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Nov 23, 2009

A Few Hunger Facts
(taken from the list at -click daily to donate food, free) 
1. Hunger remains the No.1 cause of death in the world. Aids, Cancer etc. follow.
2. There are 820 million chronically hungry people in the world.
3. 1/3 of the world’s hungry live in India.
4. 836 million Indians survive on less than Rs.20 less than half-a-dollar a day.
5. 10 million people die every year of chronic hunger and hunger-related diseases. Only 8% are the victims of hunger caused by high-profile earthquakes, floods, droughts and wars.
6. 99% of the 1000 Adivasi households from 40 villages in the two states, who comprised the total sample, experienced chronic hunger (unable to get two square meals, or at least one square meal and one poor/partial meal, on even one day in the week prior to the survey). Almost as many, i.e. 24.1%, had lived in conditions of semi-starvation during the previous month.
7. Over 7000 Indians die of hunger every day.
8. Despite substantial improvement in health since independence and a growth rate of 8% in recent years, under-nutrition remains a silent emergency in India, with almost 50% of Indian children underweight and more than 70% of the women and children with serious nutritional deficiencies, such as anemia.
9. The 1998–99 Indian survey shows 57% of the children aged 0–3 years to be either severely or moderately stunted and/or underweight.
10. In 2006–2007, malnutrition contributed to 7million Indian children dying, nearly 2million under 1yo.
11. 30% of newborns are of low birth weight, 56% of married women are anaemic and 79% of children age 6-35 months are anaemic.
12. The number of hungry people in India is always more than the number of people below official poverty line (while around 37% of rural households were below the poverty line in 1993-94, 80% of households suffered malnutrition).
-UN World Food Programme
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Nov 9, 2009

There's less than a month to go before world leaders meet in Copenhagen “to take global action on climate change” and let’s face it: many of us aren’t holding our breath.
Neither are an international group of protesters from ‘Climate Justice Fast’, but they will be going without food for the next four weeks. Twenty-nine-year-old Paul Connor from Melbourne is one of them and he'll be fasting for strong and urgent action on climate change in the lead-up to Copenhagen. He’s leading a hunger strike on the lawns of Parliament House in Canberra right now, and he’s being supported by 31-year-old Marcella Brassett from Melbourne and 61-year-old Michael Morphett from Sydney.
But with such a slow-moving issue and the Rudd Government’s commitment to its Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, are they starving themselves for nothing?
Exerpt from CJF: "
We urge all people, everywhere, to make a commitment to join the movement for climate justice, and to not to give up until we succeed in these demands being met.
"We are offering the strongest form of moral protest against climate inaction, and standing up for true climate justice. We call on both the global public and their political representatives to fulfill their moral responsibility to halt and reverse climate change, and to protect the world’s most vulnerable people and our children from its effects."
Join CJF on Facebook and keep in touch via twitter 
The notes below have been taken from an article in 
Care2's 'Causes' by GinaMarie Cheeseman

In two months, the world’s leaders will gather together in Copenhagen  to create a successor to the Kyoto Protocol. 
One of the demands of
Climate Justice Fast, an Australian organization, is reducing carbon emissions to 350 ppm. The way Climate Justice Fast is calling attention to “the urgency of climate action,” is through a hunger strike.
.Climate Justice Fast participants started a hunger strike on November 6 which will last until the end of Copenhagen conference on December 18. Not every participant is fasting that long...some are fasting one day. The organization suggests groups can participate in a rolling fast by having every member choose a day to fast.
.Although Climate Justice Fast is based in Australia, people from the U.S. the UK, India, France, Germany, Canada, South Africa, Belgium, Honduras, Bhutan, New Zealand, and the Philippines are participating. Climate Justice Fast calls for “all people, everywhere to act with courage and good faith for our common, global good.”
In addition to stabilizing carbon dioxide at 350 ppm, participants want $160 billion year for developing countries to mitigate climate change, the reduction and rejection of over-consumption.
.Join me (GinaMarie Cheeseman) in participating... I urge everyone who is concerned about Copenhagen to participate. I will fast on my birthday, December 11. If you do participate, please leave your comments, or email me at


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