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Mar 1, 2007




Named after “The Crucified Land” 1939 oil on canvas painted by Alexandre Hogue, this conceptual landscape installation will be set during the weekend of 2007 Earth Day at the Los Angeles Historic State Park (The Cornfields).

 We are inviting interested artists to work with residents of our City, organizations or local business to present a cross to be planted in the soil of the undeveloped IUP South area of the State Park. Each participating artist should set his/her cross during Saturday April 21, 2007. If you cannot plant your cross this date please request an alternative date and you will receive information about the time and place to deliver it. “Environmental activity in the faith community has been growing steadily over the past five years”, the Partnership’s executive director Paul Gorman said. To learn more about the National Religious Partnership for the Environment go to At a local level I was inspired by the “blue print” by interfaith gathering as develop by pastor Randy Carrillo of the Church of the City ( 
THE CRUCIFIED LAND is part of the GREEN STAGE FESTIVAL of Earth Day April 22, 2007. To prepare for your artwork cross and for discussing size, materials, etc. you may contact me by email, phone or in writing at: 
Jorge Luis Rodriguez">
Stage Of The Arts, Inc                         (323)662-3750

P.O.Box 26688, Los Angeles, CA 90026

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Posted: Mar 1, 2007 1:53pm
Dec 26, 2006
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GREEN CHRISTMAS                                                                                              

Wishing you the best this holiday season from the GREEN STAGE of the Arts Team                 
and our gratitude to the 2006 GREEN STAGE Program sponsors:                                                                                                
  •     The National Latino Congress
  • William C. Velasquez Institute WCVI
  •                Earth Day Network               
  •  Greenopia. The Green Media Group, LLC  
  • Not a Cornfield                                
  •      Los Angeles Echo Village      
The 2007 GREEN STAGE SHOW is coming to town                                                                        
Resolution 3.10 - Green Stage Resolution
Author: Carmelo Alvarez, Maria E. Ortiz, Jorge L. Rodriguez, and Kathleen Roman
Organization: Stage of the Arts, Inc
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Posted: Dec 26, 2006 7:24pm
Jul 22, 2006
  • Public events define the use of public space and parks.
  • Festivals and other events open to the general public creates lot of garbage that need to be hauling and disposal.
  • Recycling is a big industry and creates new cultural ties into financial opportunities and social understanding of solutions to protect our environment.
  • Use of biodegradable Greenware and Composting at festivals, public events and cultural gatherings may became as popular and efective as Recycling in nowaday economy.
  • Only a connection between Cultures and the Environment can bring a GREEN STAGE to show a better future.


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Posted: Jul 22, 2006 9:56am
Jul 21, 2006
GREEN STAGE is an ecological educational service for California events advocating for plans to implementing ZERO WASTE EVENTS and conducting a preliminary research during 2006 for Latino leadership in composting and use of biodegradable greenware at Los Angeles festivals and public events by promoting urban greening at City, County and State Parks.
GREEN STAGE develops a complete ARTS & CULTURAL EVENTS service, from obtaining a Use Permit to set up to code canopies and sanitary facilities to stage a public event. Our key point is educating food vendors and the general public to use biodegradable greenware and to bring in a professional waste management, compost and recycling operation.
Our goal at the National Latino Congreso is passing a RESOLUTION to endorse ZERO WASTE at public events.

Photo by Juantara © All rights reserved
Photo by Juantara © All rights reserved

The Silence of the Corn

Silence, exile and cleverness, has also made me forget prescriptions by Joyce for the writers and the distractions of Merlin where the magicians loose themselves.

I barely see my daughter since she went away to study at the Emerson University in Boston. That week of July, Beatriz came to Los Angeles to celebrate turning twenty years old. I realized that if I were going to take her out I would have to take her to some very special place. So I took her to Not a Cornfield.

That evening architects specialized in public use of the urban space and public art exposed their theories with photos and power point, Adolfo introduced the artist who conceived the project and an agriculturist made the Aztec salutations to the four points.

The Cornfield is a land bordering to the old railroad by where now the Golden Line runs, as opposed to the station of Chinatown. They say that when the loaded trains came swinging from the East with crops of corn, the seeds fell, forming maize furrows that grew wild in that no-man's land.

