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Dec 10, 2009
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Write Letter
Location: New Jersey, United States
Please see my story and act! (cut and paste if link doesn't work)

Letter Writing: Even in this age of electronic correspondence, writing a letter is

still the preferred method for expressing your opinion to legislators. It is the

one which carries the greatest weight. Our suggestion is to make your letter brief

and to the point. Keep to one issue. If you want your senator to vote yes on a

particular bill, all you really need to do is write that you are supportive of

that bill (give the bill number and a generic description, such as The Black Bear

Protection Bill). Let’s face it, you don’t have time to research and WRITE a long

letter and the person you are sending it to doesn’t have time to READ a long

letter. Short and to the point will get your message across. Your letter can

either be mailed or faxed.


Phone Calls: Don’t be afraid to call. Most often you will get a receptionist or an

aide to the legislator who will take your opinion and ask for your name and

address. That’s it. It's a rare occasion when you will have time to discuss the

issue at hand and an even rarer occasion when you will be asked why you have taken

that particular stance on the issue. They are generally tallying calls in favor of

or opposed to a bill. If by some chance your legislator answers the phone, simply

express your opinion clearly and firmly. And remember, they put their pants on one

leg at a time!


Email: This is the least preferred method of corresponding with a legislator. On

March 19, 2001, the Washington Post reported on a study about email correspondence

with federal legislators. The study showed that most e-mails going to senators and

representatives are from individuals and groups outside their districts, and many

"are routinely ignored by the offices because of a lack of resources or

capability." Although no study was performed on the state level, we can assume the

same applies. It’s too easy for mass emails to go out and legislative offices by

and large are not equipped to deal with the volume that can be generated by one

email alert. If you must use email, treat it as if it were a letter. Put their

name and address at the top and at the bottom of your email, put your full name

and mailing address. Do NOT just use your screen name.


Form Letters/Postcards: This also is not a preferable means of communicating with

your elected officials. Unless they received tens of thousands of them, yours will

have little impact.

Hamilton Township Municipal Court
1270 Whitehorse Avenue
Hamilton, New Jersey 08619
Contact Information
Telephone :609-581-4071
(10:00 am - 3:00 pm)
Monday - Friday
Fax: 609-581-4198

Louis Guarino, Esq.
Personnel Officer
Hamilton Township
Division of Personnel
Department of Administration
2090 Greenwood Avenue
PO Box 00150
Hamilton, NJ 08650-0150
Phone:     (609) 890-3699
Fax:     (609) 890-4409

Elaine and Gordon Reibman

Office of the attorney general dept of law and safety
juvenile justice commission   
Sharon Lauchaire

Veleria N. Lawson 609-292-1400

Anne Milgram  Office of The Attorney General

     Division of Law Web site
609-984-3900 no, don't want to provide them info for their case.  They help him

     Division of State Police Web site
609-882-2000 New Jersey State Police
P.O. Box 7068
West Trenton, NJ 08628

     State Ethics Commission Web site
609-292-1892 1-888-223-1355

     Juvenile Justice Commission Web site

Governor Corzine

Dr. Sol B. Heckelman, Ph.D., Chair
State Special Education Advisory Council
New Jersey State Department of Education
P.O. Box 500
Trenton, NJ 08625-0500
Ph: (732) 571-2018 or (609 ) 292-7404
Fax: (732) 229-6511 or (609) 292-5558


Bill Baroni 3691A Nottingham Way, Hamilton Square, NJ 08690
Phone: (609) 631-9988

Wayne P. DeAngelo  2239 Whitehorse-Mercerville Rd., Suite E, Hamilton, NJ 08619
Phone: (609) 631-7501

Linda R. Greenstein  7 Centre Dr., Suite 2, Monroe, NJ 08831-1565
Phone: (609) 395-9911
Fax: (609) 395-9032

