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Feb 26, 2012

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1. Only “creative types” are creative

Great ideas are often built on common concepts, by ordinary people.  Creativity is usually triggered by a need and depends on number of factors, including knowledge, talent, imagination, lateral thinking and internal motivation.  The creative potential can be found in every person;  you only need to remove the barriers that block it.

2. Money motivates creativity

People don’t think about pay on a day-to-day basis.  If they think about being rewarded for everything they do, they become reluctant of taking risks.  After understanding that they are being paid fairly, people don’t become more creative when the compensation is increased.  People stretch their skills and make the creative leap when they engage in a creative environment, when their work is valued and supported, and when they are deeply involved in their work.

3. Creative people always have great ideas

Creative people usually have many creative ideas but only a few that are worth pursuing.  These few precious gems are worth the effort to to keep generating new ideas.  However without the barrel full of ordinary ideas, the great ones may never be born.  Creative people don’t always have good ideas; we tend to forget the mediocre ones and, often because we’re using them, remember the great ideas.

N.B. from Thubten: keep a resource/ideas folder or file

4. Time pressure drives creativity

While time pressure may force you to engage in the creative process, the results are usually less productive than when there is enough time for great ideas to sprout and develop through the incubation process. When you’re stressing out about time, the mind cannot fully focus on the work and it wanders and worries about fighting the clock.

5. Structure is bad for creative thinking

Understanding that creativity has limitless possibilities does not mean that there are no boundaries.  Even a blank canvas has set dimensions, which surely does not limit the artist’s potential or creativity.  Limitations shape the creative process – in a good way.  Structure guides the creative activity to ensure that its form and meaning are not lost in the process.

6. Competition is better than collaboration

If the method of competing with others for creative ideas sometimes works, it works for all the wrong reasons.  A competitive environment prevents people of sharing ideas and they cannot be refined and enriched by others.  Collaboration adds the benefit of multiple perspectives and additional information that can enrich even the best ideas.

7. I’ll never forget my ideas

It’s potentially possible.  But  it’s highly improbable.  During our busy days, when we’re bombarded with information from all sides and so many things are happening at once, it is difficult  to hold on to a single unaltered thought.  Relying on your memory is not the best approach.  Capture your ideas as soon as you can.  You’ll free your mind of worrying that you may forget them and you’ll always have a good reserve of ideas.  Notebook anyone? Or better yet, Smartphone?

8. Drugs will make me more creative

This myth probably started in the 1960s when some artists and musicians joined the underground drug culture in an age of absolute prohibition.  Though many celebrities, past and present, indulge in a multitude of different substances, the effects differ per individual and can be dangerous, even to the creative process. Drugs and alcohol may silence your internal critic, make you more acceptable  to your work, or make you believe that your ideas are more creative or plausible.  For the rest of the world however, you might just look high.

9. Great ideas appear fully developed

Ideation is a process.  While we may have experienced some a-ha! moments, they are usually led by inspiration and exploration within a certain field.  As our knowledge grows, our ideas morph into a more refined form.  When we think that we’re onto something, we start examining the idea from different perspectives.  We may discover new options and possibilities, and the final result may look nothing like the original concept.

10. Technology will help me get better ideas

Facebook, Twitter, iAnything, GPS, Google, you-name-it… our day to day tasks become more and more interconnected with technology. Some people relate technology with creativity because it seems to be the field of never-ending innovation blossoms.  There are many programs and tools that can enable us to easily express our creativity; however, they are not going to make us more creative in general.  Taking a break from technology and changing your environment, on the other hand, can.

You have the creative spark in you.  Go and create something.

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Posted: Feb 26, 2012 7:05pm
May 10, 2010

ART BLOGS (links):
printmaking; printmakers; online art communities; viewing; selling.
Submitted to C2NNby Sophie

A Printmakers Blog About Art and Printmaking
M Lee Fine Art
Ellen Shipley 
1000 Woodcuts Updates
Vermont Printmaker
The Itinerant Artist
Woodblock Dreams 
Belinda Del Pesco Fine Art Blog
Into the Blystic
Nontoxic Print

World Printmakers
Bound Staff Press 
Making A Mark 
Welcome to Solarplate
BarenForum Group Weblog
Prints for Peace 
Meet Your Print Maker  
Art & Ghosts 
In The Studio 
Artist Printmaker On Line GB
Wood Engraver GB
Woodblock Roundtable 
Olansa Cuttings GB  
Printed Material GB
Colin Beaumont Printmaker GB
Alter Printmaking  GB
Burnishings CA
Woodblock Printmaking
online community: forums, print exchange programs, encyclopedias; Facebook page; online mall.
Deviant Art :
This massive online community is where artists gather to collaborate and trade works; view; sell.
Red Bubble :
Thousands of artists sell their work; art, photography, printmaking; as a t-shirt.
Image Kind :
This community for buying or selling art; abstract to urban; also have products.
Etsy :
over 167,000 pieces of original art for sale; even put your own up for sale.
Wet Canvas   :
Art community, printmakers. Sign up or as a guest.
Elgg :
This open source social networking platform. Profile, blog, create groups.
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Posted: May 10, 2010 8:25am
Nov 15, 2009

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Thomas Newman


Bright ideas in a dance of light and dark

A kinetic sculpture shines in a Sydney work by a Finnish choreographer and his design collaborator, writes Bryce Hallett


FILM Lauren Bacall gets lifetime Oscar

Hollywood veterans turn out in force to see the grand dame of film noir, receive an honorary Oscar


TV & RADIO Redemption songs

Having established a successful homeless choir, Jonathon Welch heads behind bars


ARTS Bluey's outback dreaming a long way from nightmares of Burma

To his friends, teachers and step-parents, the Burmese-born Say Ne Blu Zu is known simply as Bluey

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Posted: Nov 15, 2009 6:21pm
Dec 8, 2008

An Unexpected Stripe-Faced Flying Fox in Ice Age Rock Art of Australia's Kimberley

Authors: "Jack" Pettigrew, Marilyn Nugent, Anscar McPhee, Josh Wallman

An ancient cave painting from northern Australia depicts a previously unknown species of large bat. The team thinks the rock art from Australia's Kimberley region could date to the height of the last Ice Age - about 20-25,000 years ago.

The keen observation and accurate depictions of the natural world shown here, as well as the extraordinary longevity of the stains used, all tend to support the side of the controversy that posits a distinct cultural entity. We describe a painting unmistakably depicting flying foxes with features not found in bats presently found in Australia. Thermoluminescence dating of wasp nest overlying the art suggests an ice age migration to Australia, either of the bats or of the artists who painted them, a more likely scenario biologically than younger dates.

The bat depictions were found on a sandstone wall protected by overhangs, near Kalumburu (14.30 °S; 126.64 °E), amongst other walls showing characteristic "Bradshaw" art.

The depiction shows eight roosting "megabats" (flying foxes, Family Pteropodidae, sub-Order Megachiroptera) hanging from a slender branch, or more likely, a vine. Each bat has a distinctive white facial stripe and pale underbelly.

Identification of the animals depicted as 'pteropodids' is unmistakable because of their elongated faces, simple ears, flexed head postures (which all contrast with the smaller insect-eating microbats.) University of Queensland, "Antiquity" 2008

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Posted: Dec 8, 2008 10:29pm


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