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Jan 19, 2014

YellNo I am not being,s the problem.
Thanks to the machinations of the "Tea Party', and associated idiots, Cruz ,Paul,Bachman etc.etc.
 America is now seen around the globe as a country whose time has come AND gone.The civilized countries of the world are looking on in a mix of disbelief and ,frankly , amusement.
Whilst trying to play catch up with affordable healthcare the government has aroused the ire of a  radical minority of isolationist,zenophobic and frankly racist,(and stupid ) afficionado,s of the Nazi 3rd. Reich.
Thanks to the shutdown,(owned  by the Republicans) Not only are we hurting the poor, children, seniors and our disabled veterans there is a more insidious problem. Mr Obama has chosen to cancel his attendance at the Asian-Pacific conference,and sent a member of the trade ambassadors staff.Meeting started today..10/7./13.
Japan and China are thrilled.They are NOW the BIG two producers and there economies are breaking records. ,and they  do not have America to challenge them.. they are now the two largest trading powers America needed the "star "power of the President at this meeting but the idiots at home blew  it.!.
Please read today,s articles, and news worthy comment s.(if you are able!.)
Get rid of the TEA party and at least give your country a fighting chance on the globe. otherwise
expect the worst.

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Posted: Jan 19, 2014 2:11pm
Jan 10, 2014

Re. comment from the Queen of daytimeTV.

"atheists lack an emotional connection to the Universe.'"

I prefer to take facts over fiction,(AKA. the old testament!.)

I prefer facts from the likes of  Galileo,Copernicus, Newton,Darwin,Kepler,Hubble,

Einstein,Stephen Hawkin,and many,many more.!I am also amazed by the concept of the Universe,and the almost day to day findings from scientists,re. Sprites,

Black holes and the wonders of it all,and the shear immensity of it all. ( the numbers of which I  find difficult to take into my tiny . mind..and frankly I find the scientific concepts to be far more compex and mind blowing than the Idea that several years ago someone/something waved a magic wand and it just "happened. " (in seven days I am told!.)

My mind wanders freely to try to  understand, and  I find  it deeply emotional.

journey. So Ms. Winfrey,Curb your assumptions..I am sure that many Atheists, like myself have similar experiences.

I do not deny you the right to your religion, do not deny me the right to wonder ,and feel connected to the incredible space around us.

observe and learn.


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Posted: Jan 10, 2014 11:00am
Nov 14, 2013

Finally the Pacific Trade talks have become noticed! Talkers on TV JUST tuned in . !. I shared the problem 4 weeks ago,BUT the Republican Blackmail AKA} shut down was just getting  underway.

The President was slated to go, but thanks to the Repugs he ,and Mr Biden were needed at home.

A trade delegate was sent.

Result . If you think that NAFTA was a bad idea, just wait a while.(free trade with Asia.) The inions are crying, I sympathise, but this is a blow to America , caused by the "Do Nothing party.

Hold them responsible. and Talk show hosts, What took you SO long to get this story going?

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Posted: Nov 14, 2013 12:12pm
Sep 19, 2013

Just heard the following from the mouth  of Louie Gohmert.
Blaming guns for violent acts,(re. navy yard shooting ,is as ridiculous as blaming spoons for obesity.!!!
In all fairness this guy has been described as the MOST stupid man in Washington. No argument from me!,.
Once again From which corner of outer space did he arrive , and WHO IN HELL VOTED FOR HIM??? YIKES.

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Posted: Sep 19, 2013 7:31am
Jul 31, 2013

I do NOT understand this issue. Please help.
How can it be that Bradley Manning is awaiting sentence for an act which I firmly believe was ,in his mind , a matter of conscience,whilst those who OUTED a CIA agent ,Valerie Plame went Scot free ? Having been found guilty they were PARDONED By Dubya!.
How is it that those responsible for lying to the American public,re. Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq,and being responsible for the death and injuries to American troops(4,000+ deaths,and the deaths of more than 100,000 Innocent Iraqi,s) Get out of jail free? When will they (the Cheney,s Addington, Rumsfeld,Rice and many more be held to account for the results of their mendacity?
Probably never.
Something is terribly wrong with the so-called justice here.

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Posted: Jul 31, 2013 1:29pm
Jun 7, 2013

Thats me, As a taxpayer, and voter I am sick and tired of the incredibly arrogant, egotistical  and VERY rich  Darryl Issa ,head of the committee re. the" IRS scandal" wno has wasted more than a week and  a great deal of OUR tax money  on a non issue, which turns out to be purely a matter of semantics, the grilling members of the IRS. as to the difference of  the meaning of :Exclusively,vs. Primarily.Get out your damned  dictionary Mr Issa,and stop trying to burnish your image.( which in my opinion)is NOT thepurpose of this investigation!. I am suprised that there are not MORE of the public  who are ,like me, DISGUSTED by your attitude when speaking with
the witness,s. Yes there IS a SCANDAL Mr Issa, and  it is that of giving you all this time to waste, when the Congress should be addressing much more pressing issues.. Jobs,Econmy, Failure of Infrastructure etc etc.
Come on America do not be so damned complacent!
Maybe Mr Issa should design another version of "Viper' and get out of politics.