District 14
      Mercer and Middlesex
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Posted: Dec 10, 2009 6:06am
Jan 15, 2007
Hi everyone,
Some of you may and may not know that we are working on helping dogs that are out in the cold! We are collecting dog houses, hay for the dog houses, food, crates  (large and X-large), tie-out cables (to get these dogs off of those heavy tow chains), medium-large size collars, rawhides (to help alleviate boredom of being chained 24/7), even kennels/pens. We do not advocate leaving animals out in the cold at all, but we all know that some people are going to do it anyway and that these animals need help. PLEASE brain-storm where to get some of this! Please consider putting up notices at work, sending out emails to friends/relatives. I even put a note on people's doors that have had dog houses and/or kennels sitting there empty and asked them to donate them. Check out your neighborhood! I know people have crates in garages, etc. that no longer use or need them. Same with dog houses.
I am helping Spay/Neuter KC coordinate this project. We did have a segment on the news the other night. I went to the spay/neuter clinic today and have a list already of people that had come in and need crates, dog houses and hay for the dog houses. I talked to one family that brought their dog in because of the cold, but they are keeping it tied up in the house because it's not house-trained, etc. We gave them a large crate that had been donated and I talked with them about not leaving the dog in there for hours on end, but getting them out to exercise, etc. They also are now signed up to bring their dog in to get neutered in Feb. We had another dog that had been picked up and brought in by a volunteer to get neutered and the owner had said that they needed a crate for this boy because they had been trying to bring him in from the cold. He weighed 95 lbs. and we did not have one large enough for him. As soon as we can get one donated, I will deliver it to them, but we need an X-large! Most of our crate needs are large and X-large crates, plastic or wire!!! I think more people than I thought are trying or want to bring their animal in when the weather is bad, but they need crates and we DO talk to them about house-training, exercise, etc.
Just in the brief time that I was there today, I have several on my list needing items. Obviously,  there is a great need out there! Most of them are pits, of course. One man had a thin, sweet pit-she'd had a litter of puppies not long ago that are now all gone, but at least he brought her in today and she was spayed. He needs a larger crate because she's out-grown the one he has for when he brings her in and he needs hay for the dog house that he does have outside. I will take him some hay, but once again we need another large crate.
The need is great and we want to help these animals! Please let me know if you have/can get/will beg for any of these items. They can be taken to Spay/Neuter KC at 3710 Main on M-F from 8-5. Also on Sat., Jan. 27th from 9-noon.  We also will be needing people with trucks, a trailer, etc. to deliver some of these items when we go out and actually canvas some targeted neighborhoods. On-line donations can be sent by going to: Please specify the Winter Assistance Program.
Please help if you can. There are some very cold animals out there in this horrible weather. We can help them. We have people asking for help and we will be canvassing as well. Let me know if you are interested in the canvassing part of this project!
Please forward this email and let others know. The more we can spread the word, the more supplies that we can get, the more animals that we can help!
Thanks so much,
if you can help with supplies 
kate quigley <fite4dogs@yahoo. com>

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Posted: Jan 15, 2007 6:48pm
Jan 15, 2007
                                  SHELTER HAS HAD NO ADOPTION SINCE AUGUST 2006.
This 1 Year old poodle-terrier mix, was found running around Pendleton Co. The animal control officer, Gary Maxwell claims no one  wanted to adopt this cute little fluff ball. So he was taken to the vet to be KILLED.  Thanks to the Vet this little guy was saved and adopted right after he was nuetered.
Gary doesnt want to work with Rescues and he fired all his volunteers. He wont let ANYONE into help.                        
The shelter stays empty, whats happening to the dogs in this county
                           July - November 2006
Dogs picked up

         162 dogs
Dogs Brought to shelter
          47 dogs
Dogs turned in by by owner
          1 dog
Dogs Adopted
          10 dogs (1 in July, 9 in August)

Dogs claimed by owner
          8 dogs
Dogs Deceased due to medical
         1 dog
Dogs Euthanised

          126 dogs
Total number of dogs claimed, adopted, died or euthanized
           145 dogs
Total number of dogs picked up, brought to shelter or turned in
            210 dogs
Total number of UNACCOUNTED for dogs
People have made ACCUSATIONS that animal control officer Gary Maxwell has shot and killed their beloved pets in front of them and their children. One pitt bull mix was shot 5 times in the back and butt while trying to run away from him. Gary claims the dog was tring to attack him.
                          Judge/Executive  Henry Bertram
                      Pendleton Co. Magistrate Stacey Wells
Stand behind Gary Maxwell and feel our shelter is being properly ran.
                        233 Main street, Falmouth ky 41040
phone 859-654-4321  Fax 859-654-5047  E-mail pendjud@fuse. net

Thats right! Hard Copy came to this little county because the Animal control officer was torturing and killing the dogs. The judge knew this was going on and still refused to fire him. After a vistit from Hardcopy and being all over the news he was fired.


