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Apr 13, 2008


This long Korean drama series is one if not the best that i had ever watched in my life. And no, this is not an exaggeration for attention. Hur Jun is really a noble non-fiction character that touches and heals the hearts of others. (Hur is a surname that can mean much and the word Jun looks to be humility in Chinese character:- So my interpretation is : Much Humility. I recently watched Paul Potts' video clips with his winning, humble demeanor, grafting attitude. Perhaps this little blog contribution can be dedicated to all and him as well, for the beauty and kindness that we all can encompass. I hope he reads this!) More...

This series depicts the biography of Hur Jun, a legendary doctor, set in the past when the country was plagued with diseases and stricken with poverty, anguish, war, abound with cries of agony and sufferings. He grew up and gone astray as a son of an influential official. He committed offenses against the country laws that condemn him to be a criminal unless pardoned by special orders, such as the emperor's. He often moved to escape the officials and finally took to a medical clinic as an apprentice to support himself and his mother. And this was the point where his spirit reached out to us all in his determination, humility, resilience, diligence, untiring efforts and integrity that began to unfold and cultivated though sheer hard work, discipline and rigorous training. This process was so tough and ingrained in his mind that he totally transformed to a sage. Not only was he extremely capable in medical terms, he learned the virtue and art of the 'Healing Heart' from his masters. Despite the various attempts by his adversaries to put him in troubles and dangers, he survived all his ordeals while keeping true to the 'Healing Heart' - a treasured mind teaching of the true doctor who heals all others without any boundaries at all cost, so much so that he would sacrifice everything to pursue his altruistic goal in his life; Even if it means giving up his family and life; till his very last breath. This very process of how he actually did this was illustrated with the different obstacles and ordeals he undertook to overcome all odds and adversaries, some of who actually became his friends.

The extent of this nobility can actually be felt and understood by a viewer who allows himself to open up and appreciate the beauty and compassionate love and all-encompassing kindness that Hur Jun promised his master to heal the sick with the 'Healing Heart' which he did.

Some of the really emotional moments include:-

  • How fervently he begged his master for his forgiveness even when he was wronged
  • How he sucked the blood pus from his patient's affected area without hesitation
  • How he insisted on helping his patients or adversaries even at the cost of his life even if they were hostile, rude, and threatening
  • How he extracted and transcript the details of his master 's organs meticulously, which was a taboo at that time
  • How he endured years of imprisonment while compiling tons of medical books for the benefit of future generations
  • How he wept for his mother, who cared for him dearly, when he came back from long imprisonment and found out she had already passed away
  • How he rushed to save the common people afflicted with epidemic disease
  • How he sacrificed his portion of food or medicine to save one more life
  • How he passed away quietly in the patients' quarters

Hur Jun had 3 masters. His first teacher was one that preferred to roam in the wild so as to pursue his dream of being able to witness and understand how the human body's internal organs looked like and worked. Due to the conservative social persecution of that time viewing this as extreme disrespect to the dead and general unacceptance, he was only able to examine the corpse of wild animals. Hur Jun read and learned the basic arts of medical knowledge from his books.

His second master was his main master at the clinic whom he spent most time with and learned the finer arts of medical arts and the 'Healing Heart' with extreme effort, who planned and had Hur Jun extracted and examined his own body parts just after his natural death.

His third master is a monk who actually devoted his whole life to compassionate love, saving people, including the lepers patients (there was no known effective cure at that time) who he stayed to ease their suffering. Not only was he a medical master, he transmitted the Buddhist heart of kindness,'Healing Heart' to Hur Jun.

The lady nurse companion, who was adopted by Hur Jun's main master, helped him in various ways, including teaching and sharing medical knowledge. They did not end up 'happily married ever after'. Hur Jun was already married to another lady. This is life in reality.

The famous Korean Series of all time.

How does this compare with Jewel in the Palace (JITP)?
Well perhaps the lead actress in JITP was destined, but Hur Jun attained Sage hood in a single lifetime. ChangJin in JITP was happily married to her husband and had a very intelligent daughter in the ending while Hur Jun was married to his wife but he spent his last moments with his patients, and a mystery - we will never know if he ever had feelings other than gratitude for a lady doctor who watched and helped Hur Jun grew in his early years and secretly fell in love but never expressed to him and remained single....(Well, love doesn't have to be marriage or physical sex, does it? It is a feeling ...)

