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Nov 28, 2007
Raise awareness of the environmental and the ethical impact of Christmas PLEASE SHARE YOUR IDEAS!
We waste a huge amount of resources at Christmas and contribute a massive amount to landfill, we buy gifts that may not have the best ethical background and we use fuel to ship those items from other countries.
If you celebrate Christmas make it your time to help the environment and those less fortunate in the world.

You can still have a fantastic Christmas but stop and think about how you celebrate. Are there small things you could change that would help globally?

It only takes a few small steps for an environmental, ethical, Christmas and it will make you feel so good.

Give gifts that have an ethical basis, buy from local artists, buy recycled very cool gifts, give fair trade gifts, make gifts, give organic, give to eco friendly groups. If everyone in your group or family gives a small donation then as a group you can decide where the money could be used, for development of solar, carbon offsetting, buy a goat for a family in Africa, etc. All of these things will empower you and give you a real feeling of the spirit of Christmas.

Your Christmas tree could be an edible tree which you can plant after Christmas with a tree planting ceremony.

Your decorations could be made of recycled materials, angels from coke cans, bows from old clothes etc!

Christmas lights, if you are going to use them please make them LEDs.

Make gift bags from old newspapers, I saw these for sale recently at over $8.00 each, they are very easy to make.

Shop in second hand charity shops this gets you a fabulous gift and the money goes to charity, even buying secondhand on ebay will help families have an easier Christmas.

If you have something you love and you have a friend who has always admired it, give that as a gift from the heart.

This year instead of buying toxic toys buy toys that will let your children use their imagination, there are loads of eco friendly toys around and many made locally.
Bikes for the whole family, so you can all enjoy an eco friendly outing together.

Think about the food you are going to consume and where it comes from, is it organic, does it have additives etc, a little bit of research will give you new options you had never thought of such as shopping locally to save the transport.....the 100 mile diet. Only eat that which is produced within 100 mile of where you live.

Ipod is one that even though it goes against the ethics of Christmas they do have red products that donate to to the AIDs cause in Africa, so far they have raised 11 million.

Lastly stop and listen to John Lennon's song "war is over" and focus on an end to war.

Please share your ideas for an ethical Christmas, we can show the world that it's not gift giving that is the spirit of Christmas but rather thought giving.


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