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Mar 9, 2010

Fight Violence Against Women on International Women's Day‏
Africa Faith and Justice Network 
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AFJN  Despite the tremendous advances celebrated today on International Women's Day, evidence shows that violence against women worldwide is still a daily occurrence with an unconscionable number of victims. The WHO estimates that in some countries, as many as 70 percent of women experience sexual coercion, physical assaults, or other forms of abuse during her lifetime.
Even further, "women and girls are particularly targeted by the use of sexual violence, including as a tactic of war to humiliate, dominate, instill fear in, disperse and/or forcibly relocate civilians member of a community or an ethnic group," as stated by the United Nations in security council resolution 1820.  This atrocious tendency has been particularly disturbing in the DRC, where 200,000 cases of sexual abuse have been reported over the past decade, with countless more unreported.
This year's International Women's Day, encourage our [USA] leaders to take action against violence against women worldwide! The International Violence Against Women Act of 2010 (H.R. 4594), introduced in the House and Senate early February 2010, empowers the US government, through its foreign assistance, to pursue effective remedies to violence against women worldwide.
By forming the Office for Global Women's issues within the department of State, calling for ambitious and accountable country-specific programming, and requiring the integrating women's issues into all aspects of US foriegn policy, the passage of this bill will demonstrate to the world that the US doing its part for women. While fighting impunity for acts of sexual violence, H.R 4594 would also direct the US, through its support of local organizations, to empower women in politics, economy, education, human rights promotion, and participation in peacebuilding.
H.R. 4594, represents an window of opportunity for many women worldwide. Tell your representative to co-sponsor today! 
In Peace,
Rocco, Bahati, and Allison
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Posted: Mar 9, 2010 6:02pm
Mar 20, 2009

We Are Kindhearted

How quickly we all respond to a sad story about a poor dog... we sign petitions, adopt, pour money in for rescuing, ensure law-breaking citizens are fined or jailed, and more. Which is all to be applauded.

But I'm not here about our cuddly canine companions. I am here because my friend Mary Neal and her aged mother for over five years haven't received even the attention, the justice nor the rights accorded to a dog in America.

How? and Why?

Mary Neal is in a distressing situation, and has been ever since the heartbreaking loss of her mentally ill brother over five years ago [1Aug2003].

More recently I have learned about the worrying and menacing behaviour of Mary's bully 'neighbours' and late night prowlers. [Read about them in replies to the article in NowPublic] I'm very concerned for Mary and her mother. I've been following Mary's articles for some time, and I can't understand how and why these American citizens have been put through such a harrowing ordeal, and for so long...

Forgive me while I recap... one Neal family member died mysteriously while secretly incarcerated in a privately owned prison. Yet years on, the grieving Neal family are still being denied the details of Larry's incarceration. The Neal family still wonder how and why he died. 

Speaking as an Australian, I can tell you that at least some of the rest of the world would indeed be interested in knowing why selected American citizens aren't getting equal rights, why selected American citizens are not permitted freedom of speech, why selected American citizens are not permitted freedom of information.

Citizens of a powerful nation like America, we assume, would automatically expect to be heard and to have access to legal processes. Freedom of speech is what Americans have been taught with enthusiasm all their lives. Americans value their freedom of speech - and have had to fight for this right.

Mary and her mother are decent members of that fortunate society, yet in her pursuit of information about her brother's death, Mary has been constantly thwarted by obstacles, threats, and lies. Attempts are constantly being made to discredit Mary, and to silence Mary's free speech.

And now the menacing doings of Mary's neighbours, these immoral bullies, these minions of evil, strongly suggest that some people want to silence Mary for good. Correction: for 'bad'.

The wolf in sheep's clothing behaviour of the lawyers who willingly undertook the Neal case belies the Cochran firm's true agenda. Being owners of the jail in which Larry Neal disappeared for 18 days, and wherein he, equally mysteriously died, the Cochran firm in question were already deeply involved.

I beg you, American citizens, to get involved. Please give support, protection and constructive assistance to Mary Neal - this innocent, brave, and wonderful woman. It's well past the time for mere words and posturing.

Is this asking too much? Is there no-one who can/will help Mary and her mother?

May all American citizens at all times be treated with simple common decency and respect. May all American citizens at all times be accorded protection and justice.

And at last, let this question be answered- How is it that rich and powerful Americans can so easily thwart the law to suit themselves, at the same time putting innocents at risk?

Perhaps then Larry Neal can Rest In Peace, and his surviving family can Live In Peace!

Petition: Dog Justice for the mentally ill (Click here to read and sign)
NowPublic: view Mary's articles here  

Dog Justice for the Mentally Ill: pls read and sign and share
Please view these 2 YouTube videos and leave comments and star rating, etc to boost awareness of Larry Neal's death and his family's dire straits. It would be wonderful if you would ask your contacts to do the same!

Take the link below to sign our petition to the United States Department of Justice for a thorough investigation of the death of Larry Neal:Click here to be taken to the petition! Please add your signature!

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Posted: Mar 20, 2009 4:48pm


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