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Dec 22, 2006
A major human disaster is ongoing in Africa, Hiv Aids, a  treatable infection, is  the cause of the deaths of millions of people, and will continue on into the future.
Scant and cynical attitudes, by way of neglecting urgent treatment and care, by the rich nations, the UN, and  The World Bank, is paramount to an attitude of ignored genocide.
Loss of family members, results in no one to care for the children, who are without education, nutrition or love.
The silence is deafening by those countries who put profit before all else, and  ignore the terror experienced  by  these despairing, people looking at death on a daily basis.

The dark side of the human condition is plain for all to see, they just need  to remove their blinkers.
Jaye Newland Please sign.
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Posted: Dec 22, 2006 12:22pm
May 23, 2006
It is very easy to be negative in todays world, with such bad news and the constant reporting of them by corporations who want their stuff out there, for profit. Truth is not important, it seems as it is like looking in a haystack to find it,  but  thankfully there is "online".
None of us can be confident about what is reality and what is not reality, when you get down to it. Most people are educated by textbooks, which are taken for granted as fact, not fiction. These textbooks  are produced for profit, and there is no gaurentee  "This is the  truth and nothing but the truth", displayed.
We already know that many countries omit  historical information for political or other reasons. My country Australia is guilty in this department of omission, particularly to do with the treatment of indigenous peoples, of our shameful past. The current Howard government is dismissive of past events, and is zenophobic toward the First Australians.
I believe that when known facts are omitted from textbooks, and recent history not recorded, people are being robbed of knowledge, entitled to them , so that they are able to question and think for themselves.
The poor and needy of the world are shunned and snubbed by the rich countries, the eradication of disease, clean water, and supply of  food is abysmal.
The treatment of refugees is inhumane,  some countries worse than others, Australia is guilty of inhumane treatment  of  these unfortunate people, we are guilty of the torture of families and others who are locked up in detention centres for extended periods, without hope for their futures. No wonder Howard supports the killing and maiming of people in foriegn countries.

The positives today, include the fact that there are so many good people in the world, who are caring and kind. Kindness to animals is widespread. Lots and lots of people care about our planet, and are able to articulate their feelings. Care2 is an example of a community of people who are caring and sharing, and spreading love and concern for others.
There are many good people in the world  who do not agree with the politics of greed, torture and exploitation and killing of other humans. While we have so many people of goodwill, there is hope and positives for the future of human life.        
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Posted: May 23, 2006 1:35pm


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