In 2000 a little terrier mix, believed to be a victim, of the 1997 Falmouth flood had a death threat hanging over his head. This little guy took up residenes at a local church so city officials ordered him off the streets no matter what!                                             
She just bought a huge building in town all she needs is the kennels!
Voted as one of
Kentuckys 50 state heros by Kentucky Living, now they want to take her dogs. In 1997 Pendleton Co. did not have an animal shelter. When the flood waters started to raise and people ran for their lives. Carletta turned her garage into an animal shelter. Now 10 years later, she still cares for some of the flood victims she rescued. After the flood, word got around fast that she would care for unwated dogs so she hasnt had a chance to stop. She had kennels built in the back yard, and kept the dogs in the garage and the basement. She pays for all their food cost, and has a dog at the vet almost everyday. She wakes up and starts walking the dogs, feeding and caring for them. Read about some of the ways Carletta has helped out the dogs of Falmouth.
March 7, 1997March 17, 1997July 5, 2000September 30, 2000
E-MAIL   pendletonrescue@
859-466-3719 Call AFTER 7 pm (sprint callers anytime)

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Posted: Jan 15, 2007 6:33pm
Nov 26, 2006


1 year
Lab/Pit mix
Impound date:
Ledger number:

Why Choose Me?

Hello there. I am a heart-stealer. I sure stole the volunteer's heart today. It was difficult to get a good picture of me simply because all I wanted to do on this gloomy, rainy day was to snuggle. I didn't jump or go nuts, just gently maneuvered myself as close as I could possibly get to the volunteer. Who cared about all the toys and treats lying around? Not me. I only cared about snuggling. I'm a small girl weighing in at only 40 pounds. I'm easy-going, happy-go-lucky, and well-mannered...absolutely perfect. I am considered on the outside to be a regular ol' common Georgia Black dog, so that makes my chances lower (especially being right around Christmas!), but my heart and personality are anything BUT a "regular ol' common GBD". They are full of love, and I am ready to be a loyal companion. Please don't let the rush of the holidays stop you from saving my life! I am worth saving. Give me a'll see!

Help! I've been here too long already! My time is running out!

2 years
Male - Neutered!
Impound date:
Ledger number:

Why Choose Me?

This handsome and sweet boy is Azul. He is a complete gentle-dog! He walks nicely on a leash, sits on command, and even gives you his paw. He has a great big smile and really wants to play. He had plenty of kisses for all of us. It is obvious that he has been well taken care of. He has been trained and is neutered, which shows he had a responsible owner. Hopefully Azul will be found by his owner here, but if not, he will be a great dog to call your own. He is full of health, love, and good manners. He just needs you! Come and fill out an application on this baby boy before he is taken away!

Update: As of Thursday 12-28, Azul is STILL here!  Come on Athens, this is one boy that deserves to live!  He is SUPER, so friendly, sits, shakes, loves to play with toys, likes puppies, I could go on and on.  And he is neutered so you'll save some $$ when you adopt him.  Azul would do well with another canine buddy or on his own.  PLEASE COME RESCUE AZUL!!!  He desperately wants to live, are you his angel?


1 year
Shih tzu
Male - Neutered!
Impound date:
Ledger number:

Why Choose Me?

Merry Christmas world! I'm available and ready for a home. I'm a silly boy with a great, fun personality. It does appear that I'm a jumper, however, so I'd prefer to be primarily an indoor dog. It is a pretty funny sight to watch me spring up and down. If you've ever wanted a fun little lapdog, I'm your man!


Help! I've been here too long already! My time is running out!

5 months
Shepherd mix
Impound date:
Ledger number:

Why Choose Me?

