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Nov 19, 2013

You know those posts. The disgusting parasitic bs created for page likes instead of actually helping. 

How hard is it, honestly, to link to a charity about the specific thing you're posting about instead of just linking to yourself and farming likes.

If anyone doesn't know what I'm talking about, I'll provode a link at the bottom. a link to a page of experts at like farming who cover their asses with "kindness" and "prayer" so that whenever someone jumps in to call them out on not actually being helpful all the lovely people who belive strongly in prayer jump in to defend them rather than agree that providig a charity link is not that freaking hard. 

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Posted: Nov 19, 2013 7:01pm
Nov 14, 2013

The above link is to a story by a blogger about some parents that were being generally rude and annoying. A lot of it is dietary specifics but if you can imagine the attitude behind it... wow.

Why I'm talking about this possibly made-up story is because I know SO MANY PEOPLE exactly like this! Not the rudeness (uncalled for) or the dietary specifics (fine) but the reasoning behind the dietary specifics- a lot of poorly researched bs. "O I heard from a friend" junk. 

There's very few things that would qualify as an excuse these days for not doing your research.

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Posted: Nov 14, 2013 3:37pm
Nov 11, 2013

According to the spam I keep getting, it's a SUPR SERCRET CODE THAT TELLS YOU WHICH HAS THE CHEMICALS!

Not, it's not. that's dumb.

Imagine a factory. there's a line of foil/paper/whatever going down the line. it gets printed on (including the eye mark (color line) This long bit of foil/paper/whatever is going to be a wrapper. They're not going to print on every individual wrapper. They printthe wrappers in a big uncut line of paper. Think like stamps. or those stickers you can get that come out of a little roller.

The eye mark tells the machine where to cut the individual wrappers out. 

That's it. Nothing secret about it.

But how to tell what's in the toothpaste? Try reading the bloody ingredients!

Honestly. This bit of spam disturbs me so much. Not because it's misinformation or a fake health warning (which I hate) but because the bit at the end says "know what;s in your toothpaste" and so many people are sharing it and saying "wow, so many chemicals" and not one of those people thought "why not read the ingredients list? the one that in many countries has to be there and be true by law?"

And that so many people are apparently so concerned.. but not enough to read the ingredients.

that's way too difficult.

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Posted: Nov 11, 2013 3:59am
Nov 7, 2013

As previously mentioned, I work in retail. To be a little more specific I work in an op shop. (That's Aussie for Charity shop, btw)

Charity shops can be pretty hectic. Things can get messy fast. Sometimes it's jerky customers treating the store like a pig sty (Not ok.), sometimes it's well intentioned customers putting things back worng. (perfectly fine, we appreciate the intent, they probably got it wrong due to the nature of the store.) Sometimes things just fall off the coat hangers or the rack. Lately there's been two disturbing trends. It Looks well intentioned, but is so obviously wrong that it's just jerky. 

The first,  putting two things on the same hanger. No the do not go together. Sure, you may have wanted to get it off the floor, but when do you see things in a store, ever, that's on the same hanger when the two aren't part of a set? never. 

the second and by far most disturbing, putting the clothes back inside out. That's not how you hang things. Just no.

Some people may see this and think I'm getting my panties in a twist over nothing. But keep in mind this is a charity store. it's pretty uncommon to find 2 items the same we can't tell at a glace when something is out of place (apart from the obvious) we'd have to go through every single item of clothing (out of thousands of items- and that's just the small stores.) non-stop throughout the day. and that wouldn't even keep the store perfect. We go through them when they look messier than usual and when we do the returns once a week. 

Basically that means that these two problems go unnoticed for a while. The usual problem is misplaced items. which most shoppers attribute to customers putting things back in the wrong spot. Or clothes facing the wrong way, which many customers don't even realise is a thing. 

but having two things on the same hanger or having them inside out just makes the store look bad. Someone sees that and suddenly it's like the store is gross, the employees are lazy. Suddenly our reputation goes down.

Please, if you're going to put things away yourself with so little care, just go up to the counter and say "this was on the floor" or "I don't want this" and let the staff do their jobs. 

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Posted: Nov 7, 2013 10:00pm
Nov 6, 2013

It's something I hate seeing. 

A group of people perceive someone as doing something wrong. By the groups logic, something should be done about it. Then BAM. The irrationals come in. 

