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Nov 10, 2012

Hi good  people,

We are getting ready to start an online business. We will have single mothers craft items to be sold online as well as in brick and mortar stores. The countries represented so far are Ghana, Nepal, and Canada. If you know of anyone with experience with starting from scratch selling, please let me know. Thanks, and Blessings,

+Betsy aka Elizabeth of Care2

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Posted: Nov 10, 2012 4:16pm
May 17, 2012

Care2 Family pray for us please! I will be consecrated a bishop in the Ecumenical Catholic Church of North America and will help in the ordinations of two new priests.

Only one of us has aways wanted to be ordained. The other female and I have not. We were told by the leaders in various churchianity congregations that, even if we were called by God; it would be a sin and an abomination to serve as clergy. We wanted to please God, but God was not pleased by our listening to churchianity. Through the years as we studied the Biblical languages and messages we began to see the truth. Here we are God.

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Posted: May 17, 2012 2:04pm
Dec 30, 2011

The first Creche

Now I am not sure that this is all true, but there are enough letters and statements to make me believe it is close enough. Since there are other stories of Beloved Francis that are legends; why should I not believe this? This is the story as told to me of the first Creche.

In 1223 Beloved Francis was to be at the celebration of the Christmas Midnight Mass in a small mountainside village in Italy. Christmas was a difficult time for the common folk then. They were herded into cathedrals to watch the “holy” people receive the Mass. It was hard for St. Francis to watch the “holy” ones be impressed with themselves while having no mind for the common folk assembled. What could such an experience mean for them? Surely it told them nothing of God's love for them; or the sacrifice of a loving God becoming human in order to show humans the Way.

Christmas in this little village with a little chapel where most could not even get inside to witness the Midnight Mass was travesty that bothered Beloved Francis. He pondered in frustration on how could the people KNOW what he knew of the Nativity of the Babe of Bethlehem. Then the Holy Spirit “whispered in his ear”. He found a perfect cleft in the mountainside where he set up an altar, found a manger, and he gathered hay. It is said at this point that the good folk took up the work and following his lead began to help construct so that they could enact with animals and all the Birth of Jesus our Adonai.

I was told they ran and called to each other in excitement, women sang to each other as they created simple clothing of Bethlehem, and the mountainside was alive with folks running with torches and shouting in anticipation. An infant Jesus was fashioned with great love.

And then

it all




Something powerful happened that dark cold night under the stars as Beloved Francis read the Gospel and preached to the villagers gathered. There was spontaneous breaking out in hymns and chants. I was told that most people noticed a radiance they had never know in the area. Something so profound happened that people continued to run to see, and even the “high- holy” ones came outside with the rest of the villagers, and the cows, and the sheep, and the smells and the cold: and the Mass was brought to the people for the first time ever in that village. All were touched that night, and none remained unchanged. Soldiers gave up war, theives became monks, the rich became benefactors, and the holy ones gave their hearts of stone to God to exchange  for hearts of Love.

How can we ever know what they experienced? How do we see the stars for the street lights? How can we feel the cold with our Orvis jackets and Frost Line hats? Where do we find Jesus among the shoppers, and will the Church leaders again bring the Mass to the people?

We are Franciscans. We will find a way where there is no way.

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Posted: Dec 30, 2011 7:33pm
May 10, 2010
Name: Caterina
Type: Memorial (for the deceased)
To Honor: Pet(s)
Location: Austin, Texas United States

Caterina came into my life in 1997. She was the feline companion of my dear Jane. Jane taught me about the nature of Nature and that all life was related. Caterina was a person who was a cat, and therefore was my cat-sister. When Jane died in 2000 Caterina became my companion. Her nature was one of a land lady: inspecting everything and insisting on knowing my where abouts at all times.

She was already old when she came to me: 19. I would look at her and say "Caterina, don't you know that I am not a cat person?" She would say Yeah, right." Though I was a dog person with a dog she took over and taught me how to shape up. If I did not know better I would say we were telepathic with each other.

I would go to sleep alone and wake up with a cat in my bed. I did not need an alarm, as Caterina knew when I needed to wake up-- and she would do it. She knew house chores included feeding her first. She loved to sit and watch the birds and told me that I needed to feed them so there would be more to watch. She would climb beside me when I was stressed and tell me the cure was to pet her. I did. It was.

I had to leave my house for some time and left her with the house caretakers. The house caretakers did not care for the house nor did they care for Caterina. I had a dream of Caterina, one night informing me that things were amiss. The people in the house had fun with the dog, but Caterina they abused. My house was falling in and so was Caterina. I scooped up Caterina and my dog, kicked them out, and discovered I had to sell my house.

I had to move twice since selling the house and though she griped she loved me. Last year I moved into the house of a former renter of mine. Caterina, by now even more ancient, loved it as it reminded her of her old home. Besides she knew the owner! She spent the last of her life watching birds and snuggling.

Walking became difficult and her old injuries from the bad folk were giving her a hard time. Sometimes it appeared that she would forget what she was doing and I would have to remind her. It was obivous that she was in pain, but some days were good, and she promised me she would tell me when it was time to go.

Someone opened the gate Thursday before last, and she wandered out. The neighbors found her in a sewer a block away this Saturday. She was in shock, but I nursed her, cradled her in my arms, and loved on her through the weekend, and we got to say good bye to each other. Today she fell and was unable to get up. She said, "Time." I said, "OK." She died in my arms at the cat hospital this evening.

I love her still.
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Posted: May 10, 2010 8:43pm
Apr 2, 2010

As Franciscans:

We are not called to be right: we are called to be loving.

We are not called to be powerful: we are called to empower.

We are not called to fight for God: We are called to show God.

We are not called to be rich of money: We are called to be rich of soul.


We are called to use wealth to serve God's people not to use God's people to serve wealth.

We are called to bring delight to the angry, the worried, and yes, the grieving.

We are called to bring healing to the sick of heart, soul, and body.

We are called to bring God's love to an angry world.


We are radicals in a world that tells us might is right and we are not to question. We question.

We are fanatics in a world that tells us it is unpatriotic to  follow Jesus so closely, . We follow.

We are rebels in a world that tells us to conform and be good consumer units. We look on God.


We strive to do as Jesus told us:

feed the hungry,

clothe the naked,

include the outcast,

counsel the prisoners,

do justice work,

support the single mothers,

and live the life of compassionate delight and joy.

We strive to bring sanity to a world that claims we are insane while it rushes off to self destruction.

We strive to no longer cooperate with all that is dehumanizing.

We strive to not exploit any one or anything of God's creation.

We listen to the whisper of God. We do it all for the love of our God who made all and is all to us.

Elizabeth Clare+OFC


How can we do otherwise as Francicans?

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Posted: Apr 2, 2010 9:52pm


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