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Aug 8, 2010
De Blauwe Bal van Verbinding
Wij zijn aan de bal, de blauwe bal, de bal van verbinding.
Samen kunnen we een betere toekomst bouwen
Wij kunnen wereldkampioen zijn in het leven met elkaar.
Stop met vechten, start de verbinding.

Inspireer en verbind je met elkaar.
Bestel gratis de blauwe bal van verbinding en steun hiermee de verbinding in Nederland

De onbekende Nederlander wil verbinding

Salem Samhoud, onbekende Nederlander, heeft een boodschap opgenomen en zendtijd ingekocht. Waarom? Om die andere 15.950.000 andere onbekende Nederlanders te inspireren tot verbinding. En natuurlijk ook de bekende Nederlanders.

The Blue Ball of Connection

song: Better World Brighter Future
artist: Eva Jane &samhoud

Salem's beweegredenen zijn helder. Dit is de tekst die hij uitspreekt in het filmpje:

Ik ben Salem Samhoud, een onbekende Nederlander
Ik hou van Nederland
Een land van plezier en prestatie
Een land om wereldkampioen te zijn
Een gewoon ongewoon land
De pers en politiek maakt ons negatief en ongelukkig
Dat gevoel wil ik niet meer, daar ben ik helemaal klaar mee

Wij zijn aan de bal, de blauwe bal, de bal van verbinding
Samen kunnen we een betere toekomst bouwen
Wij kunnen wereldkampioen zijn in het leven met elkaar
Stop met vechten, start de verbinding

Inspireer en verbind je met elkaar
Bestel gratis de blauwe bal van verbinding en steun hiermee de verbinding in Nederland

Waarom een blauwe bal?
Gooi een bal in een groepje mensen en ze zullen er mee gaan spelen. Dat is de start van verbinding. Moeilijker is het niet.

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Posted: Aug 8, 2010 1:34am
May 21, 2010

If you like it you should all my friend Marianne Thieme
she is the chairwoman and political leader of the Party for Animals and a writer on animal rights. And the woman behind this:

Our most important goal is to create a society, which treats animals in a respectful fashion. There are many problems associated with the way in which animals are treated. They are often not seen as living creatures with a soul, but as products that people believe they can use and abuse as they see fit: as meat products in the factory farming industry, as guinea pigs in laboratories, as the defenceless quarry of hunters and anglers, as a source of entertainment for visitors to circuses and zoos, and so forth.

We want the legal position of animals to be laid down in our legislation. In this way, we can prevent animals from continually being the victims of political whims. At present, animal welfare still hardly plays a role in our legislation. This should change as soon as possible.

Naturally, we also believe that people are also important. However, the political world is exclusively made up of representatives of human interests. This is why a political party, which primarily focuses on animal welfare, is so important. It is the most effective way of getting animal interests on to the political agenda.

The Party for the Animals is neither left nor right-wing. Our supporters come from all corners of the political spectrum, from socialists to liberals. What they have in common is that they all believe that the way in which animals are treated in our society is disgraceful. Our supporters deem animal welfare to be so important that they are able to push their differences with respect to other issues aside.

In a broader sense, we strive towards a society in which sustainability and compassion take centre stage. This means that we work towards respectful interactions between people, animals and nature. We want the destruction of our living environment, the extinction of plant and animal species and the unequal distribution of wealth, which means that a large proportion of the world’s population live in poverty, to come to an end. These points of departure form the basis of all our political standpoints. Not just relating to animal welfare, but also other subjects.

The Party for the Animals is not a one-issue party, but a big-issue party. The way in which we as a civilisation interact with our living environment is central to our philosophy. We believe that this is a big issue. In this regard, party leader Marianne Thieme often refers to a remark made by Mahatma Gandhi. According to Gandhi, the greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated. These are wise words, which are perfectly in keeping with our vision of a more humane society.

If you like this you can follow her worldblog here

Thank you for making a difference
Feel free to add me if you like

Hans Lak
One Person Can Make A DIfference
One Earth One Mission

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Posted: May 21, 2010 9:29am
Feb 12, 2010

Cancer is the number one cause of death!
Thats why i would love to invite you to join me in this important cause and help us fight cancer! Special thanks to Andrea Caballero Benitez who inspired me to join her in this fight against Cancer!