Clancy is a sad case to me.  He has clearly never experienced love in his short life.  He could stand to gain a few pounds too.  He loved our attention and began to play once he realized we would not hurt him or frighten him.  He never jumped up on us or barked.  Please come by to save him.

Update: I'm still here as of Friday with NO applications! Remember, Animal Control will be open on Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Our hours will be from 10-4 on Saturday and 10-2 on Sunday. I'm a funny, small little boy. When you scratch my sweet spot, I have one ear that stands up, and the other one lays down. It's a silly sight. I'm still young and have lots of love to give. I'm a small boy and will likely never be very big. Please hurry! I would love to have a family for Christmas!

Phoebe and Sadie
Help! I've been here too long already! My time is running out!

6 weeks
Rottie mix and Hound mix
Impound date:
Ledger number:
23209, 23215

Why Choose Me?

These two little girls aren't litter mates, but they sure look like they could be! They are so tiny that they roam and play in their kennel run as if it was the great outdoors. They are playful and curious and run to the door of their kennel to jump and dance whenever somebody walks by. When we had them out they wrestled and played and gave a kisses whenever we snatched them up. Cuties today, beauties tomorrow!


Help! I've been here too long already! My time is running out!

1 year
Beagle mix
Impound date:
Ledger number:

Why Choose Me?

This boy is such a love! He's a little nervous about being here, but when you kneel down to his level and say hello, he just melts with relief and happiness. He's got that perfect little touch of shyness that makes him want to bond closely with his people. He soaks up petting, and the more relaxed he got, the more kisses he gave. He is a real delight and if you are looking for a small dog to make you happy - this is the boy to do it!

Update: I'm still here and as sweet, dainty, and gentle as I can be! I saved one special kiss for the volunteer today to thank her for letting me out for a walk on a rainy, cold, gloomy day. Please come before Christmas! Don't make me spend Christmas here...homeless. I'm a great catch! Hurry!

Update: Bingley is so fun!  This small boy will bring a big grin to anyone's face.  He is a joy to watch when he plays with toys, he could keep himself entertained for hours- but of course he likes it when you play too.  This is one fun loving, SWEET little Beagle mix that is sure to fit in well to just about any home- perhaps yours?

Help! I've been here too long already! My time is running out!

2 years
Pitbull mix
Impound date:
Ledger number:

Why Choose Me?

Holly is a happy girl who is in beautiful shape, so she probably just snuck out of her yard to explore. Hopefully her owner will find her - and decide to spay her so she won't have any more puppies. She's just grown puppy herself. Like most pitbull mixes, she's strong, but she's jolly!

Update: This girl is still here as of Friday. She's a joy and a half. She'd be a GREAT way for you to keep your New Year's resolution to get some exercise! What better motivator? She is only about 35 pounds, so she's managable. And what a sweetheart!! Hurry!!

Update: Update:  As of Thursday 12-28 Holly is STILL here, why I can't figure out!  She is a medium sized package of sweetness and fun and loves to play and snuggle with a human.  Please stop by to see if Holly is the one for you, she would love the opportunity to grow up with you!

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Posted: Nov 26, 2006 9:24pm
Aug 10, 2006

Christine has received 69 new, 237 total stars from Care2 membersChristine has been awarded 280 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Christine M.
HELP ME PLEASE These Puppies DIE without a Home! CUTIES July 27, 2006 2:35 PM
OK Everyone...I am putting myself out on a limb here and picking up the 3 pupies pictured and 1 bryndal that isn't (all brothers and sisters). They are sooo cute but without me they would PTS on Monday! I am in the middle of moveing and have no room so I need your help PLEASE! Please open up your Hearts and Homes to these cute little guys/girl...3 boys and one sweet little girl! all UTD on shots and wormed. Bosten/Pit mixes. I am picking them up Saturday and will update with new pics then!!!

PLEASE CONTACT ME, Christine for more info on adopting one of these sweet babies TODAY!!! 









Christine has received 69 new, 237 total stars from Care2 membersChristine has been awarded 280 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Christine M.
This Just In! July 27, 2006 3:17 PM

This is the little Bryndal Girl her name is Pepper...about 12-14 weeks old!

Cody found a home!!! 