You know the one's I'm talking about. The ones who do stupid junk that make the cause look like it's just a few nut jobs getting really upset about nothing. The ones who the normal people get grouped in with, because the crazy ones stand out more.

The idiots who send death threats, hope something bad happens to someone or their familiy. (bonus points for young children) The ones who are rude and abusive. The ones who make the normal people say "not one of us, must be some troll trying to discredit us, please don't judge us based on them." but it doesn't work 'cause there are so many of them. 'specially on the internet.

Lets take an example. "soilders with cancer deserve to die" (or was it aids? I can nave remember.) 
It was an fb group, deliberatly made just to make people upset. (Obvious as it said "welcome to the mecca of butthurt" in the discription) It had a few likes, then pretty much the Streisand effect happened.
I'm not sure what happened at the start, wasn't around for that bit. But pretty much everyone agreed that the page should be taken down, either because it was offensive or because it was against fb policy. Including the person who made it. 
There were the death threats, the wishes for harm, lots of wishes for harm against children. and that was before I went to see what all the fuss was about. 

I didn't want to involve myself with those people. and the normals were already growing thinner in number. didn't take much to see it. (they were all sayng it.) 

That's the problem with the irrational people. They make others leave the cause, not wanting to deal with the bs. They make others not want to join up, because look at all that bs. They make the cause look bad, they make the normal people fighting for the cause look bad. They make the people who were offended look bad.

Normal people, you're loved.
People who behave like the irrational people I've discribed- GO AWAY. No cause needs "help" from you. EVER.

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Posted: Nov 6, 2013 11:10pm
Nov 5, 2013

Some places just don't want their bathrooms put in an awful state by non-paying customers. We can respect that, but what about the emergencies?

We've all heard the horror stories, many of us have experienced it ourselves. Absolutly bursting, it's an emergency, no you can't just buy something after, no you can't just give me 5 bucks to use the bathroom. I know quite a few stories where people simply cannot control their bodies at some point in this exchange. 

With all you very young/very old/very sick people in the world, it's amazing that people do not think of te emergency situation beforehand.

It's just stupid. By all means, say the bathroom is for paying customers only, but unless you want to clean up some messes make exceptions for emergencies AND allow employees to make exceptions for emergencies. At the very least- know where the nearest public bathroom is so you can say "paying customers only, but a public restroom is just over there"

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Posted: Nov 5, 2013 1:18pm
Nov 3, 2013

Most people know the bushfire situation in Australia. Even overseas people. Most have seen the pics of sydney covered in smoke. 
For those who have't, lots of big fires in nsw. worst in 40 years. weathr conditions which make them start and spread really easy. backup called from other states, state of emergency called. homes hit, at least one life lost.

That was a bit over a week ago. Most of those fires are still not out, just undercontrol.

and yesterday, some idiot decide to light someone's car on fire at the goulburn bunnings. The building caught fire.

It just blows my mind really. after all that fire, all that fear... someone decides to go set someone's car on fire. In yesterdays hot and windy conditions. right next to a building and a bunch of other cars.

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Posted: Nov 3, 2013 6:21pm
Oct 31, 2013

So today I was on facebook, and I was on this guys profile for a reason I may complain about later and I saw Something so disturbing I actually bothered to report it to fb. 

This guy had, as his old profile picture, a child (male) unclothed from the waist down, holding a machette with one hand. In the other hand, he was holding his penis, pulling it away from his body.

Can you guess the placement of the machette? That's right ladys and gentlemen, right up against this child privates. Making it look like this little boy, maybe 2 or 3 years old was cutting off his own dick with a machette.

And this guy had that as his profile picture. This was how this guy wanted to represent himself. 

I was like "what?" and look and.. It was in the album titled "familly" (according to google translate.)





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Posted: Oct 31, 2013 4:24pm
Oct 30, 2013

Why even have kids if you have to live off wellfare? If you have an unsuportive partner? No partner? If you're disabled? If you're sick?

I've heard them all. One of the perks of working with the public in customer service is that people who think like the above never bother realising that you exist and you get to hear them say rotten things to the people they shop with. Or worse they think it'll be a great idea to vent to you.

Most of the time, they speak of people they hardly know, Strangers, but sometimes it's people they call friends that they talk about. That scares the explitive of your choice out of me. 

Why? A couple general reasons for all the idiots out there.

