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Nov 24, 2011
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Boycott
Location: United States

Made from "premium eco-friendly" kangaroo leather, the Aranez Samsung Galaxy S 2 Pouch Leather Case provides your Samsung Galaxy S 2 with stylish protection while allowing you to charge your device, make and answer calls (via headset) as well as listen to your favourite tunes.  But wildlife and Animal Welfare groups have asked their supporters to boycott this company. You can send them an email from here  .......

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Posted: Nov 24, 2011 2:20pm
Oct 27, 2011
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Petition
Location: Australia

Stop Killing Kangaroos for Shoe Leather

By Paul Preibisius on October 26, 2011 12:25 pm

Target: Adidas CEO Herbert Hainer

Goal: To end the use of Kangaroo leather in shoe production.

In one of the largest ongoing wildlife massacres an estimated 3.9 million adult kangaroos (along with countless joeys) are killed for their leather.  The primary usage of this kangaroo leather goes to shoes.

Many shoe companies such as Nike, Puma, and Umbro use the leather because it is considered thin and strong but the largest consumer by far is Adidas.

An Australian government desperate for the revenue it sees from kangaroo-product exports has proven unwilling to protect its own natural treasures.  They instead use degrazing as a justification for culling wild kangaroo populations.  This justification is used despite the fact that scientific studies have shown that nearly 90 percent of wheat fields in Australia will never see a kangaroo.

Even more disheartening is the fact that shoe-leather demands are especially prevalent for the largest and most threatened species—the red kangaroo.

The process by which these animals are taken can be equally as cruel.  Oftentimes the killing takes place at night in unmonitored regions of the outback where animals are shot and hauled onto trucks by steel hooks while often still alive to slowly bleed out on the way to factories.

Tragically, because joeys are considered useless to the leather industry any mothers that are killed will have their offspring orphaned and likely to die at the hands of starvation or packs of wild dogs.

With modern advances in synthetic materials there is no need for this to happen.  Products exist that are nearly indiscernible from natural leather today.  As the industry leader Adidas needs to recognize the value of this and step forward to end its use of kangaroo leather.

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Posted: Oct 27, 2011 6:17pm
Oct 26, 2011
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Various
Location: Australia

As most people are aware, Steve Irwin was spokeperson on the Ghan train. Over three days, the Ghan runs from Adelaide, Alice Springs and Darwin. One of the advertising features of the Ghan is that it serves native foods. For the three years Steve was involved, they wouldn't serve kangaroo meat. Recently Terri Irwin did a trip on the Ghan and found they were now serving kangaroo meat. She wrote to the Ghan managment, and received a very poor response. So the Wildlife Protection Association of Australia (WPAA) is asking people  to write to the Ghan management and express their concern too. The address is Tony Braxton-Smith, CEO,  Ground Floor, 422 King William Street, Adelaide, South Australia, 5000. Their email address is  If you can, please find the time to write and express your concern, and the fact that you won't be using the Ghan while they are serving kangaroo meat. If you are overseas and contemplating travelling to Australia, please write also.

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Posted: Oct 26, 2011 6:14pm
Oct 13, 2011

Kangaroos are the victims of the largest land-based wildlife massacre in the world. Every year the kangaroo industry kills millions of kangaroos for their meat and skins to make pet food, footwear and meat for human consumption. Their joeys are wrenched from their pouch and bashed to death, decapitated, shot or left to die as orphans from starvation, dehydration, stress or predation. Hundreds of thousands of joeys are dying this way every year in Australia due to the kangaroo industry.

Kangaroos are not in plague proportions but at critical densities of less than five per square kilometre across most of Australia. Since 2001 kangaroos have declined by 55%. Kangaroos are not farmed but hunted by the industry in the wild at night without supervision from vets or animal welfare authorities.

Kangaroos are not killed by the industry to protect farms or control the population, but for profit. Kangaroos breed very slowly and can only have one joey per year. Around 60% of joeys will die before they reach maturity.

Research shows there is negligible competition between kangaroos and livestock.

