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Jul 20, 2006
This is an ecological tragedy of the worst kind..the implications are enormous.  Why is it SO hard for nations to realize there is a FINITE AMOUNT  of all living things?  I am aware of the obvious answers, but when the situation is this critical I find it astounding that boats continue to seek out that which they have culled to probable extinction, at least in the Mediterranean Sea.   Please spread the word and encourage your friends and family not to purchase tuna fished from these waters in past months.
Eli Smith

Source: UPI

WASHINGTON (UPI) -- The World Wildlife Fund says bluefin tuna in the eastern Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean is nearing extinction.

"This is past the alarm stage," Simon Cripps, director of the global marine program at the World Wildlife Fund, told The New York Times. "We are seeing a complete collapse of the tuna population. It could disappear and never come back."

The Washington, D.C.-based, organization is demanding the European Union impose an immediate halt to all bluefin tuna fishing.

The WWF said an independent study it commissioned showed fishing fleets from the European Union, Libya and Turkey are far exceeding their fishing quotas and then deliberately underreporting their catches.

But with tuna selling for as much as $15 a pound in Tokyo, commercial fishermen from France, Italy and Spain routinely use sonar and airplane spotters to fish the last breeding refuges in the eastern Mediterranean and Libyan waters, the WWF said.

A ship owned by the environmental group Greenpeace spent a week recently trailing French, Italian and Spanish tuna boats in the Mediterranean trying to catch the trawlers engaged in illegal fishing, The Times reported. But Greenpeace said the boats were unable to find a single tuna to catch.

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Posted: Jul 20, 2006 7:03pm
Dec 3, 2005
Hello!  This just came in on my news service and I found it very encouraging!  Way to go, Montreal!

Hugs, Eli in Australia

Thousands march to urge climate action

Sunday Dec 4 11:02 AEDT
Thousands of environmentalists, some banging drums or dressed as polar bears, marched in Montreal on Saturday to urge the United States and other nations at a UN climate conference to do more to curb global warming.

"Time is running out," banners proclaimed in a carnival-like rally in freezing temperatures through central Montreal, where many protesters accused the White House of blocking progress on climate change and threatening the world's future.

"We will move the world ahead. We will not wait for (US President) George W Bush," Elizabeth May of the Sierra Club environmental group told the crowd, estimated at about 6,000 people.

"Together we can save the climate. Together we will stop fossil fuels from destroying our future," she said outside the Montreal conference centre, where 189 nations are meeting from November 28-December 9, to find ways to halt climate change.

Delegates are discussing the shape of the next phase of the UN's Kyoto Protocol climate pact, but discussions are being hampered between those who back emission reduction targets and outsiders, such as Washington, which are opposed to caps.

Organisers said similar marches were held in 30 cities from Sydney to London to urge governments to lower emissions of heat-trapping gases from burning fossil fuels in factories, power plants and cars.

In Montreal, one man walked on stilts disguised as the grim reaper, while others wore panda or polar bear costumes.

"The ice is melting, we're suffering the most, we can't get food," said Gordon Shepherd, a Scottish activist dressed as a polar bear.

Canadian Foreign Minister Pierre Pettigrew and Environment Minister Stephane Dion took part in the march. Some protesters booed the ministers, accusing them of doing too little, but the harshest criticisms were for Bush.

"Wake up USA!" one banner read.

"George, you're not alone on this planet!" another said.

In 2001, Bush pulled out of the UN's Kyoto Protocol, which binds about 40 industrial nations to cut emissions of greenhouse gases by 5 per cent below 1990 levels by 2008-2012.

Bush says Kyoto would stifle economic growth and wrongly excludes poor countries from a first round of targets to 2012. Washington doubts that greenhouse gases will mean catastrophic floods, droughts and rising sea levels.

The Montreal talks are seeking ways to enlist both the United States and poor nations such as China and India in discussing ways to combat climate change beyond 2012.

Washington has said it is not interested in joining new talks but Canadian negotiators say they have not given up hope.

"We want these talks to end with an agreement to start discussions about the future," a senior Canadian official said.

In London, thousands of protesters, some blowing whistles and carrying banners, accused British Prime Minister Tony Blair of wavering on pledges to make deep carbon reduction targets beyond 2012.

"No Blair betrayal on climate" one banner read.

"We're seeing greenhouse gas emissions rise under this government. We're seeing this government now not talking about targets, talking about technology instead," said Caroline Lucas, a leading member of Britain's Green party.

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Posted: Dec 3, 2005 11:26pm
Nov 15, 2005
This just came in my news bulletin...I am shocked!  Is there anything we can do to block it?

US revives bison hunt after 15-year ban

Wednesday Nov 16 11:42 AEST
Bison hunting, once commonplace in the American West until the species was nearly wiped out, has resumed amid controversy in Montana after a 15-year ban.

On a bitterly cold morning just outside the northern boundary of Yellowstone National Park, a 17-year-old, hunting with his family, fired the first shot in the state's revived hunt.

Dru Dixon, who filmed the shooting for bison advocacy group Buffalo Field Campaign, said it took "half an hour to 45 minutes" and four additional bullets for the bull to die.

A group of four other bulls surrounded the carcass, Dixon said.

The hunter threw rocks at the live animals, striking them in the head and flanks before they moved off.

The hunt will allow up to 50 of the Plains bison, often called buffalo in North America, to be killed in the three-month season that opens Nov. 15. A lottery for 24 permits drew nearly 6,200 applicants, including an unsuccessful Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer.

Sixteen additional permits were reserved for native American tribal members, and 10 went to hunters who had drawn permits for a previous hunt that was cancelled.

Hunters typically eat any bison they kill and sometimes mount the head and horns.

During the 1980s, Montana's bison hunts featured state game officials phoning hunters whenever bison strayed out of the sanctuary of Yellowstone National Park. Wardens led hunters directly to grazing buffalo, prompting one animal rights advocate to liken the hunts to shooting parked cars.

Facing nationally televised protests and tourist boycotts, the Montana legislature banned bison hunting in 1991.

This year's hunt was designed to quell past criticisms. It takes place across a 182,000 hectare area.

Regulations forbid game officials from helping, and hunters are all required to attend classes on the rules of the hunt.

At the turn of the 20th century, only 23 bison survived in Yellowstone National Park. The herd now numbers around 4,900.

For opening day, Montana's Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks beefed up law enforcement presence in case tempers flared between hunters and protesters.

"We had some concerns that bison hunters might be harassed and we're here in case anything like that happens," said Pat Flowers, a regional supervisor.

Few hunters took the field, however. "I think many of our hunters considered whether they wanted to be involved in an opening day circus, and apparently many chose not to be," she said.

Other states that allow bison hunting include Alaska, Utah, South Dakota, Wyoming and Arizona.

©AAP 2005
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Posted: Nov 15, 2005 7:49pm
Oct 22, 2005

I have been a member of Care2 since 1999, when I first got a computer.  I have seen many visual changes over the years, but at the core, at the heart, there is always one constant....the caring...for all the creatures that dwell on our planet, Mother Earth.  Be it human, animal, flower, or fruit....all share equal importance under the Care2 banner.  I feel priviledged to belong to such a community; one that goes on sharing and caring.
I have met many lovely people on this site and hope to meet many more.  Colour, race, creed, matter's what speaks from the heart of the individual that counts.  Whatever path you walk in life, I have learned there are others along the way to help and guide with love and compassion...if you open your heart and listen to their gentle urgings.  Be well and be happy.  Blessings to you....Namaste
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Posted: Oct 22, 2005 6:54pm


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