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Posted: Aug 10, 2006 8:53am
Jun 28, 2006
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Write Letter
Location: United States
 [BSLWorkshop] DENVER 38 APBT-before / now pictures ***PLEASE HELP***

**********PLEASE CROSSPOST******
The Denver 38 dogs are dying because of BSL. And they ARE dying.
Slowly and painfully in a horrid situation.
Was thier owner stupid in having them in Denver?
Do these dogs deserve to suffer FOR his mistake?
To get the full picture of what is going on with Mike Padilla's skinny APBT's at Denver's Municipal Animal Shelter, many people were talked to with firsthand knowledge of the care of these animals, and pieced together from all the accounts, many of which are opposing. Various people have told different stories regarding what has happened with the dogs, none of which are detailed here.

First of all, some of the dogs came in to DMAS already sick (confirmed by people who would not lie about this), and of course the stressful shelter environment is not a place for any animal to get well. Most animals are in there for a relatively short period of time and the month long confinement (so far) of these dogs has definitely taken it's toll. Some of the ones that came in healthy are now sick. There is everything from kennel cough to bloody diarrhea to ailments that are not known. (AND one must wonder about the health of all DOGS THAT ARE BEING SENT OUT THE DOOR AS "healthy" TO HOME 
Back to the Denver 38...are they getting good care? No. Are they getting at least the minimal care that is mandated by law? Probably, yes. Is that enough? Of course not.
As a facility who is "animal welfare" is this enough MORALLY to give these animals? NO

All of the dogs are getting fed, but not all the of the dogs are eating, and there is some discrepancy on whether the next step has been taken to truly find out why they are not eating. That is certainly the case with the skinniest of the dogs. Food allergies? Upper respiratory infection? They don't know for sure. The shelter workers, some of whom have come to care deeply about these dogs, are doing what they can to help them. They do not have the diagnostic capabilities to look deeply into reasons behind their ill health, but some are trying. Is there a sense within some of the shelter officials who do not care daily for these dogs that they're "dead dogs walking," so what's the point? Most definitely. But that is not everyone.

The State Veterinarian, Keith Roehr, who heads up the state's shelter division went to the shelter yesterday accompanied by an animal welfare organization. He checked out all the dogs and was certainly concerned with the state of the skinniest of them. An animal welfare worker dropped off a case of prescription dog food for the ones that need it most. They will get that food.

The puppies have been wormed, the volunteers are giving them and the adults as much love as they can.
But there is no way the officials are going to give anyone any wiggle room to release any of these dogs. That was made clear from many sources. So if anyone wants to kick up a storm about this, there is no real reason not to anymore.

The State Vet's contact info is below. You might want to express your concern about the dogs' care. Sending e-mails to the city council and mayor will probably not be effective because the shelter officials will spin it that people are just trying to undermine the ban and the real issue of the animals' care will be negated, but on the other hand creating a mail blockage may serve them right for enacting this ban why not? Or, you could call the shelter to ask their vet or vet tech if there is anything you can do to help with the dogs' care. Do not send money though. Who would want to give money to the people that are killing dogs for no reason other than their breed?

So...yes, the Denver Municipal Animal Shelter is not a good place for any animal to be for any length of time. No, the animals are not being given the care that you would give yours--not by a long shot. Yes, there are some people who truly care and are there for the animals, and there are some of your traditional I-just-put-in-my-time-in-my-government-job types as well. There have been some mechanisms put into place that will help the dogs in the future, but those will have to remain quiet to be effective.  

This has certainly not answered all your questions nor made any one single person accountable for the real issues at DMAS, but for now, that's all that can be reported.  It will be up to you to keep the pit bulls--ALL the pit bulls, not just the ones here right now--in your thoughts and your actions.
Sending a plea to pardon these dogs to all below with letters of deep concern at the quality of thier care due to thier breed will generate interest in this.
This City has placed a ban on these breeds. They did so despite all our warnings that these scenarios would occur, causing financial strain on budgets, etc. They ignored us and now are the cause of great suffering for these animals. Legislation is one thing.
 A moral obligation to care properly for these animals while they await thier fate is the RIGHT THING TO DO.
Below is a list of emails and phone numbers. Please contact as many as you possibly can.

