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Dec 16, 2011

Universal life-force energy inhabits us all and surrounds us 24/7, every millisecond of every minute. All we need to do is to acknowledge it, welcome it and live full and intergrated lives, ONE Life; all part of the ONE Pure Energy. No religion, no doctrine, just plain old "you and I" and our Creator.

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Vaughan J[one]s

All for ONE - ONE for All

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Posted: Dec 16, 2011 12:34pm
Oct 4, 2011
Focus: Environment
Action Request: Think About
Location: United States

Let us institute change to the mindset of the majority of humankind toward saving our planet and Mother Nature. To me this picture says it LOUD and CLEAR Surprised

Here's our cause link:

Love and harmony.... ONE for All - All for ONE.

Vaughan Jones. The ONE Life-Love-Energy Foundation

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Posted: Oct 4, 2011 11:21am
Sep 22, 2010

Fellow Care2 Carers. Our group named ONE Life-Creation-Energy believes that all life in the entire Universe is ONE Life, which includes especially our Mother Nature, who we(humankind) have abused and mistreated so terribly until now; and our abuse and mistreatment of one another. So naturally, we will back almost all petitions, causes, and the like, which promote improvement. However, there is no way to "automatically" support and sign all petitions, wish there was a way, as it would take all day - every day - just to do that. So, we love y'all and we promise to always do our best. -- Peace, Vaughan Jones. ONE for All - All for ONE---->LOVE---->PEACE---->ONE .... P.S. Let's respect and love Mother Nature - and let's stop trashing our planet. Come join us; your'e always most welcome. Check out this video - - the truth of what humankind is doing and has done to Mother Earth - it'll shake you.

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Posted: Sep 22, 2010 12:58pm
Sep 8, 2010

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From Dust to Dust - One Energy – One Creation -

By Vaughan Jones

Leading on from my writings, and having followed The Secret and The Universal Laws of Attraction etc. in depth, I have dwelt in a state of wonderment at the thought of mankind and all of nature being one creation. All made of one substance, the atom. All made by one creator, God. This, with the thought that there are zillions of microcosms and macrocosms, all made of the same base substance, each one subservient to a greater macrocosm of which there are billions, all the way up to the topmost macrocosm, Mother Nature.

All is made of the same substance, all living off the elements and the resources in the earth, the solar system and the universe. There is nothing groundbreaking about these revelations, which appear in all my writings, except that the impact on me personally has been profound. I had never once even considered the implications of this basic principle. We, mankind, have destroyed each other, we are destroying Mother Nature, the earth, everything, for our own selfish ends: power, wealth, world domination and control. And in so doing we have also changed and moulded the mindsets of 99% of people on earth to accept the lifestyle that we live as “normal”.

Further thoughts and revelations

Resulting from further revelations regarding the development of the ONE LIFE-LOVE-ENERGY Foundation, I have had the following thoughts.

 The Bible and many other religions’ books clearly state that mankind was originally made from the dust of the earth and that we were made in the image of God. These religious books also state that humanity will return to dust, thus the statement "from ashes to ashes and dust to dust”, which is recited at most funerals.

 Since everything and every person in the universes is made from the same energy, every molecule of every cell that makes up the organs and glands of the human body, and everything else in the Universe is built up of a multiplicity of atoms. One creator, one source, one energy(atoms); thus One Creation. Is this too simplistic?

 Define an atom, or atomic energy. One cannot. It would be like trying to define electricity, clearly stating exactly what it is. No one has yet been able to clearly define these forces, except that electricity is a man-made energy, created from natural potential energy from the earth and channelled for our use. But what is electricity? Can you see it, feel it and touch it? Please don’t try, as it might be lethal. The atom is an intangible form of energy, but it definitely exists. If it did not exist, nor would we, and nor would anything else in the universe, for that matter.

