once these 3 were gone, he ran and retrived one of the baby's rushing it to a veterinary hospital. The doctors there did all they could, but " Dexter", who was seizing due to his tiny head being smashed ,  decided it would be best that he euthanize him to end his misery. The other is of a woman who punched and hit an 8 week old puppy in the face, so savagly, the puppy's eye was dislodged from the eye socket., he too was euthanized due to unsaveable injuries.

What is being done to these 2, horrific individuals, certainly they are not normal, they are cold and evil and having tortured innocent animals so  brutally  set them selves apart from society with their actions.  Any intelligent judge would realize how dangerous these women are, the children of one of the women, they ought to be removed from her care.  Neither of them should, legally, be allowed to own an aninal or even be near one for the entirety of their miserable lifes. Most importantly, the judge ought to charge them both with felony animal abuse resulting in deaths and reprimanded to prison for 5 to 10 years behind bars. Anything less would be to authorize sick psychotic individuals to do likewise. 

I am new at this, I do not know if this is the proper way to send my questions, if someone could be so kind as to tell me if I have the right place, you can e-mail me at

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Posted: Mar 25, 2013 3:00am


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