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Jan 10, 2009

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Posted: Jan 10, 2009 3:15am
Jan 5, 2009

Spirituality and Religion: Want to discuss,post and sign petitions on matters of spirituality,non- religion, religious freedom and other spiritual and religious issues? Join the "Jerusalem BreinsAmnesty's Spiritual Petition Network.

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Posted: Jan 5, 2009 9:10pm
Jan 5, 2009

Jerusalem BreinsAmnesty's Judaism Internet forum is a web application for holding discussions posting user generated content. Jerusalem BreinsAmnesty's Judaism Internet forum also ,commonly referred to as  a web forum, message board, discussion board, (electronic) discussion groups, discussion forums, bulletin boards, or simply forums. The terms  of Jerusalem BreinsAmnesty's Judaism"forum" and "board"  also,may  refer to the entire community or to a specific sub-forum dealing with a distinct topics such as spiritual,non-religious issues,signing of your petitions,  its human rights advocacy /activism petitions, and discussing your open topics on any issues/petitions and activist photos meeting clean cut guidelines that you would like to post on the Jerusalem Breinsamnesty's Judaism Forum.

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Posted: Jan 5, 2009 5:15am
Dec 29, 2008
Focus: Environment
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Location: Ohio, United States

My.EcoEarth.Info Campaigns

Jerusalem BreinsAmnesty's DECLARATION OF DEPENDENCE In Paonia, Colorado/My.EcoEarth.Info

Declaration of Dependence
What's it about?
DECLARATION OF DEPENDENCE In Paonia, Colorado, the United States of America, on Earth; this twenty-ninth day of December, 2008. A DECLARATION FOR HUMAN SURVIVAL When, in the course...

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Posted: Dec 29, 2008 7:15pm
Dec 28, 2008
All world religions form a unity, and only this unity provides the right perspective on ultimate truth. "All the world’s great religions are based on common universal truths, which reinforce rather than conflict with one another… I have often said that if Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, and other true emissaries of God came together, they would not quarrel, but would drink from the same one cup of God-communion." (Paramahansa Yogananda)
BreinsAmnesty's Judaism"

