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May 3, 2010


 -- CFS/CFIDS Awareness Day & Fibromyalgia Awareness Day
 12th May
-- National (U.S.) Mental Health Month visit the Mental Health America site for information: "Live Your Life Well"
-- May is Lupus Awareness Month - Learn about Lupus -Lupus Foundation of America site: | | 
-- 9-17 May is European Congenital Heart Awareness Week
-- Psych Week : Awareness for Mental Disorders
-- May is Better Sleep Month - Get some sleep tips at The Better Sleep Council:
-- May is American Stroke Month: ...Every Minute Matters! Heart Attack Warning Signs 
Stroke Warning Signs Cardiac Arrest Warning Signs
-- May is National High Blood Pressure Education Month U.S.
National High Blood Pressure Education Program 
National Heart Lung & Blood Institute: Heart and Vascular Diseases Lung Diseases Blood Diseases Educational Materials 
-- BloodPressure Awareness Find out if you are at risk.
-- May is Better Hearing & Speech Month - The Communication Health of an Aging America:  
Warning signs of speech, language, and hearing problems
-- Water Safety Month: To learn how you can protect children from drowning, go to  
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Apr 30, 2009

Today I was asked how I made difficult decisions. Did I listen to my heart or my head? Answering became a therapeutic exercise.

This is how I answered...

I suppose I listen to BOTH my heart and my brain to help me get a balance. It's important to know HOW I feel about the choice, and equally important to know WHY I feel that way. Do I have an agenda that I'm hiding from myself? e.g. do I stay in a toxic relationship because I feel I need to give my partner another chance, or because I'm too afraid to leave and be on my own? or am I reluctant to leave because of what others think?

I often make a 'for' and 'against' list to help me decide if the solution is not apparent straight away.

My heart's prompting is very strong, but it does appreciate knowing all of the facts involved, and considering the potential consequences of various actions. Like a 'win/win' process. I'm old enough to have made many mistakes and have been fortunate to learn from them.

Acting from my heart alone has left me with years of regret. 

An example of a hard choice I had to make was during my divorce 20 yrs ago. Everyone was giving me advice on my rights, the 'correct course of action', and solicitors I needed to see. I started down this track, feeling bad about it the whole time, and berating myself from not being 'tougher'. I do understand how necessary the legal system is to protect people and to help families work things out together. However I finally listened to my heart, and it said this doesn't match who I solicitors acted like I needed to chase him for everything he had... not my style at all!

Very often the friends who were so keen for me to do what they had done wore their anger and bitterness proudly as badges.

So I dropped that course of action and my husband and I sat down together and talked.

He is now my ex, and over the years he has been very fair to me and my children. I'm grateful every day that I didn't try to 'destroy' him, as so many others have done to each other in marriage and both sides ending up with nothing except lingering bitterness, and worst of all, the children suffering all the while and learning negative lessons about relationships.

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Posted: Apr 30, 2009 4:58pm
Jun 9, 2008

Which Vitamins Are Good for Your Heart?

Eating heart-friendly foods and getting adequate exercise may be all you need to prevent heart disease, but what about people who already have one or more risk factors?

To help manage cholesterol...

  • Niacin- a B3 vitamin- lowers total cholesterol and LDL while raising HDL.
  • Pantethine- a form of vitamin B5- reduces cholesterol production in the liver.
  • Policosanol- a mix of essential alcohols derived from sugar cane, damps down the body’s cholesterol production.
  • Garlic bulb and soy isoflavones reduce bad cholesterol and raise the good.
  • Grape-seed extract blocks the enzymes that help process dietary cholesterol.
  • Plant sterols- a form of fat found in nuts, vegetable oils, corn, and rice, also block the absorption of dietary cholesterol because they look like cholesterol to receptor sites in the intestines.

High amounts of inflammation and oxidative stress—detected by tests that measure CRP, Lp(PLA-2), and ferritin levels, call for one or more of the following:

  • Vitamin C reduces arterial stiffness and raises HDL levels.
  • Vitamin E protects against the formation of plaque and reduces total cholesterol.
  • Fish oil reduces inflammation and may reduce plaque, but it also promotes heart health in general.
  • N Acetyl-L-Cystein (NAC) boosts levels of glutathione, a powerful cellular antioxidant.
  • Alpha lipoic acid (ALA)- an antioxidant in its own right, also helps recycle the antioxidant vitamins C and E and glutathione.

adapted from a Care2 article by Annie B. Bond Jun 5, 2008 Health & Wellness, Diet & Nutrition,
in turn adapted from A Change of Heart, by James Keough (Natural Solutions magazine, February 2008). 

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Posted: Jun 9, 2008 9:24am


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