One person can make a difference and fight Cancer

Donate $10 in 2010 - Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Watch this video to find out what they do very inspiring

The Hutchinson Center is leading the fight to conquer cancer, HIV/AIDS and other diseases.

Real breakthroughs come from great ideas that bring two things together that nobody thought of before! And we have a tremendous amount of people who think out of the box. Leland Hartwell president and director! 2001 Nobel laureate

Admittedly, the eradication of cancer and other life-threatening diseases is an ambitious goal — one that demands tenacity, scientific excellence, collaboration and breakthrough creativity. To accomplish this, the Hutchinson Center attracts some of the world's greatest minds.

Together our researchers discover new ways to detect cancers earlier, when cure rates are highest; develop effective treatments with fewer side effects; and learn how to prevent cancers from growing in the first place.

At the Hutchinson Center, we live and breathe a life of science.

This comprehensive research approach has yielded numerous breakthroughs in cancer and other diseases. Our achievements include the discovery of many of the genes and proteins that cause healthy cells to become cancerous; development of lifesaving treatments for cancer and autoimmune diseases; and advances in our understanding of how diet, exercise, hormone use and other behaviors affect a person's risk of developing cancer.

That sounds great!
I think that we should prevent cancer by all means....
Or we should detect cancer as soon as possible before it is too late....

One of the most important research centers for cancer in the world!

Thank you for your support!

Hans Lak
One Person Can Make A Difference and fight cancer

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Posted: Feb 12, 2010 1:29pm
Jan 19, 2010

YouTuber puts female genital mutilation on the Davos Agenda

Julia Lalla-Maharajh, founder of End FGM Now has won the Davos Debates 2010 on YouTube. Julia from London will pitch her cause to end female genital mutilation before the 2500 participants attending the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum held in Davos from 27-31 January 2010. Julia was among the four finalists chosen by the independent jury and her pitch was voted on in a popular vote on YouTube. In her winning video Julia said: "Why send me to Davos? Because I want to ask those innovative and intrepid world leaders to put their hearts and minds and power behind ending FGM. Because it has existed in the margins for too long, it needs to be in the mainstream!" Watch her heart-tearing video appeal below. Julia will be defend her cause on a special panel with Ann Veneman, Executive Director of UNICEF, Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize winner and Managing Director of the Grameen Bank and Nicholas Kristof, Columnist of The New York Times. In the coming days you will be able to put your questions to the panel through the YouTube Davos channel. The panel will be streamed live on Saturday 30 January from 15.30 - 16.45 CET on Livestream and on the YouTube Davos channel.

Thank you all for voting for Julia
Hans Lak
One Person Can Make A difference
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Posted: Jan 19, 2010 12:36pm
Jan 18, 2010

I have been trying many social media sites so far allmost all the important social media sites...and i tried realy hard to make a difference!

I started here in Care2 because i liked the idea to use a site like Care2 where all the people who join have one thing in common...they all want to make a difference!

But no matter how hard i tried the Care2 community did not work...
I reached 1000 friends and the biggest groups have 640 members
the petitions i started reached 1000 signatures i could not reach more...

Last year i started using Facebook and guess what i have found the place where people like you can realy make a difference! 

Since you can only add 5000 friends in Facebook i had to start a second account i am one of the first Serial account holders in Facebook...LOL   the cause with 22.000 members the fan page with 4.000 members   5300 members who care about wildlife is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little - do what you can!

John Fitzgerald Kennedy once said:
“One person can make a difference and every person should try.”
One Earth, One Mission will educate, empower and unite people creating earth-saving networks..
As a synergistically designed platform for the environment, animal rights, health, and other issues OEOM will inform, enlighten, and actively engage all citizens concerned about the future of Earth.

What is that you want to stop to make this world a better place? One Person Can Make a differnce on Twitter
I would love to see you on Facebook my group Trusted friends
will help you find many awesome friends very easy
If you want to make a difference i am looking forward to help
you on Facebook!

Hans Lak
One person can make a difference
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Posted: Jan 18, 2010 11:15am
Jan 14, 2010

Female genital mutilation is where a girl's external genitals are cut out, without her consent, without anaesthetic. Three million girls each year suffer. 140 million women live today with the consequences - horrendous lifelong physical and psychological damage.

photo by Robert Skinner

Photo: Robert Skinner

It has devastating impacts, on a girl's health, on a girl's development. In some cases, it results in death from bleeding.  The campaign to "End FGM now" asks for female genital mutilation to be ended within the next generation.  It aims to:

  • raise global awareness;
  • get decision makers to increase resources and funding;
  • get this money to communities on the ground.