BreinsAmnesty's Judaism? Basic 1 What is BreinsAmnesty's Judaism What does it mean to be a BreinsAmnesty Judah? BreinsAmnesty Judaism is a non-religion. BreinsAmnesty Judaism is not militant nor a race. BreinsAmnesty Judaism is not antisemite! So what is BreinsAmnesty Judaism? Is BreinsAmnesty Judaism a Religion? BreinsAmnesty Judaism, is a set of ideas about the people from all walks of life and not the way they should live their lives. There is a lot of flexibility about certain aspects of Jewish beliefs, and a lot of disagreement about specifics, but that flexibility is built into an organized system of belief that is Judaism. However,I want my people who come from all walks of life to believe in a non-religion that's more spiritual because half of all Jews in Israel today call themselves "secular," and don't believe in God or any of the religious beliefs of Judaism. Half of all Jews in the United States don't belong to any synagogue. BreinAmnesty Judaism practices some of the rituals of Judaism and celebrate some of its holidays, but it doesn't think of these actions as religious activities. BreinsAmnesty's Judaism disagrees that most liberal Jews and anyone in between secular people are still Jews, regardless of their disbelief. Therefore,there is more to being Jewish than just a religion. Are BreinsAmnesty Judaism a Race? Respectively, purposes of certain anti-discrimination laws were passed through legislators of Congress intended to protect and serve the people from the Italian and Negro race, But many Jews were deeply offended by that decision, offended by any hint that Jews could be considered a race. BreinAmnesty Judaism doesn't believe there should be this idea of Jews as a race being declared to be just an inferior race from ghettos and terminated as poisonous. In setting aside these emotional issues, BreinsAmnesty's Judaism are clearly not a race. BreinsAmnesty's race is a people of a non-colored distinction, referring to people with shared ancestry and shared genetic traits from all walks of life. BreinsAmnesty's Judaism is not trying to change your race; it's in God. BreinsAmnesty's Judaism could never discriminate against people of color, red,yellow, white,or brown,no matter how organized religion may want it to be. BreinsAmnesty ancestry is not required to be a Jew. Many Jews worldwide share common ancestry, as shown by genetic research; however, you can share,learn, connect and make a difference with BreinsAmnesty Judaism...  without sharing this common ancestry, for example, by converting. BreinsAmnesty's Culture is not an Ethnic Group. BreinsAmnesty's Judaism think of its non-organized religion as a matter of non- ethnicity. When BreinsAmnesty Judaism thinks of a Jewish culture, its think of people, of all language, of no limited holiday observances, and of spirituall values on religion & education. Non- secular American Jews would probably be surprised to learn that much of what they think of as Jewish culture is really just Breinsamnesty's Judaism culture, the culture of all ancestors coming from all parts of the world. BreinsAmnesty's Judaism lives in many parts of the world and is developing all traditions. As a Jacob family member of mine Please, remind me, Yiddish is not part of a Jewish culture, nor are bagels and lox, chopped liver, latkes, gefilte fish or matzah ball soup. Indeed, no idea of Jewish cooking including bourekas, phyllo dough pastries filled with cheese or spinach. BreinsAmnesty's ancestors probably wouldn't know what to do with a dreidel. BreinsAmnesty's cultural traits and behaviors are shared by all, that make everyone feel more comfortable with non-organized religion. BreinsAmnesty can say there are Jews in many parts of the world that share many of BreinsAmnesty's cultural aspects. However, BreinsAmnesty's culture will not shared by all Jews all over the world, and people who do not share that culture are no less Jews because of it. Thus, BreinsAmnesty Judaism wants to be more than a culture or an ethnic group. Is BreinsAmnesty A Judaism Nation? Without the traditional explanation, and the one given in the Torah, BreinsAmnesty Judaism is not a nation. The Hebrew word for natkion is "goy." The Torah and the rabbis used it in the modern sense meaning as a territorial and political entity, but in the ancient sense meaning a group of people with a common history, a common destiny, and a sense that we are all connected to each other. (BreinsAmnesty Judaism). Today, BreinsAmnesty's Judaism term of a nation is family, not a transfigured country based with its own superiority and bent on a non-biased new world order. Because of this notion of "nationhood," BreinsAmnesty's Judaism will not fasely be accused of being disloyal to its own country in favor of its loyalty to all nations, of being more loyal to Israel than to its international countries. The distorted interpretation of "nationhood" to prove that Jews do, or seek to, control the world is is dispirited.( to lower the spirits of a human being.) In fact, a surprising number of antisemitic websites and newsgroup postings linked to the page (in an earlier form) is proof of antisemitic delusions that Jews are nationalistic, that Israel is a colonial power and so forth. Because of these inaccurate connotations that have attached themselves to the term "nation," the term can no longer be used to accurately describe the Jewish people. BreinsAmnesty Judaism as a "Family," BreinsAmnesty Judaism is not... a religion, a race, or an ethnic group, none of these descriptions is entirely adequate to describe what will connect people from all walks of life. And yet, be able to feel a sense of connectedness to each other that many find hard to explain, define, or even understand. Traditionally, this interconnectedness will be understood as "peoplehood," not distorted over time that they are no longer accurate. BreinsAmnesty's Judaism agree with Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz's power of suggestion that a better analogy for the Jewish people is that "We are a family." See the third essay in his recent book, We Jews: Who Are We and What Should We Do. His analogy is certainly not a new concept: throughout the Bible and Jewish literature. Indeed, "We are referred to as "the Children of Israel," a reference to the fact that we are all the physical or spiritual descendants of the Patriarch Jacob, who was later called Israel. In other words, we are part of his extended family. Like as family, we don't always agree with one another. Were judgmental and prejudiced toward each other., knowing that the shortcomings of any member of God's family will be held accountable against all of us. But when an outsider of the Patriarch Jacob's family unfairly criticizes one of our family members, our family as a whole, BreinsAmnesty's Judaism will join its family members together in opposition to that unfair criticism. Our members of our "family" have been persecuted long enough, we shall be free from pain. For instance, in the 1980s, when our African ancestors was suffering from droughts and famines, many of Jacob's family members from around the world learned for the first time about the Beta Israel, the Jews of Ethiopia. BreinsAmnesty's Judaism, non organized religion of belief is elated from this to know that they existed before the famine. And even though our hearts go out to them as our family members during this period of famine, like distant relatives we have never met, We shall come from around the world to help them to emigrate to Israel. On becoming a member of our "family" we shall not do anything illegal, immoral or shameful, we shall not feel ashamed, and we shall all be a reflection of "Jacob's Family." And when a member of our "family" accomplishes something significant, we all shall feel proud. A perfect reflection of "Jacob's Family," is the accomplishments of our fellow Jacobs Chanukkah songs, We all shall take pride in all scientists or political leaders alike we all may not agree with some political issues or religious views, but we all are proud to see Jacob's son "Barack Obama"& Family on their way to the White House. And if there is a Jacob who doesn't know (or at least feel pride upon learning) that Sandy Koufax declined to pitch in a World Series game that fell on Yom Kippur? Well, she did it because she has respect for her " Father Of All Nations," Patriarch Jacob .
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Posted: Dec 28, 2008 5:58pm
Dec 28, 2008