Ten years ago the authorities destined the toxic empty lot to become State Historical Park of Los Angeles. In these cases it is mandate of the Department of Parks and Recreation that the indigenous plants, the native animals, etc. return to the place where sometimes they were removed by the expansion of man.

But, nobody ever has seen a photo of that cornfield ghost, no witness remembers it. The only thing that was left was that contradictory name baptizing 32 acres of toxic dirt. When Lauren Bon proposed to seed one cornfield in that site being based on the historical restoration of the area... there was no other proof to be found but the oral tradition. So she baptized her public art project Not a Cornfield.

We left behind Lauren and the architects as we advanced onto the one mile granite walkway that surrounds the land where two million grains will be planted at dawn. Then I felt that the hand of God descended on its Angels.
In the center of the land is what Lauren calls The Eye and while we walked towards the sunset I felt the enormous dimension of the Hunab. The architects did not say anything neither Lauren named it. Because He is unmentionable.

In the center of the cornfield Lauren designed on the soil a spiral of concentric footpaths oriented towards the cardinals, so that when the sun is falling it draws the symbol of Hunab Ku as recorded by the ancient Mayans.

My mind jumped twenty-five years back, when I knew Hugh Harleston in San Diego, the engineer who left everything behind to live twenty-five years by the pyramids of Teotihuacan, where he re-discovered the dimension of the Hunab, the connection of the Mayan calendar in Teotihuacan, cronopolis, the human paradigm.

The Hunab is a system of factorial measurement, like that we used in calculation of quantic physics, those pyramids are temples to the mathematical mystery of the universe where the astronomical systems, the time and the space are developed. They are the geometric map of the mathematical infinite.

The dimension of the Hunab in Teotihuacan is the time capsule left by the designer priests with the secret message of the corn. A month pass by and the maize grows in Not a Cornfield between art and cultural gatherings, drums and movie projections during the night in the middle of Not a Cornfield.

A community of cultural workers provides events and exquisite atmospheres for the visitors of this nature amusement park next to Zanja Madre of Los Angeles, where the main channel of City water used to run.

It is impressive when coming out of the Pasadena freeway to see the cultivated cornfield, standing out against the skyscrapers of the city as it defied conceptual to our urban vortex.

The art, like the religions, has an intangible power that transform mankind, and the moral of the Cornfield will come as the first harvest that now takes shelter, which cannot be eaten because toxic grounds contaminate the cornfield, although they engaged in hundreds of trucks loaded with the more fertile soil. But the seeds that take shelter of this cornfield will give a healthy generation that will be edible for the next harvest.

In March the harvest will have been processed and ears turned ethanol and the rest into biodegradable packing or collapsible shelters for the homeless. In March the State will take control of the space and will have a call for proposals to design the Los Angeles State Historic Park where they think to invest sixty million dollars in the context of the revitalization of the Los Angeles River.

Nobody will be able to construct an historical and appropriate monument like the one that we can see today in the 1201 North of the Spring Street. The same Earth. The Mother Earth, which we defied with asphalt, concrete and the social desolation of the urban capital.

Today I return to cross the cornfield that adorns December a mile away from the Placita Olvera, where we got to build this megapolis and we put the first bricks in the town of Los Angeles in 1781. When you cross the territory you still can hear the last shouts of the Yang-na that lived here 500 years BC... before they were evacuated from this land and dispersed by 1828 for always. The maize was indispensable for those inhabitants, but not for us anymore.

Hopefully man may not once again destroy the Cornfield, because it does not matter the time that passes nor the million dollars that run in the city-planning development of this space. The corn will return again. 


(This article was published Dec 2005 by Contacto Magazine

Not A Cornfield first stage
El Silencio del Maíz (lea mas)

Silencio, exilio y astucia, me han hecho olvidar las recetas de Joyce para los escritores y también las distracciones de Merlín donde se pierden los magos.
Casi nunca veo a mi hija desde que se fue a estudiar a la Universidad Emerson en Boston, pero aquella semana de Julio, Beatriz vino a Los Angeles para celebrar que cumplía veinte años y comprendí que cuando saliésemos juntos yo debería llevarla a algún lugar muy especial. Así que la llevé al Cornfield...

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Posted: Jul 21, 2006 5:56pm


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