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Mar 3, 2012

as you may,or may not know, our beloved cat Kismet~Kizzy was ill and died on Dec. 10th , 2011.             

 the story: my husband and i wanted to adopt a cat from a shelter after relocating to the east coast... we brought our cat of 12 years with us but he got sick and so we peacefully and lovingly let him cross over the Rainbow Bridge ... well my husband wanted another cat ... i was too upset ... but we went to the shelter and as we walked by each cage i just cringed... all too sad for me... i wanted them all right there and then ... my husband stopped at this one cage... and looked quietly at this little fur ball huddled at the back ... hiding ... he asked if they would open the cage door and as soon as that happened...well this 'youngster' of about 7 or 8 months approached him and stood up on his hind legs and put his paws around my husband's neck ... we all 'melted' right there and then ... and our new little love so afraid of everyone and everything we later found out ... let us know he had in fact 'chosen' us to be his lifelong family. i named him Kismet because it was Destiny ... but his nickname is kizzy ! 

costs to take care of him exceeded $300. which we paid in full.

recently i rescued a cat ( 1 of 4 ) that i have been taking care of in the park since last May. she was sick and not eating, and a snow storm had just come through, so i made the decision to bring her into our home and adopt her.

her name is Plummie and she needs to be spayed and have some tests done to determine the status of her health.

Plumka now called Plummie was one of the abandoned cats in the park that I offered to feed as of May 2011. Feb. 2012 after a snow storm I noticed she would not eat and did not look well so I brought her into our home ( 1 bedroom apt. ) to adopt her. This Friday we will be taking her to the Veterinarian to have her spayed, blood work done and a full check up b/c she was sick. ( worried about her respiratory system ). So far she is a quiet sweet loving cat or 'kitteh' as Trish refers to cats! She loves to explore and cuddle and I pray we have done the right thing by adopting her and bringing her inside. No more tree climbing but we will substitute with fun elements when we can afford them. Maria Elena Gozales said it best in a recent message: " I am so sorry for your loss...there's nothing sadder than losing a dear friend. It touches my heart that when a door closes (Kizmet-Kizzie), another one opens (for Plummie)." 

my husband is the sole provider in our household since my accident in 2006, the year i joined Care2. 

you may, or may not know that i have never asked for any financial help since i joined 5 years ago.

but in this situation i just need some help to care for this precious cat who i'm told has been abandoned for the past 3-4 years in the park. Sadly that is what people do in our area, just 'toss' their unwanted pets out on the street!

i have set up a paypal account if you feel you would like to help me take care of Plummie's vet services.

you can donate any amount to
PayPal Donation Fund page is

Please know your caring and sharing with me to help her is appreciated and i thank you with all my heart.

if you need a copy or 'receipt' i could arrange that with you.

Also please share my request with your friends. Thank you.

Please know also that i respect and fully understand if you cannot help financially and that all you offer in our world is honored by me with gratitude.

It's true, when one door closes another door opens!

Kismet~Kizzy's photo album

Plummie's photo album

Peace & Love always, your friend and cyber sis rosemary

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Posted: Mar 3, 2012 8:50pm


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Rosemary Rannes
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