 Many of us are encapsulated in a life of trauma, fear, and hell on earth in our minds. These modes of life are set by our inner mindsets and thought patterns which are moulded by false imaginings, which are brought on by cinema, television, computer and arcade games, and many other types of entertainment. Whilst we live on a beautiful planet upon which all our needs have been provided and everything has been set up for our health and happiness. This is only because we bypass all that is given to us, living trapped lives, imprisoned in our thoughts of success, stress, achievement of academic and professional goals, pleasing everybody and attaining the “high” life. We’ve got the “high” life, it is available to us every second of every day in nature. It surrounds us, but we just don’t recognise or acknowledge it.

 Thought is a powerful energy, which has not been fully defined yet, but its power and actual existence have been scientifically proven. Thought energy is similar to electromagnetic energy, which can be scientifically measured. Thought energy generates waves. I have proven this in my own experience with my dogs with whom I have a very close bond. On occasion I have noticed that if I only think of taking one of them for a walk, almost immediately he or she will stand up, walk to the entrance foyer and sit in front of the coat hanger stand. He or she will then look up at the leashes, which are hung there, let out a little cry of excitement and glare at me. Remember, I haven’t moved or said a word; I haven’t even blinked or raised an eyebrow. Trust me, I have tested this to the extreme. The Universe knew that I had experienced that thought and my dog knew it too.

Love is an energy, which exists. Its existence has not been scientifically proven yet, but do you feel it? I do. I feel the love directed at me and I certainly feel the love that I freely give, I can’t help it. It’s just there. Uncanny, isn’t it? Love is a thought, a very powerful thought. It seems to carry an incredibly powerful energy. By the way, I have tried this experiment with my dogs as well. If I just look at one of them without them looking at me, and think of how much I love him or her, he or she will automatically stand up, come over to me, rest his or her chin on my leg, and look up at me with such adoration in his or her eyes. I love it, don’t you? Have you ever experienced this phenomenon?

From further informal research I have conducted on this phenomenon, I quite confidently believe that as long as an animal knows that you truly love it, with no devious or alternate motives, and knows that your thoughts and intentions are pure, it senses that it can fully lay its trust in you. And then it will read your thoughts with an uncanny type of universal radar as a result of this trusted love bond. This really “blows my mind completely” and I love it.

To anyone who has done research on this strange phenomenon or has any knowledge of it, please let me know.

 Fear and love are very powerful thoughts. Have you ever experienced that uncanny feeling that someone is thinking about you or talking about you? And then that person will phone you within a minute of you having thought it? Or you feel a closeness in your heart about someone you love or care for, not able to figure out why, and within a minute that person phones you or pitches up at your home, needing you, or just wanting to feel your love; or just wanting to give you some love, feeling your need? These are haunting events. They are even worse when you think of someone to whom you are indebted, or a person who you dread meeting up with and, Bob’s your uncle, he or she will phone you or pitch up at your door. You may even bump into them on the street. Not nice.

Once again I believe that if our thoughts are sincere and pure, they can be read by all creation in the universe, especially by like-hearted people. And most especially, all thought can be read by God, any time he chooses to. I marvel at the thought that in much less than a split second, God knows my whole history, all my intentions, all my devious plans and any purity of heart that I may have. This comforts me.

 I have always loved nature, all birds, animals, and plant life. A strange thing has transpired in this sphere recently. To be honest, I have never really liked rodents and reptiles, although I have had every respect for them and their place in our creation, but I’ve simply instinctively disliked them and had an innate fear for them.  A short while back my wife bought a baby rat and a baby mouse, newly discovered pets and loves of her life. At first I had to force myself to try to accept them as pets, love them as I love my dogs. Very difficult - but with perseverance and an inner longing to have a love bond with them and to loose the stupid fear I had for them, one day my wish came true. It happened because I let them love me and show me their love, as petrified as I was. I did not force my love on them, I simply let them get to know me in their way, by crawling around my neck and face, licking and gnawing gently at my face, snuggling warmly in the base of my neck and nibbling gently on my ears.

Miracle of miracles, you would hardly be able to separate us now. We have a real love bonded relationship.

Live and let live – Love and be loved.

Since we are all one creation, made of the same compound, all and everything originating from the one same source, we all live in the realm of one domain, the earth; we all exist and depend for our survival on God and the God-Given resources in the Universe, why don’t we simply choose to live our lives filled with love and caring for everything and everyone? It must be that “Adam” nature that is inherent in us, totally selfish and self- serving.