Do something now that takes you less than a minute, costs nothing and has the potential to stop 3 million girls going through the horrors of FGM this year:

Vote now at this website

Click "VOTE"

Click on the End FGM now video

Click on the green thumbs up

Please vote by Friday 15th January 2010

If you would like to help this campaign, or have questions, please email:

For more information on FGM:

Julia'a FGM blog

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Posted: Jan 14, 2010 3:11am
Jan 13, 2010
Citizens Arrest For Japanese Security Vessel If NZ & AUS Goverments stand by and do nothing! Posted by Hans Lak at 10:00am
Paul Watson, whose Sea Shepherd Conservation Society lost its fastest boat , the Ady Gil, after it tangled with a Japanese whaling ship last week, is threatening to escalate the hostilities in the Southern Ocean.

"If Australia and New Zealand do not bring charges against the Shonan Maru, they leave us little choice but to go and arrest the vessel," The Australian newspaper quoted Mr. Watson as saying. "We will attempt a citizen's arrest on it and that will be a confrontation and whatever the consequences of that confrontation will be the fault of the Australian government for failure to act.

Watson's group has already filed piracy charges against the Japanese whaling fleet in a Dutch court, and the group says it's considering bringing attempted murder charges against the skipper of the Shonan Maru No. 2, a member of the Japanese fleet that runs security against the Sea Shepherds. The Sea Shepherds seek to insert themselves between whalers and their prey, and have in the past sought to foul the propellers of Japanese vessels with cables and used lasers to try to temporarily blind Japanese sailors.

Mr. Watson also said that donations have been flowing into his organization since the sinking of the Gil, a high-tech trimaran that circled the globe in a record 60 days, before being donated to the organization by a wealthy philanthropist of the same name.

Both Australia, which has responsibility for search and rescue operations in the area of the Southern Ocean where the collision took place and New Zealand, home to the captain of the GIl, have promised investigations into the incident. Deputy Australian Prime Minister Julie Gillard has appealed for calm from both sides, drawing a sharp rebuke from Japan,

The Australian reported that Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs told Australian Ambassador to Japan Allan McKinnon that Ms. Gillard's calls for restraint from both sides were inappropriate since "the Sea Shepherd itself was conducting the unlawful rampage."

Direct action by either Australian or New Zealand officials on the high seas is unlikely. The Japanese whaling fleet is operating under a "research" exemption allowed for by the international moratorium on global whaling, notwithstanding the fact that most of the meat taken ends up in Japanese stores and restaurants. Australia has said sending an observer vessel to the Antarctic whaling grounds would likely be counterproductive, by encouraging more provocative actions.

New Zealand's Foreign Minister Murray McCully has taken a harder line, telling Australia's ABC last week: "We've got New Zealand citizens that have clearly been behaving in a manner that has put life at risk," he said. "If they are going to go down there looking for trouble and determined to find it then there's nothing we can do to stop them, except urge them to improve their conduct." The Sea Shepherd group charged this amounted to New Zealand giving a "green light to Japanese whalers to kill Kiwis."

Watson's group has charged that the Maru deliberately rammed the Gil. The Japanese have said the collision was caused by anti-whaling activists. In an attempt to bolster their case, Sea Shepherd released video taken from onboard the Gil that it says was unedited and captures the moments before the collision.

Australia and New Zealand will do nothing at all...
The whaledefenders are the only chance the whales have....

And your support of cause!

Please invite your friends! Please donate to SEA SHEPHERD!

Hans Lak
Please add me i would love to connect to the active
whaledefenders on Facebook!
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Posted: Jan 13, 2010 1:03am
Dec 7, 2009


Laura Dohmen GaiaPark Junior DirectorWild Dogs

Dear Friends,

Please support Laura Dohmen.

She is nine years old and the new junior Managing Director of GaiaPark Zoo in Kerkrade, The Netherlands.

Her most important role is to collect as much as possible fans for the Nature Conservation Project of GaiaPark Zoo:  The Painted Dogs in Zimbabwe !

She is giving interviews as well as presentations to the public, schools etc.