The eel., the North Sea siren,

Who leaves dead-pan Icelandic gods

and the Baltic for our Mediterranean ,

our estuaries, our rivers -

who lances through their profound places,

And flinty portages,from branch to branch,

twig to twig, thinning down now,

ever snaking inward, worming

for the granite's heartland threading

delicate capillaries of slime -

and in the Romagna one morning

the blaze of the chestnut blossoms

ignites its smudge in the dead water

pooled from chisellings

of the Apennines...

the eel, a whipstock, a Roman candle,

love's arrow on earth, which only

reaches the paradise of fecundity

through our gullies and fiery, charred streams,

a green spirit, potent only

where desolation and arson burn,

a spark that says everything

begins where everything is clinker;

this buried rainbow, this iris, twin sister

of the one you set in your eye's target centre

to shine on the sons of men,

on us, up to our gills in your life -giving mud

can you call her sister?

Jerusalem BreinsAmnesty.

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Posted: Dec 28, 2008 5:30am
Dec 27, 2008

A child of the fifties in that part of the American south that was always seen as culturally backward, I was raised in a world where racial uplift was the norm. Like my Father Abraham and my nineteenth-century ancestors, my slave and working-class ancestors believed that if they wanted freedom they had to be worthy of it, that they had to educate themselves,work hard, be people of integrity. Racial uplift through self-help meant not just that they should confront racism, they should become fully cultured holistic individuals. Even though my family did not have much money, they were encouraged  to work odd jobs so that they could slave for lessons and learn to clean homes.  Reading was encouraged.Education was the way and still is to this day the way to freedom. Educated, my ancestors were not at first,and did not necessarily change how the white world saw them, but they would change how they saw themselves.  Even so, my ancestors and the other people of color in their communities never behaved as though education alone was the key to a successful life. They had to nourish their souls through spiritual life, through service to others. They would create glory in their lives, and let their light shine brightly for all the world to see.

These were the values taught to me and my sibling by our ancestors and reinforced by the segregated schools and churches we attended. These were the values that had led to the creation, from slavery on, of a distinct African-American culture, a culture rooted in soulfulness, a culture of resistance where regardless of status, of whether one was bound or free, rich or poor, it was possible to triumph over dehumanization. This soulful people of color culture of resistance was rooted in hope. It It had at its heart a love ethic. In this subculture of soul, individual colored folks found ways to decolonize their minds and build healthy self-esteem. This showed us that we did not have to change externals to be self-loving. This soulful culture was most dynamically expressed during racial segregation because away from white supremacist control colored folks could invent themselves.

Today, I campaign to bring all racism to an end with all races having been a central part of civil rights/human rights struggle. Please join me in sharing your self-esteem of meaning purpose, and power.

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Posted: Dec 27, 2008 6:37am
Dec 24, 2008
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Posted: Dec 24, 2008 8:51am
Dec 24, 2008
Focus: Education
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Location: Ohio, United States
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Posted: Dec 24, 2008 8:40am


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