Here is a small piece from my new book, which will be publishes within a couple of months.

Most of our thoughts are tainted, blended and directed by what we see, hear and feel around us. Many of us take on the actions seen in the movies. Many of our thoughts are directed by our sensory perceptions and emotions, which are used by the media powerhouses like television, radio, cinema, and all forms of media, as well as people in very powerful positions, whereby our thoughts and manner of thinking are mould. Do you think for a single moment that this is done for our benefit? If so, I’m afraid you are horribly wrong.

All the vogue, fashion hype, all the news, movies produced all over the world, the internet, all marketing, and so on, is directed at you to change and set your mindset; which it does, especially if you let it. Most of us actually feel powerless in the information onslaught and the global media grip on mankind. Simply to use an arbitrary example, which is not true by the way, consider this:
Imagine for a moment what would happen if I was able to convince a portion of the world population, via media hype and the internet, that Osama Bin Laden was my friend’s brother and that he has told me and shown me a graphic outline of their plan to take over the world by Christmas 2009. If you believed this, based on the general belief that news is the truth, you would be horrified and gripped by a panic attack, thus playing right into my hands, to exercise my devious global plan at will. I would be playing with the minds of millions of people, only because they believed me, or chose to believe me.

Does this actually happen? Yes; every moment of every day. WHY? It is because the mind of man is creative and is emotion based. This makes us gullible and pliable? We can be played with by anyone, at any time, unless we have our guard up and think only those thoughts that we choose to think. In order to do this, we need to carefully discern every bit of information coming at us before making any decision. Mould your own thoughts and thought patterns. We are laid bare to the greatest sin against any person, that of manipulation and control.

Come on! By developing mindsets and thought patterns of love, caring, understanding, and a yearning for a peaceful and harmonious co-existence, we can save ourselves, and our source. By doing so, we will also be pleasing our Creator, as I am sure that we do not live lives as intended by Him.

Let us love all beings and creatures, love one another, nurture life and appreciate each living moment in this wonderful domain, with all life in the Universe. Let’s choose to live on planet earth, not in hell.

Fast everything – An age of instant gratification

We live in an era in which instant gratification is expected, with as little effort as possible. We’d better take care that we do not entertain ourselves to death and relax ourselves into an absolute useless stupor. And millions of dollars are spent on each new election campaign whilst millions of people, worldwide, are starving every night as they fall asleep; some in the streets

Agape Love

Jesus kept reminding his followers to love one another. In fact, on the last night before His crucifixion he said, “love one another intensely, especially as the end draws near” (New International Version of the Bible). Strong words these. Do you feel it?

Agape is the Greek word used in the original Bible scripts; a Godly kind of love. Now, since love comes from God, we can freely choose to exercise this love. Haven’t you felt this love yet? It is different to that soppy, romantic, sexual kind of love that is bandied about; which surely has its place in life, but it is markedly different to this real Godly, Agape love. We’ve all have it so let’s give it.

How I love and appreciate the message in the Robbie Williams’ song 'Let Love Be Your Energy' –

“If you’re willing to change the world, let love be your energy - I can’t contain how I feel when your love shines down on me”.

Well, come on! Let’s step off the path of destruction, self-destruction that is, and go and love one another. Let us live the life filled with this real “one love energy”.


Let love be our energy; let’s surf the wave of change to a life of love and harmony among all beings, creatures and everyone on this planet.

Vaughan Jones.


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Posted: Sep 8, 2010 3:08am
Sep 8, 2010

Progressing with my writings, and other articles I have read and written, I am still in a state of wonderment at the thought of us, mankind, and all of nature being one creation. All made of one substance, the atom; by one creator, God. But we have no time, or even a notion, to appreciate any of the “little things”, like love (please excuse the touch of sarcasm). Have we forgotten the meaning of real life; completely? The rat race is on and we are all trapped in it.

