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Apr 11, 2010
POLAND: Aftermath of 2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash: The body of President Lech Kaczyński, who was killed in yesterday's plane crash just north of Smolensk, Russia, is flown back to Poland. A two minute silence is observed across Poland in memory of the victims.
SOLOMON ISLANDS: A 6.8 magnitude earthquake strikes the southern Solomon Islands, 97 km southwest of Kirakira on Makira Island.
KRYGYZSTAN: Kyrgyzstan's interim government considers arresting and charging President Kurmanbek Bakiyev for the deaths of 81 people in riots earlier this week.
SOUTH AFRICA: South African police investigate a possible link between homosexual sex and the murder of Eugène Terre'Blanche. (IOL)
IRAQ: Iraq's election seeks a recount in five provinces after up to 750,000 votes are "tainted by fraud".
SUDAN: Sudan hosts its first general elections in 24 years.
HUNGARY: Voters go to the polls in the first round of the Hungarian general elections.
PAKISTAN: Airstrikes kill 10 militants in northwestern Pakistan as part of a military operation that has eliminated more than 300 fighters in the last three weeks.
THAILAND: The death toll in clashes between anti-government protesters and Thai troops in the capital Bangkok rises to at least 20 people.
CHINA: Two Chinese singers become the country's first to be punished for lip-synching nearly two years after the Beijing Olympiad.
NORTHERN IRELAND: The Belfast Wheel ceases to function.
AMERICA: Texas Stadium, the former home of the National Football League's Dallas Cowboys, is demolished by implosion.
1992 AUSTRALIAN MARSUPIALS ORIGINS: The scientific world has long upheld the belief that marsupials are an inferior species, only surviving in Australia due to the absence of placental mammals. For years, it was believed that, when the Australian continental land mass broke away from the Antarctic, marsupials were the only mammals present. They were then able to thrive, in the isolation of an island continent. On 11 April 1992, Science News reported that an ancient tiny fossil tooth from a placental mammal had been discovered in New South Wales. This discovery overturned traditional belief that marsupials dominated the continent by default. The presence of the tiny tooth has proven to the scientific world that marsupials were forced to compete with placental mammals, resulting in the eventual extinction of the latter.
1471 King Edward IV of England conquers London from Henry VI 
1689 William III & Mary II crowned as joint rulers of Britain
1775 The last execution for witchcraft in Germany takes place 
1814 1st abdication of France by Napoleon; he is exiled to Elba
1828 Foundation of Bahia Blanca
1830 Robert Schumann attends piano concerto by Paganini
1856 Battle of Rivas: Juan Santamaria burns down the hostel where William Walker's filibusters are holed up
1865 President Abraham Lincoln makes his last public speech
1868 The Shogunate is abolished in Japan 
1876 Sir Charles Gordon ends religious tolerance in Sudan
1881 Ferry "Princess Victoria" sinks in Thames River Ontario, 180 die 
1898 American President McKinley asks for Spanish-American War declaration
1899 Treaty of Paris is ratified, ending war;
        Spain cedes Puerto Rico to US
1900 US Navy's 1st submarine made its debut 
1906 Einstein introduces his Theory of Relativity 
1914 George Bernard Shaw's "Pygmalion", premieres 
1927 Chilean General Carlos Ibáñez names himself president
1939 Hungary leaves League of Nations
1941 Germany blitzes Conventry, England; 
       Jewish Weekly newspaper taken control by Nazis;
       Nazi occupiers in Netherlands confiscate Jewish assets
1942 Distinguished Service Medal for Merchant Marines authorized
1943 Frank Piasecki, flies his 1st (single-rotor) craft
1944 RAF bombs census bureau in The Hague
1945 Allies liberate 1st Nazi concentration camp, Buchenwald Germany; 
       US captures Tsugen Shima;  
       US troops conquer Mülheim, Oberhausen, Bochum, Unna, Essen
1950 Prince Rainier III becomes ruler of Monaco; 
       US B-29 bomber shot down above Latvia
1951 President Harry Truman fires General Douglas McArthur 
1956 Singer Nat Cole attacked on stage, Birmingham theatre by whites 
1960 1st weather satellite launched (Tiros 1)
1961 Bob Dylan's 1st appearance at Folk City, Greenwich Village;
       Trial begins of Adolf Eichmann, 'Chief Executioner of the Third Reich' 
1965 40 tornadoes strike US midwest killing 272 & injuring 5,000
1966 Emmett Ashford becomes 1st black major league umpire 
1970 Apollo 13 launched to Moon; unable to land, returns in 6 days; 
       Beatles' "Let It Be", single goes #1 for 2 weeks; 
1979 Ugandan dictator Idi Amin overthrown; Tanzania takes Kampala 
1981 Race riot in London area of Brixton 
1983 55th Academy Awards- "Gandhi", Ben Kingsley & Meryl Streep win 1984 Challenger astronauts complete 1st in space satellite repair; 
        Chinese troops invade Vietnam 
1986 Halley's Comet makes closest approach to Earth this trip, 63 million km
2008 It is reported that a perfectly preserved baby woolly mammoth has given scientists the most detailed information regarding mammoth physiology.  
BORN ON THIS DAY, JOEL GREY (born April 11, 1932) born as Joel David Katz in Cleveland, Ohio; is an American stage and screen actor, singer, and dancer; best known for his role as the Master of Ceremonies in both the stage and film adaptation of the musical Cabaret; has won the Academy Award, Tony Award, Golden Globe Award, and BAFTA.
1801 Claude Tillier, French journalist/writer (My Uncle Benjamin)
1854 Hugh Massie, cricketer (Australian batsman-1880's)
1899 Percy L Julian, chemist (drugs for treatment of arthritis)
1928 Ethel [Skakel] Kennedy, Chicago IL, wife of Bobby
1934 Richard A Garland, artist/photographer
1958 Sally Clark, New Zealand, equestrian (Olympics-silver-96)
1963 Elizabeth Smylie, Perth Australia, tennis star
1967 Lachlan Dreher, Australian hockey goal keeper (Olympics-silver-92, 96)
1984 ? 1st IVF baby, in Australia
1890 Joseph Merrick, the 'Elephant Man', dies
1987 Erskine Caldwell, novelist (Tobacco Road), dies at 83
1992 Eve Merriam, poet (Inner City Mother Goose), dies at 75 
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