People's circumstances can change after they have children or become pregnant. Jobs can be lost, partners can be lost. Accidents can happen, resulting in disability. People get sick. These things happen. Are people going to put their kids up for adopion or foster because of things like that? For the most part- no. And The majority of jerky idiots who say "why would you" and laugh wouldn't want them to. 

Pregnancy happens. People chose for whatever reason to not have an abortion, they say "yeah, it'll be hard but I think I can handle it" Would most jerky idiots who say "why would you" want to force these people to have abortions? No. There are a few who say "well why wouldn't they just get rid of it?" but the "raised eyebrow are you serious?" look combined with "just get rid of it" (which is always the phrase they use, oddly enough), emphasis on the"just" is (99 times out of 100) enough to shut them up.

Because they want to. Disabled people shouldn't be steralised, and most jerky idiots who say "why would you" will agree. Same with sick people, with single people. most jerky idiots will agree that everyone deserves to have kids if that's what they want.

But still, "why would you even have kids if..." Is uttered. because these people don't think. They're stupid, rude jerks. 

I risk my job by piping up with a reason or two whenever I hear stupid stuff like that, but the same people are usually back at it within a month or two. If not sooner.

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Posted: Oct 30, 2013 6:39pm
Oct 29, 2013

Whether you agree with Anonymous or not one thing is certain- where there's spam about hackers their name is being used to make people spread it.

I've been seeing the giraffes for a little while now (The answer is eyes, guys. You're asleep- you open your eyes. Or door, if you sleep with one eye open.) and now I'm seeing this warning going around

"Whoah! Just found out that the Giraffe challenge was set up by the hacking group Anonymous. Apparently they're going to embark on a random "cleansing" program which will wipe out the bank accounts and hard drives of those people who have giraffe profile pics ... A few of my mates already had it happen, so glad I cheated now!"

It doesn't take much to find out that this is fake. Heck, even last night google "anonumous giraffe" got me a few links to hoax debunking sites. Now there's way more. Still people post it. I've got three warnings in my facebook feed right now. Let's go through why it's fake, shall we?

Anonymous, most people see them as just hackers, but they are classed as hactivists. They hack for reasons, it doesn't fit their mo to target random strangers. Most times when you see warnings about stuff anonymous are doing, it's just their name and people not knowing hackers from hactivists being exploited to spread spam.

Someone being able to fiddle with your harddrive and bank account just because you used a giraffe as your profile picture? No. The closest thing is a jpeg veunerability that was found and fixed back in 2004. Only old, unpatched computers would be at risk, and even then it's have to get through all the modern software that facebook or wherever else has giraffes. 
Even if it was still a threat, you'd have to either infect all the giraffe images that show up on the first page of image search (which is where most of these are coming from) or get a heap of infected images to the first page of google, both of which haven't and most likely aren't going to happen. Ever.

The best version of this mentions real warning... from back in 2004. that were fixed long ago

"A virus that exploits the recently discovered JPEG vulnerability has been discovered spreading over google's giraffe pictures.

"It's been done in the past, but with HTML code instead of the JPEG," said James Thompson, chief technical officer for SANS' Internet Storm Center, the organization's online-security research unit. "It is a virus, but it didn't spread very far. We've only had two reports of it."

The Facebook message goes like this: "I just changed my profile picture to a giraffe, but my answer was wrong" When you do it, Facebook automatically gives the hackers your user mail and password, malicious code embedded in the JPEG image gives the hackers everything they need, James said.

The code also installs a back door that can give hackers remote control over the infected computer. Antivirus expert Fred Hypponen of F-Secure warned on Wednesday that the JPEG exploit can also damage your Iphone if you charge it with your computer. By default, antivirus software only scans for .exe files. And even if users change the settings on antivirus software, the JPEG file name extensions can be manipulated to avoid detection.

Microsoft and google are working on it now, oct 25. We recommend Facebook users: DO NOT change your profile picture to giraffes."

So why am I bothering to talk about this? 
Spam warnings are bad. They spread false information, which is bad. It exploits and strenghtens all the false information that is spread by media for the sake of convenicenc of news telling (in this case, anonymous as hackers rather than hactivists)
We live in a world where information is at our fingertips and so few people verify the warnings they are spreading. 

To all those who have spread this- delete it. tell people you got it from that it's false, tell other people who you see posting it that it's false. Hopeflly then it will go away.

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Posted: Oct 29, 2013 5:53pm


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