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Apr 21, 2010

Hi There,


Be discerning, don't believe everything you read, think about things with more logic than emotion, remember that diversity keeps this planet functioning properly, and don't expect others to be just like you to gain your approval, likewise, don't expect yourself to be like everyone else. Generalizations aren't the truth. There is no metaphysical law of attraction. Grow up, get real, be happy.


Go to or don't, it's all up to you.

Feb 27, 2010


Badger Animal Spirit Guide:


Spirit Badger's influences include:


Badger is a keeper of stories. Badger interests itself in observing the environment around it. Badger doesn't witness to share stories, for Badger doesn't have much interest in sharing things or 'networking' but only has an interest in experiencing each moment. If anything, Badger has a protective stance over the stories being collected for self enjoyment and finds sharing with others much to complicated. When you have Badger influencing your life, there is a part of you that has to be aware of personal boundaries and to uphold a sense of guarding ones precious experiences so they are not distorted by others.


Badger doesn't have any problem though, expressing itself and can quite bold about it's needs and preferences.


Badger's energy is aggressive and much more powerful that it seems in first contact.


Badger can help you to develop focus and single minded concentration.


Badger energy brings up a sense of passion for the earth.


Badger energy is that of a sensible wisdom and cunning approach to dealing with daily events.


Badger energy will bring up the need to display aggression so watch for an over the top response when working with Badger influence. If Badger is in your life chart then there will be a constant need to check one's aggressive powers.


Badger spirit is tenacious and persevering.


Badger likes to control it's environment, so to work with Badger is to accept some level of responsible leadership in regards to your personal life. Badger will not allow you to be complacent or submissive.


Badger will sometimes help those that have a history of past life victimization and helps to build strength to overcome overly passive tendencies.


Badger spirit is always on a mission of some sort. Learn about the Badger energy that is personal to you. Not all Badgers are on the same mission.


Badger spirit is remarkably grounded and well balanced despite the aggressiveness. Badger doesn't over do it.


Badger spirits have a responsibility to organize the overall knowledge of the earth. If you have Badger in your chart then it is clear that this earthly wisdom needs to be incorporated into your daily life. Badger wouldn't let you get away with abusing the earth.


Badger energy instinctively knows how in be creative in a crisis. It isn't hard to find the Badger influence in people that take on high crisis jobs like paramedics, doctors, nurses, fire fighters, certain divisions of police work and air traffic controllers.


Badger energy is very aggressive about personal rights and the protection of spiritual ideas.


Badger spirit is in your life to encourage you to:


Display a willingness to fight to defend or to protect your creations.


Express emotions and instincts quickly.


Be persistent.


Be an aggressive healer.


Take the role of leadership in your personal life.


To seek groundedness and stability aggressively.


Deal with not being able to tolerate passivity or shyness very well.


Deal with the fact the you are easily offended if territorial boundaries are ignored by others.


Be self reliant.


Be a storyteller with elements of a teacher. Your stories are not just entertaining but boldly educational.


Develop a connectedness to the underground. Seek shelter within the earth.


Involve yourself in ground breaking activities.


Engage yourself in activities that have purpose on the mundane practical level, sometimes learning how to appreciate your overly materialistic needs.


Hone your innate understanding of rocks, minerals, roots and plant matter.


Appreciate your need to keep some personal affairs to oneself. Rarely divulge plans to others until they are completed. Badger would rather not have others involved.


Know the reality that true spiritual solitude is bliss.



Badger brings you a feeling of deep connectedness to the Earth and will motivate you to care about the environment on the most fundamental levels.


With Badger in your chart, your persistence is matched by none. You have a tenaciousness that can, at times, frighten people. You will always be dealing with toning down your aggression however Badger is comfortable in a state of balance so your aggression is only an issue when you feel wronged in some way.


To honor your Badger, if you should discover this being in your life chart, make sure that you touch the earth often. Badger is not aggressive toward the earth but is aggressive in protecting the qualities of the earth realm. Badger is about knowing how to live in balance with the earth. Your Badger would love to connect with you during a meditation where are are sitting on a mound of dirt on a vast natural prairie. If you can't do that then hold a couple of natural rocks in your hands, rocks that aren't mined or store bought, and sit quietly to invite your Badger to come in closer to your awareness. If you show that you are patient and persistent in wanting to share your time with your badger spirit guide, it will learn to tolerate your presence and welcome you into it's amazing natural wisdom.


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Posted: Feb 27, 2010 1:49pm
Dec 4, 2006
Hi There Everyone.

I love Care2, It's such a great thing to connect with people on this level.

I have this one beef about alot of women that post here.
Why do you feel a need to post a picture of yourself as some kind of sex toy? I don't want to see it and I didn't come here to be abused by you.
There are literally millions of websites you can go to show the world what a hot babe you are but please, leave this one out of it.

Thing is I really believe in freedom of expression and all that, believe me, I do and I also believe I have a right to say take your sexuality and your sexual expressions to a place where others want to share it with you. Doing it here is abusive to those of us that don't want to see it.

I happen to like men and I love looking at sexy men pictures, so sometimes I'll go somewhere for that reason. It seems that more men know how to control their egostical needs to show themselves off and more men show self respect on this site than women do.

Being attractive to the opposite sex (or whatever you want to be attractive to) is great but please lay off those of us that don't want to see your cleavage.

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Posted: Dec 4, 2006 12:24pm
Mar 9, 2006
Hi Everyone!

Just want to let everyone know that The Turning Point of Mimsi Preen is ready for purchase at major booksellers.

You can go to to see samples of my work.

The book should prove very entertaining for fans of Stephen King, Connie Willis and/or Douglas Adams. The greatest thing about getting this book published is that a good portion of the profits from sales goes directly to The Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society, so by making your purchase you are helping us heal wounded wildlife!
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Posted: Mar 9, 2006 2:10pm
Dec 18, 2005
Album: Misc Photos

by 379 totalJennifer M. (49)
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Posted: Dec 18, 2005 1:24pm
Dec 18, 2005
Album: MacDonald Bunch

by 379 totalJennifer M. (49)
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Posted: Dec 18, 2005 12:25pm


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