Denver Municipal Animal Shelter
666 South Jason Street
Denver, CO 80223
DMAS main # - 303-698-0076
Bill Owens, Governor
136 State Capitol
Denver, CO 80203-1792
Phone (303) 866-2471
Fax (303) 866-2003

Attorney General
1525 Sherman St.
5th floor
Denver, CO 80203
FAX: (303)866-5691

Department of Environmental Health
Nancy Severson

State Veterinarian/Dept. of Agriculture -
State Vet Phone # - 303-239-4161

Colorado Veterinary Medical Association
789 Sherman Street, Suite 550  Denver, CO  80203
phone 303.318.0447  |  fax 303.318.0450  |  e-mail
Office Location: 200 E. Colfax
Denver, CO 80203
Phone: (303)866-2944
Mayor John W. Hickenlooper
1437 Bannock Street
Suite 350
Denver, Colorado 80202
Phone: (720) 865-9000
Fax: (720) 865-8791

City Council

District 1
Rick Garcia
2785 Speer Blvd., Suite 246
Denver, Colorado 80211
Phone: (303) 458-4792
Fax: (303) 458-4791

District 11
Michael B. Hancock
4730 Oakland St., Suite 200
Denver, Colorado 80239
Phone: (303) 331-3872
Fax: (303) 331-3874

Carol Boigon
1437 Bannock St., Suite 451
Denver, Colorado 80202
Phone: (720) 865-8100
Fax: (720) 865-8103

District 6
Charlie Brown
2324 E. Exposition Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80209
Phone: (303) 871-0601
Fax: (303) 698-4908

Peggy Lehmann
6740 E. Hampden Avenue
Suite 302
Denver, Colorado 80224
Phone: (303) 504-5781
Fax: (303) 504-5786

Doug Linkhart
1437 Bannock St., Suite 451
Denver, Colorado 80202
Phone: (720) 865-8000
Fax: (720) 865-8003

District 9
Judy H. Montero
2828 Speer Blvd., Suite 111
Denver, Colorado 80211
Phone: (303) 458-8960
Fax: (720) 865-9540

District 10
Jeanne Robb
1232 E. Colfax Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80218
Phone: (303) 377-1807
Fax: (303) 377-1902

District 3
Rosemary E. Rodriguez
69 Knox Ct.
Denver, Colorado 80219
Phone: (303) 922-7755
Fax: (303) 937-4651

District 8 - Council President
Elbra Wedgeworth
3280 Downing St., Unit C
Denver, Colorado 80205
Phone: (303) 298-7641
Fax: (303) 298-9716

Senate Committee on Local Government
State Capitol
200 E Colfax
Denver, CO 80203

Sen. Deanna Hanna (D) [Chair] Phone:303/866-4857,

Sen. Peter C. Groff (D) [Vice Chair] Phone:303/866-4864,

Sen. Bob Bacon (D) Phone:303/866-4841,

Sen. Lewis Entz (R) [Sponsor] Phone:303/866-4871,

Sen. Ed Jones (R) Phone:303/866-6364,

Sen. Ken Kester (R) Phone:303/866-4877,

Sen. Lois Tochtrop (D) Phone:303/866-4863,

Before they were healthy:
Before Before

Now, a month later:

We might even be able to change their minds, as with Spencer, but I'm not holding my breath because this is Denver.   We all know about Denver. 
The least they can do is to take proper care of them.  Vet, feed! 

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Posted: Jun 28, 2006 11:55pm
Jun 11, 2006
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Other
Location: United States
UPDATE: Jim Willis's "Canine Angels" Dogs in Georgia Still Need Homes, But Get 2-Week Extension from Georgia Department of Agriculture

Cross-posting and distribution, especially to media, is greatly appreciated.


"It's a victory due to teamwork and tonight the animals are safe, but we have a lot of hard work ahead of us and we need adoptive homes, foster homes, legitimate no-kill solutions, funds and transportation before June 20," Jim Willis said today. "All the animals have to be gone by that date or the Georgia Department of Agriculture could take them and make decisions about them." 