Conclusion This series is truly a beauty of a gem. This isn't another typical story based on just the physical attraction of 2 beautiful people with overnight success but one that depicts the heart of a true sage. Beauty flows from within ...The music and songs accompaniments are beautifully melodious and appropriate as video clip below...[wp_youtube]qvFOcoKz3JM[/wp_youtube]

Such arduous hardships matched only by his unconditional persistence to heal others..And the endless tears of hardships that grew with his spirit as a doctor and sage.... I really hope more people can understand and feel his passion for saving lives just as the river flows and the wind blows....
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Posted: Apr 13, 2008 7:50pm
Mar 26, 2008

Vegetarian Sushi is not just about good food, but also fun time together with group activities; Make Sushi with family, kids and friends at home or parties. Share the fun and joy of giving and promotes both physical and mental well being…

So let’s get started!

There are at least 3 types of Sushi Shapes. Let’s do the Oval and Round ones. California Rolled is easy too, just a matter of experimentation.

  1. Cute little Oval Shaped
  2. Elongated and cut up into Round and Short Shaped. (Sushi Bamboo Mat required)
  3. California Roll or Cone Shaped

Basic Ingredients

  • Fresh Carrots, Cucumber, Shitake, and/or Grey Oyster Mushroom, Colored Capsicum/pepper, Potatoes, and any other suitable vegetables.
  • Water, Salt, Sugar and/or sesame oil.
  • Vegetarian processed food such as vegetarian steak or burger, hard tofu or vegetarian mayonnaise if available. (Optional)
  • Natural Traditional Soya Sauce
  • Sushi Seaweed
  • Japanese Rice

Prepare Ingredients

  • Diced carrots, cucumber, Shitake and/or Grey Oyster Mushroom, colored capsicum/pepper
  • Sliced cucumber
  • Shred potatoes and mix with a quarter of a cup of water. A little salt/sugar and/or sesame oil are allowed as appropriate.
  • Cut other vegetarian processed food such as vegetarian steak or burger and tofu into finger size. Those who are really health conscious may skip these.
  • Cut up some Sushi Seaweed along the lines, or in strips about the width of half and quarters of a finger length

Cook Them!

  • Start cooking the rice in a rice cooker or immerse the rice with appropriate water amount in glassware for steaming till cooked for approximately 20 min.
  • Add Vegetarian Oil into heated wok.. Start frying all ingredients (except sliced cucumber) for just a couple of minutes. Add the potatoes with water and start mixing to get a rich vegetable thick mixture.
  • Stir or Deep Fry vegetarian processed food separately

Have Fun Making Sushi
By Hand

  • Soak the hands wet and grab a handful of rice (caution hot, so wait to cool first), make a fist and squeeze the rice a little to take the shape.
  • Starts rolling a piece of the seaweed round the rice mound, with a little gap above so you can stuff the prepared ingredients on top. Just a dip of water to stitch up the seaweed.
  • Or place a piece of vegetarian processed food on top and start tying across to attach it the rice mound like you would with a string. Spread a little mayonnaise to your liking.

Bamboo Mat

  • Place Whole Seaweed on Bamboo Mat, and place a balanced layer of rice across.
  • Start putting ingredients, including cucumber, between the edges ( but not too close) before rolling up and squeeze a little to firm up.
  • Start cutting with a wet, sharp knife into small pieces.

Dip in Soya Sauce, Enjoy Sushi and Yummy!

Last Note,

If you like to keep it really simple, just cook away mushrooms, mix it with vegetarian mayonnaise or marmite and make the sushi with hands - Simple and Tasty!!

I usually don’t take onions, garlic or wasabi. So my favorite dip is just the traditional natural Soya sauce. Do cook at least a cup of rice for each person; don’t spoil the fun with insufficient rice. Sushi uses more rice than ingredients, which can often end up much more than rice. These make tasty gifts for friends and parties, and spice up the social interaction fun -

Turn on the soft music & let’s make Sushi Together!

Original post wit more pics :

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Posted: Mar 26, 2008 6:12pm


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