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Posted: Jun 7, 2013 1:41pm
May 24, 2013

Onein 9 of American Bridges are defective,crumbling.Yesterday one  in Washington State fell,taking several cars with it. throwing their passengers into the Icy river.Fortunately no fatalities.
The drivers and passengers have the Republican Congress to thank ,as infrastructure repair was on the list of jobs in Mr Obama,s  jobs bill . given to John Boehner 2 years ago. The one that he NEVER brought to the floor.  The Minority leader in the Senate ,M,Connell is from the state of Kentucky with several defective and dangerous bridges. Obviously He has very little concern for anyone driving over these death traps. and sooner or later tragedy will occur.!
 It is well beyond time that the American people demanded action. The roads, bridges in this country are a damned disgrace. and many jobs would be created if the Repugs did right by their constituents.However haow could they stand to see the President suceed. Frankly I hope that those injured yesterday file suit agaist these  obstructionists, (and maybe save a the process.!!)
MY message is clear. WAKE UP AMERICA and hold their feet to the fire to get something positive done.

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Posted: May 24, 2013 1:29pm
May 23, 2013

Well the Circus is in town! (Washington etc. ) and my Oh my the Clowns are all there.
Scandal Mania Rules.
This nonsense will go on until the end of this week(24th May) then next week our overworked Congress will take the week off!!(must be tough ).
Following week . same old ,same old.! Maybe another (39th) try at repealing Obama care!
No mention of the Budget, Job Creation,(Boehner still sitting on it for two years now).Improving the economy,(heaven forbid) .education etc School closings in Chicago!)Criminal bankers. None of the "Small Stuff!)
What a bunch of thespian Wannabees.!. They should all be "on the boards" God knows they are absolutely inept at doing their job for the American people.(who voted for them)
Talking re. inept. Congrats NC.  your latest genius,Tres Goudy knows nothing re. taking the fifth. Go back to your books pinehead.
Also an apology. I blamed the Carolina,s for Cuccinelli. ,He is Virginia,s disaster,They have all the luck, they also have Mr "malevolent" Cantor.
Enjoy the pony rides boys and girls.

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May 13, 2013

It is witch hunting time in Washington."Sound and fury signifying NOTHING" (with apologies to the immortal bard.)
Since blame is being assigned to those responsible for the sad deaths of our consulate staff in Benghazi, May I suggest further investigations.
1) the deaths of 3,000 on 9/11,warnings recieved but ignoredby the administration.
2)the deaths of 5,000 American troops,(and more than100,000 Iraqis.) initiated by lies from the administration.
3) innumerable deaths in Afghanistan.Poorly advised,and is now in its twelth year. Nothing achieved.(untold number of victims.)

May I also suggest a public hearing to discuss reasons for Mr Issa,s decision to cut millions from the budget of secutity forces ,(those who protect our workers abroad.)

May I add one other thought.
When,if ever is the Congress (so called) of the USA. going to address the current economic and jobless situation.This I believe is front and central in the minds of the general public.Not wasting both time and money in the blame game trying to embarrass the current administration.(with an eye to the 2016 election.!) There are MUCH more pressing actions that need to be addressed)
Get over yourselves you egotistical  turkeys, and tackle the REAL issues.America is currently on a VERY slippery slope ,Pick a real issue and get on with it!

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Posted: May 13, 2013 10:29am
May 8, 2013

Learning,today of the outrageous and growing incidence of rape in the services.(most of which has been brushed "under the carpet," and a colonel ,responsible for adjudicating such crimes has himself been inicted for assault on a female service member). I realise that the armed services are in lockstep with the Republican CONGRESS AND REPUBLICAN STATE GOVERNORS!
Both of which are working hard to deny womens rights, (taking womens issues back to the dark ages) including denying a womans right to choose and proposing that women be subjected to invasive procedures( trans vaginal ultrasound etc) which clearly are an invasion of priivacy,in fact a type of rape committed against the female body and reproductive system.These measures along with the discussions of the reaction of the "female body" to "legitimate rape as discussed AT LENGTH
by certain republican misogynists caused me to see a pattern between the two. No I am not suffering from a deep seated paranoia. Just connecting the dots.
 Think about it America.!

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Posted: May 8, 2013 1:46pm


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