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Jun 5, 2009
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Petition
Location: Idaho, United States

 Brenda H. Shongaloo, LA @ 11:14AM PT Jun 02

Initiated this Pledge! Wolves are in the arms of Angels > credit for pics goes to akelatakawolf


NRDC: We’re Suing to
Stop the Next
Massacre of Wolves

I wanted you to be among the first to know that NRDC is filing suit in federal court this morning to prevent the massacre of hundreds of wolves in the Northern Rockies in the months ahead.

We have no choice. The Obama Administration has adopted a Bush-era plan that strips vital Endangered Species Act protection from some 1,200 wolves in Montana and Idaho.

Those two states are now preparing public hunts that could leave hundreds of wolves dead.

Their last, best chance of survival is the lawsuit we're filing in federal court today. But we need your help to come to their rescue.

More than 500 wolves could be gunned down when public hunts begin. NRDC is filing suit today for the sake of wolf survival. Help us win this critical case by making a monthly pledge right now.

  1. This is an ongoing pledge that should be fulfilled as often as possible.


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Posted: Jun 5, 2009 4:53pm
May 8, 2009
Focus: Human Rights
Action Request: Petition
Location: United States


Writing to your elected officials is one of the most important tools of advocacy, allowing you to voice your support for UNICEF's extraordinary work at the highest levels of government. Please join us in this effort if you have not done so already.

Take Action to Secure U.S. Government Funding for UNICEF

Ask the chairs of appropriations subcommittees to support $135 million for the U.S. contribution to UNICEF in FY 2010. LEARN MORE 

Support the Global Security Priorities Resolution 

Tell your representative that you want our budget to promote a new vision of global security that makes saving children's lives a top priority. LEARN MORE   

Help Prevent Needless Deaths of Mothers and Children

Write to your Members of Congress and tell them you believe our government should lead in preventing the 25,000 child deaths per day from preventable and treatable causes. LEARN MORE   

Presidential Initiative to Accelerate Child Survival

Ask the new President of the United States to make child survival a top priority of his Administration. LEARN MORE   


Take Action to Stop the Use of Cluster Munitions

Help ensure that US-made cluster bombs never kill children. LEARN MORE

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Posted: May 8, 2009 11:34am
May 5, 2009
Focus: Endangered Species
Action Request: Petition
Location: India

Pledge Action initiated by Roxie f. at

Serious threat to the largest surviving Elephant Population in India

The largest single population of Asian elephants in the world, about 1000 individuals, is found in a 4500sq km area where the three Indian states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka meet.

The best forage is in the Tamil Nadu section but the elephants need to migrate to Kerala and Karnataka each summer when water and food become scarce. In order to migrate the elephants must pass through a corridor which is only about 2.5 km wide.

The major inter-state highway which links Bangalore with Calicut passes through this corridor. It is used by hundreds of vehicles round the clock. Recently a decision was made to relocate four different Kerala government check-posts to within the corridor. This would involve all manner of infrastructure – building complexes, housing, offices, toilets and dormitories for drivers, a fuel filling station and so on. Trenches are already being dug to prevent the elephants from migrating, thus threatening their survival. A suitable alternative site for these check-posts exists outside the forest.

Please help prevent the severance of this critical corridor.

More information about the plight of the Asian Elephants in various languages may be found at:

Protest emails will be sent to:

to the Chief Minister of Kerala
cc Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India
cc Kerala Minister for Forests and Wildlife
cc Kerala Minister for Finance
cc Principal Chief Conservator of Kerala Forests
cc Chief Conservator of Kerala Forests
cc Project Elephant, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India 

Dear Minister of Kerala,

Asia’s largest remaining population of wild elephants is found in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. These elephants face a variety of serious threats.

The most serious threat (and also the easiest to remedy) is the proposed relocation of four government departmental check-posts on the inter-state highway linking Bangalore with Calicut near Muthanga. If implemented, the proposal would prevent the annual migration of the wild elephants between Tamil Nadu and Kerala which is necessary for their very survival.

We request that the Government of Kerala relocates these checking stations to outside the forest corridor and takes additional measures to ensure the continued flourishing of these magnificent animals.

These measures include ensuring that trenches do not block elephant access to the Nulpuzha River within this corridor and the prohibition of vehicle movement on the Bangalore-Calicut Highway between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m.

Yours sincerely

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Posted: May 5, 2009 7:12pm


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