In this way she is trying to collect as much as possible votes.


Please go to the website :  AND VOTE !  ( one IP address , one vote ! )

The winner gets 2500 euro for the project he or she is supporting, in her caseThe Painted Dog Conservation Project

Please distribute this mail to everybody who might be interested !

And note this news in Care2

The Future of This Planet Is in Good Hands! With Children Like Laura!
The Future of This Planet Is in Good Hands! With Children Like Laura!


Hans Lak

We should all encourage young people to Care2! Please Vote for this wonderful little girl and the survival of the last 3000 painted dogs!

One person can make a difference

Follow One person on Twitter


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Posted: Dec 7, 2009 12:47pm
Nov 22, 2009

Gunter Filho November 21 at 9:56am Reply
Dear Friend,

My wife Roberta and I are founding a revolutionary concept of a VEGAN RESTAURANT as a way of self-sustained activism. Now we need all support we can get, including yours, to make this happen. We applied for the “Free Range Youtopia Grant”, and are competing with lots of projects and need votes to win – this is where your help is needed! Please take some minutes to vote for us.

We want to change the cruel and unsustainable food industry by using the power of free market competition and by influencing our society’s eating behavior. We will prove that our revolutionary vegan foods can be much more appetizing that any unethical and unsustainable menus. As a social business, our profits will be used to develop a sustainable, ethical and healthy living culture in the communities we are involved with and to accomplish social and environmental missions, mainly at the Amazon.

You can vote on our project at the Youtopia Grant page:

If this link doesn’t go straight to Tapioca Happy Food, go to:, “VOTE”, click on the “SOCIAL RESPONSIBLE FOR-PROFIT” section, and vote on “TAPIOCA HAPPY FOOD”.

Free Range Studios will give U$ 15,000 worth of design or strategic communications services to the winner. Please take a minute to vote and help our vegan restaurant to take off.

We would also appreciate if you could forward this message to your friends and ask them to support our project too.

For more informations about us, go to

Thanks for your support,

Gunter Filho

Who we are

Tapioca is an initiative from activists Roberta Kleber and Gunter Filho, both former crewmembers of the renowned Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
Roberta was the cook at the ships R/V Farley Mowat and M/S Steve Irwin, where she cooked for 45-50 crewmembers, three meals a day, with limited resources and in extreme conditions while sailing thru the roughest oceans in the world.
Gunter was the former 1st Officer and Manager of this ships, where he helped to organize two anti-whaling campaigns in Antarctica and leaded groups of 45-50 crewmembers during innumerous ocean going expeditions against whaling, shark-fining and illegal fishing..

Gunter & Roberta
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Posted: Nov 22, 2009 5:36am
Nov 5, 2009

In September of 1998, the Drive Against Malaria was launched from British Royal Navy vessel HMS Fearless by the First Sea Lord. This was David Robertson's one man mission to drive through as many countries as he could, creating the “Worlds Longest Journey.” The goal of this record breaking mission was to bring attention and raise money to fight Africa’s forgotten disease and the biggest killer of young children. David Robertson went on to drive through 27 European countries to show the importance of helping Africa’s poorest. Malaria causes extreme poverty, lost education, hospitalization and 3,000 young lives taken every day. He met Ambassadors, Lord Mayors, Secretes of State, Bishops, Prime Ministers, the press, radio with television. As he continued to drive from capital to capital.

David Robertson drove through a total of 27 European countries before shipping his Land Rover to South Africa where the African leg began in March, 1999. The African Drive was launched by Dr. David Nabarro of The World Health Origination’s Roll Back Malaria. The launch was at the MIM conference Durban before 800 scientists, Ministers of Health to 24 African Countries and the South African media. David Robertson then started driving though the southern African countries visiting hospitals, schools, health centers and holding press conference in each country.

The journey was both challenging and dangerous due to dreadful driving conditions, bandits, armed military, desert crossings and minefields, but this did not deter David Robertson’s mission with the Drive Against Malaria. In fact, it made him more determined than ever to fight malaria for the children of Africa.

In November 1999, David Robertson met Julia Samuel in Ghana while giving away nets to hospitals. Since that day, Julia Samuel has followed David to film every mile he drives, the children he meets and the life saving mosquito nets he gives away.

Support David and Julia who will be in Africa the next six months to fight malaria!

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Posted: Nov 5, 2009 3:47am


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