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Apr 1, 2010
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Petition
Location: United States

Credit goes to Gregory Hilbert and Suzanne S. for initiating these actions.

Please note, comment, sign, and if you want to help the action website you inspired gain users and clout, forward this to your friends AND ASK THEM TO DO THE SAME. Thank you for all you do! -- Gregory

Palin On Alaska TV? Condemnation BOYCOTT ACTION!




 Join us in the Condemnation Boycott of any or all of the Corporations below, which SEN will submit en masse on behalf of all who sign them:

Click Here to Condemn and Boycott The Learning Channel of Discovery Communications and its advertisers for picking Sarah Palin to host TV about Alaska’s wildlife and environment. 

Click here to condemn Fox News and multi-billionaire owner Rupert Murdoch and boycott Fox News advertisers for Glenn Beck’s ridiculing of Climate Change science (video above), and for his attack on sustainability champion Annie Leonard (at left), whose “Story of Stuff” he called un-American.

(Click here for Annie Leonard’s Story of Stuff)



Click here to condemn the Enviromental Defense Fund for partnering with WalMart and falsely claiming Walmart has committed to significantly reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and thus its destruction of global resources.

To summarize, EDF’s officers have enriched themselves with $100 million in yearly donations failing to defend the environment, and now spin lying praise of WalMart’s paltry committment. Walmart’s multi-billionaire Walton founders have annual sales of over $430 Billion, most of it importing products made in China and selling them in the USA under the American brand names of international corporations. China is building 2 coal-fired power plants per week. WalMart itself devours oil and annually emits OVER 21 MILLION OF TONS of light-as-air greenhouse gases.

WalMart pledged to reduce them only 1.5% per year for 5 years. EDF used its donation funds to give WalMart millions of dollars worth of free publicity falsely claiming WalMart’s pledge was hugely significant! The deception was cunning. WalMart forecast its emissions would grow by some 13 million tons in the next 5 years, which it would offset by 20 million tons by the end of that period, “150% of its growth in emmissions”. The net actual reduction of 7 million tons amortized over 5 years totaling over 100 million tons is a pittance!

A paltry1.5% per year is not the basis for Environmental Defense Fund to proclaim WalMart is a world leader of sustainability, not when WalMart is now the world’s largest world’s largest international corporate destroyer of earth’s resources and still will be 5 years from now! EDF refused to correct the deception when SEN’s Co-Founder Gregory Hilbert insisted on it, seconded by Co-Founder Suzanne Sparling in her capacity as USA Executive Director of Greenhouse Neutral Foundation.

If you click here for details of the EDF and Walmart story you will also find a link to a Nation cover story article that exposes the sell-out to corporate donors of EDF and many other major environmental non-profits condoning “too little too late” and failing to tell the truth as to the catastrophe ahead if we fail to do more. As we see it they are serving themselves. Soft-peddling generates happier website users and more donations, and lets EDF “non-profit” corporate executives and others like them live a good materialistic life promoting themselves, just like the for-profit international corporations that increasingly fund them to green-wash what they do.  

Click Here to Take Any or All Actions Above     With a Single Fight-Faster Form!  
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