Kangaroos are integral to the Australian environment and have been in harmony with it for 50 million years. Kangaroos assist in the regeneration of native grasses, reduce the risk of wildfires and protect habitat from the invasion of non native herbivores.

Kangaroos have strong family bonds and have been observed to suffer severe grief when one of their mob dies.

(info from Australian Society for Kangaroos)

How  You Can Help

Refuse to buy products made from kangaroo meat or skins. Please see list of pet food and footwear companies who do/don't use kangaroo products below.

Shoe companies who use kangaroo skins: Adidas; Gideon; Hi-Tec; Nike.

Shoe companies who didn't deny the use of kangaroo skins: Puma; Reebok; Diadora; Converse.

Shoe companies who don't use kangaroo skins: Dunlop; Kswiss; ASICS; Brooks; Saucery; Rivers; Fila; Diana Ferrari.

Pet food companies who use kangaroo meat: Ecopet; VIP; Vets All Natural; Woolworths; Natures Gift; Eukanuba; Snappy Tom; Purina;

Pet Food companies who don't use kangaroo products: Lucky Dog; Pedigree; Pal; My Dog; Optimum Advantage; Nutridog; Four Legs;

If you would like to write to any of the companies who do use kangaroo "products", here's some addresses:

VIP - Ph: 0755471700
Natures Gift -
Eukanauba -
Woolworths -

Meanwhile a website calling itself "the ethical consumers guide" which is recomending pet food companies use kangaroo as "sustainable and ethical". You can contact them here Co-ordinator: Nick Ray, email:, phone: 0417 114 492. The Wildlife Protection Association of Australia has written to them, and has received reply asking for more information. Please write too if you have time.

The following is from the Kangaroo Protection Coalition

Wildlife groups call for Community Boycott of Purina Pet Foods!

Purina (owned by Nestle, we understand) have been running a national advertising campaign stating proudly that they use kangaroo meat in their tinned dog food. Dozens of people have contacted them by phone and email, pleading with them to stop using kangaroo meat.

They have all been laughed off, see a letter to me by Purina is below. So the wildlife groups have decided to mount a campaign asking pet owners to boycott Purina foods, and not only boycott them, but telling Purina phone or email. Purina contact details are below......

Purina Letter to Pat O'Brien

Hi Pat,

Thank you for contacting the Ask Purina team. Thank you for contacting the Purina PetCare Advice Centre.

We at Purina recognise that this is a very emotional issue and we too are concerned that the culling of kangaroos conforms to the regulations laid down by the authorities. Purina is committed to making foods that dogs and cats enjoy while providing nutrition that enhances their health and wellbeing. We understand and share the strong feelings of love and respect pet owners have for their companion animals. In addition to this, Purina's support of the welfare of cats and dogs is reflected in its other activities such as the operation of its Petcare Advice line providing free advice to animal owners, its involvement in the development of an Australian Standard aimed at ensuring the safety of manufactured dog and cat food products and also its support of organisations such as Animal Welfare League Australia.

Purina only uses suppliers who are audited and approved by the Kangaroo Industry of Australia Association (KIAA). Every supplier that is selected by Purina and must meet the stringent codes set by this highly regulated and tightly governed industry. This is a highly regulated and audited industry which includes spot checks by government authorities to ensure humane killing practices are carried out. Our suppliers are audited and inspected regularly and we rely on these results to ensure that the appropriate practices are in place.

For further information regarding Purina products please contact our PetCare Advice Centre on 1800 738 238. For any advice on caring for your pets, please Ask Purina on 1800-738-238 or

Best Regards,

Justine McCarthy Pet Care Advisor The Ask PURINA PetCare Team PURINA, Your Pet, Our Passion

Purina contact details are.....

Nestlé Purina PetCare, Level 6, 123 Epping Road, North Ryde, NSW 2113, Petcare Advice Line FREECALL, 1800 738 238 (Australia only)

You can also email them from their website at

Please contact them and tell them why you are not buying their product.

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Posted: Oct 13, 2011 6:41pm


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