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Mar 31, 2006
The word "Poetry" brings a multitude of images to fellow minds, often with eye-rolling dismissal. I'm not too fond of the word myself... too much baggage. I'm much more comfortable referring to my own neuro-linguistic constructs as "Lyricks" (which is indeed what almost all of them were created for- just one psychotropic layer in a particular swirl of musick). Recently, however, a longtime friend suggested I isolate some of these lyricks from their original backdrop- possibly to find notice where the accompanying musick may not. Hell, why not? It'd be neat to get some feedback from a wider scope. Think I'll post maybe one a week and see what happens.
For my first entry, I'm including a second, more concise tidbit that has been collecting dust for no good reason:

This transmission is prerecorded,
A memory in progress,
A radio ghost,
All events are at first rehearsed,
Mirrors of mirrors,
This transmission is prerecorded
So it's dead skin to me,
A psychick snapshot,
Fragments of a prior moment
Punching through surface time,
This transmission is prerecorded,
You don't know me,
Can't see me,
But don'tcha feel that tingle?
A long-buried familiarity?
This transmission is prerecorded,
I could be anyone,
Your doctor, your boss,
An invisible friend...
Perhaps your forgotten son,This transmission is prerecorded
And no matter what you do
You were always meant to hear this,
Tones called down from upper reaches
And dropped into your private space,
This transmission may be prerecorded
But right now I'm reaching out to you,
Waiting, waiting just for you,
Without whom I am only noise.
-by Chance Reaction (3/27/95)

Here's the bonus nugget (and personal favorite):
Between two moons
Lie moments of change,
Under the Silver,
Tonight we are animals,
Running in new skin,
Hungry for new skin,
Living in the moment,
Fearless, unrepentant,
Tonight we are animals,
Acting on instinct,
Doing what we must,
As we will
Beneath the shadows.
-by Chance Reaction (12/3/94)

C'mon & tell me whatcha think!
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Posted: Mar 31, 2006 5:50am


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