Willis is an animal advocate and author of the much-published essay "How Could You?" and the best-selling book "Pieces of My Heart," who on May 30 adopted all 154 dogs of Canine Angels Rescue in a legal maneuver that brought efforts by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, which planned to close the sanctuary and begin parceling out the dogs June 2, to a grinding halt.

On June 1, the Governor of Georgia, a veterinarian, Sonny Perdue, appealed to the DoA commissioner for an extension and cooperation with Willis and Canine Angels. The DoA refused. Willis and a team of animal-law attorneys, friends and supporters of Canine Angels' founders and directors Sue Wells and Lynette Rowe stepped up efforts, especially in the media. Today, Willis called DoA Commissioner Tommy Irwin and negotiated a two-week extension. Both Perdue (R) and DoA commissioner Irwin (D) are campaigning for re-election.

The battle between Willis and “Friends of Canine Angels” against the DoA has been called a "dogfight" in the media and worldwide attention from animal lovers focused on Georgia. Close to 1,800 people have so far signed an on-line petition in support of saving the Canine Angels dogs, who Willis now proudly calls “my dogs.” Last year, Willis challenged humane agents associated with several shelters in Pittsburgh, PA in an animal hoarding situation involving a “rescuer” who was convicted of numerous accounts of animal cruelty and he said, “just because they are entrusted with the duties of protecting animal welfare, does not mean they have the best interests of the animals at heart or aren’t fakes.”
"It's been an exhausting past several weeks with people working ‘round the clock," Willis said. "It was teamwork, it was democracy in action fueled by love for the animals. The animals aren't a number or symbolic to me, they are now my dogs. People ask if this sets a legal precedent, they cite the discrimination and harassment of Sue and Lynette, refer to 'good ole boy' mentality. For all of us working to save them, it was all about the dogs." Then he added, "Of course there are still a few cats who need new homes and we have to find a ride for a sweet wild boar named Boris to a sanctuary in New York State. It has never been boring."

All animal-related charges against Wells and Rowe were dropped and in a separate action a consent order allowed the DoA to take possession of any dogs not placed by the original June 3 deadline. Supporters say the couple were bullied into signing the order and saw it as a last ditch effort to save the animals’ lives. Wells and Rowe had operated Canine Angels for over six years and proponents say their no-kill rescue effort was indispensable to Elbert County, Georgia. “Friends of Canine Angels” have documentation, photographs, sworn affidavits, the testimony of veterinarians and other material that suggest inappropriate actions by some state and county employees and which document the appropriate care Wells and Rowe gave to their animals.

“Many have called this a ‘witch-hunt.’ That will all be addressed later under the advisement of our attorneys,” Willis said. “The urgent matter now is safe haven for all the animals over the next two weeks.”

Photos of many of the dogs who need adoptive and foster homes, or transfer to other no-kill facilities are at: 

Volunteers to help out at the shelter with animal care, facilitating adoptions and transportation needs and other help should call Dawn, 770-516-1313. Accommodations can be suggested and perhaps arranged in local homes.

Organizations prepared to help a quantity of dogs or provide funding may contact Jim Willis directly at
Prospective adopters of individual animals should contact:

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Posted: Jun 11, 2006 3:50pm
Jun 2, 2006
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Petition
Location: United States

This legislation has passed the house, but the Senate hasn't voted on it yet.  So please, let's tell them no BSL!

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Posted: Jun 2, 2006 10:41am
Jun 1, 2006
Focus: Animal Welfare
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Cinnamon and her friends need good homes.  If you would please contact everyone you know to help. 
These poor babies are victims of Breed Specific Legislation.  For those who don't know what Breed Specific Legislation is, long story short, it's where they seize Pit Bulls or Pit Bull-like animals from their loving homes and euthanize them.

Update: Cinnamon has been sent to a rescue in Illinois and the pups have been sent to a rescue in Paco, Fl. 
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Posted: Jun 1, 2006 12:08am
Apr 26, 2006
Focus: Animal Welfare
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Location: United States
Friends @ care2 - please read and see if YOU can help:

Our friends at puppy passions are always looking for transportation for dogs that have been adopted prior to be euthenized.  do you know any truckers that offer that service that puppy passions may not already know about!

thanks - from the puppies too>  

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Posted: Apr 26, 2006 10:50am


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