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Jul 13, 2006
Focus: Indigenous Rights
Action Request: Visit - online
Location: Louisiana, United States
After doing some more research, I have found that HR 4886 is not the only petition the Houma Nation has going, though it has only one sponser, who has introduced another HR 3671, 104th congress. After reading on June 18th, this again was assigned to subcommittee and on July 17th hearings were held. All that means is that the petition is caught up in subcommittee limbo and until the GPO makes it available we know nothing of any actions taken. Please visit the  site and show support for this action. These people have been robbed long enough and along with Hurricane Katrina has left many of the Houma homeless, living in camps, taken in by relatives, some still in shelters, many dead. My own sister is one of the many homeless, staying with friends waiting for a FEMA trailer, which I keep trying to tell her is a cruel joke, she believes though in the Governments word is the gold standard. Even if I remind her of "fool's gold" she doggedly hangs onto their words "just a couple weeks". Let's see Katrina destroyed many lives I believe last year around the end of August. I stray again because this is not about just one person this effects over 11,000 peoples, to many of them relatives of mine. Please visit the website
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Posted: Jul 13, 2006 12:14pm
Jul 12, 2006
Focus: Indigenous Rights
Action Request: Visit - online
Location: Louisiana, United States
I'm on a mission to discover my roots to this earth. My mom's people came over here on a boat, that's documented. My father's people were already here and that is very difficult to document, I know though that I am of the Houma Nation, state recognized only. Our Nation has sought federal recognition for well over a hundred years. Even though we greeted the French in 1699 with a delegation bearing a calumet, which is a sacred ritual pertaining to friendship, honor and loyalty. Like children we believed that these frenchmen would understand and honor, even help us when in need as we did for them by guiding them where they thought they were going (up the Mississippi river) even helping to keep these soldiers with supplies. Robert LaSalle and Henri de Tonti knew of the Houma, even marked the location on the map but LaSalle did not visit the village. It seems the Federal government is being sued over this exact recognition. The bill was introduced to the House in 1979, turned over to the committee for the Interior and Insular, then denied our heritage in 1994. I think they are waiting for us to die off but our Nation is over 11,000 strong and we still live in Golden Meadow, Dulac and Houma in Terrbonne and Lafourche Parishes. My family can recite their history but cannot convince the government that we are not extinct. Their thoughts are that we had started living with another tribe, the Atakapa, who along with the Choctaw, were forced to the Oklahoma territory during the 1830's. We actually moved so far to the south that we lived in swamps where the French didn't want to go and never thought the land would ever be of use. Until the 1930's when oil was discovered. Now that cost us most of our land. And because we were considered people of color and therefor not allowed to attend school, my mother and father moved to California where we could go to school and enjoy priveledges that were not afforded people of color in Louisiana. Our little family of 4 (at that time) went every summer back to Louisiana and I have very clear memories of not being able to go to any public pools, so one of my uncles got the dredger to dig us out a space on the mississippi river, though we still got hosed down before we could come in the house, the levee was our backyard boundary. I think we had the best summers of any of the other kids in California. One of my sisters lives in Louisiana, another in Mississippi and the oldest is in Alabama. I was born out west and thats where I've stayed. But I've strayed from my point which is HR 4886 that allows us to be recognized as our own people. If you'd care to visit, we don't care  the color of the skin, your sex, religion etc.
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Posted: Jul 12, 2006 3:14pm


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