Further thoughts about ONE CREATION FROM ONE ENERGY
  •  The purity and beauty of the life that the Koi and Koi San people wholived in the Namib Desert in Namibia and Botswana, and still do insmall groups, strikes me as the life intended for us all by God. Thesepeople are also known as the Bushmen. They do not kill any animals for sport or rip any plants or trees from the ground unless they have to do so to sustain their lives; not their lifestyles, note, their everyday existence. These people live a nomadic lifestyle, believing that they must leave Mother Nature enough time to restore herself for when they return to that area every year.They believe that nothing on earth belongs to them, nor to anyone forthat matter, but rather that the whole earth belongs to everyone equally. Now, this is what I call “sharing the resources of the earth equallyamong all mankind”.
More on this in a separate article I have written in honour of these
  • The games we humans play! Why do you think gold is so valuable? Is it simply because it is a metal with a pretty colour and it is pretty heavy too? (merely a play on words) Or is it because mankind has attached a value to it, sourced from his selfish greed? Gold is meant to be representative of all the money or wealth in your country, and communally, in the world. It is held in national reserves in banks all over the world.
  • Money is merely a form of energy, a thing used to represent the value of all the resources in the earth, to which we all have a God given right. I believe we do, don’t you? I believe that we have been done in, “bigtime”.
  • Do you for one moment think that the world economists and global leaders keep a careful eye on world economic, industrial, technological, monitory and political affairs in order to ensure that we all get our fair share from Mother Earth and from fellow mankind? Forget about it. They are in it just to get out of it all they can. Any thought of you and I would be regarded as a waste of their time. Most people are involved in anything only to see what is in it for them, andwhat they ultimately can draw from it; not for what and how they can contribute toward the good life that was intended for all. Do many people give love and caring?
  • The greatest threat is that there is no way out for anyone. We are sold out to it by default, because it is the life we were born into by our parents; they were already enslaved to the system by their parents, etc. One can trace the development of this lifestyle, or system in which we live, back to before the time of Jesus; it goes way back. It has been developing slowly but steadily for a very long time.
  • No wonder Jesus said to his followers, “give to Caesar what is Caesar’s”, and “give away everything you have and come follow me” (paraphrased, two sentences from the NIV Version of the Bible). The coins, or cash and taxes, he acknowledged were Rome’s and thereby showed that He was not enslaved to Rome’s system; thus the plea to his followers to give all possessions away and follow him in a new life of freedom; as opposed to living a life trapped “in the system”.
  • Is it normal to be stressed out, to the extreme, to have no time to enjoy the wonders of nature and the simple things in life, and appreciate them? No time, or even any notion, to appreciate any of the “little things”, like love (please excuse the touch of sarcasm). Have we forgotten the meaning of real life; completely?
To follow is a minor piece of prose, some thoughts, and my appreciation for real life.


I love the warm golden rays from the sun as they embrace me and all life in our solar system, giving life to nature and ensuring our survival.

I love the fresh smell in the forest in the early morning and the sound of life awakening to a new day, new hope and joy.

I love the rain falling on my face; it is so fresh and sweet as it ensures a continued existence for us all.

I love seeing a dew drop nestled on the petal of a fresh rose; so serene and beautiful.

I love it when I say to an orphan or a cripple, “I love you”. Their adoring smile of appreciation is so rewarding.

I love the sound and aural waves engulfing me when experiencing beautiful music, they heal us.

I love the thought that God loves me. Why me? In the greater scheme of things I am absolutely nothing. I resemble a speck of dust in one hundred acres of land; but He loves me!

I love the thought that one day, when my body returns to dust, I will be alive with our Creator and not part of this struggle anymore.

I love and I love to love.

How about you? Do you love anyone; truly?

Well, come on!!! - Let’s step off the path of destruction and slavery, self destruction that is, and go and LOVE ONE ANOTHER. Let us live the life filled with real ONE LOVE ENERGY.

Be blessed until the next time we speak.

Vaughan A Jones

Let love be our energy and let’s surf the wave of change to a life of love and harmony among all things, creatures and everyone on this planet.
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Posted: Sep 8, 2010 2:36am
Sep 2, 2010
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Aug 12, 2010
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May 23, 2010
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May 13, 2010
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May 13, 2010
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