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Aug 1, 2012

I have extratcted this post from my spirituality blog. For much more on life, etc, please visit my blog by clicking or copy and paste on the following link below:

In Aurora Colorado in the US, not far from the Columbine High School massacre which happened in 1999 another senseless killing spray took place and the venue this time ~~~ was a movie theater. A place where people go to take a break from everyday reality. The last thing in their mind was possibly being a victim of a shooting rage from a very misdirected individual, a suspect who was reported to be one of the smartest students at his university with a great future in medicine, ironically to help people.  Some sources claim he was an exceptional intelligent student . Twelve people are dead and 58 were injured. 

Watching the opening ceremonies for this year's Olympics reminded me that  I was hired by the Kempiski Hotel organization of Germany to work in the food service department of the Olympic village in 1972. This was in Munich Germany. Yes ~~~ I experienced first hand, the  terrorism the world had not seen before. I got to know one of the Israeli athletes, before he was shot in the village. We were then threaten by the terrorists that if Germany did not free the two terrorists which were captured at the airport where the entire Israeli team was massacred they would blow up the entire village of athletes and people working there.  Needless to say,  I realized then the world would never be the same again.

The first thing that comes to mind is:

We two legged life forms are the only spices of life on earth who contemplates, attacks and kills  seemingly  without cause or reason. Four legged, winged and finned kill for food and survival.To attack a human one does not not know or seen before in any way is a random viscous killer.  Why can we not live as the rest of the animal kingdom? This suspect was, is totally disconnected with our Creator.

Disconnection with our creator causes all kinds of deceptions of the real world. One becomes so misguided  there is gradual  disassociation with the world. I am not a psychologist nor a doctor to offer possible opinions as to why this happens. Nor do I want to give that condition an energy at all. I rather that we focus on bringing humanity to a place of world peace and unity for the sake of our future on this planet.

It was a little more than 7 years ago when there was talk of Armageddon, that the world could come to an end as we knew it on December 21st 2012 at 1:11 AM.  Much of the world's population would disappear. Ala ~~ the movie "2012".

Then I became fanatic about the concept since as   many coincidences manifested like the numbers  11 or 11-11 that I was attracted to  from a child. Then there are  the called prophecies  and that the Mayan Calender ends on December 21, 2012 at 1:11 AM. Mayans, ~~~ a culture which has predicted every significant astrological event that has taken place in our solar system right down to the date and time of the event correctly.

I believe there will be physical changes in the world that had  been first noticed and recorded 60 years ago as the poles are shifting at a pace faster than ever during our lifetime. This~~and with all the planets aligning in the universe,  cannot help but to have an effect on the planet's atmosphere. We also have done our share of destruction by polluting our air and clear cutting forests from our plant planet for decades.

I say to you all, ~~~ if we all go down on or about December 21st at 11-11 AM it will be at the hands of mankind. It will not be the earth that is going to destroy humanity. It will be humanity that will destroy itself. Mankind's conscientiousness is not in the place it should be.  Events like in the movie theater or the Olympic village in front of the world could happen more frequently and in a greater scale.There could be an event from our atmosphere  that could shut down communications in our world such as cell phones, or any electronic devices because of the changes that are taking place.  Those who have no faith and are  not connected with the divine will be lost and will panic.They will  destroy each other.Thus, it will not be our planet who will destroy humanity, it will be humanity who destroy itself with greed, lust, hatred and mass murders as the events in the described above.

The photo above represents humans, regardless of race or creed, who came together in anguish to comfort each other  as they can also do in total unity  for the sake of life.
I had a recent experience at "Trader Joe's", a health conscience store nearby where I live. I noticed an employee who appeared to be preoccupied with something in her mind that generated  her obvious negative disposition.  I walked up to her and commented what a beautiful person she appeared to be.  You   could see how the comment pierced her psyche and  she revealed a beautiful smile and she said with  an obvious pleasant surprise  while we were speaking she said  "that ~~"I had just made her day and she  really needed that"It doesn't matter what was distracting her. She just need some positive energy.
Speaking for  myself: I treat each day as a blessing from life itself. I recognize that at anytime or day my mortal life can be taken and there maybe nothing I can do to prevent it. So ~~~~ having said that, while I am still horizontal and breathing in the Pnevma, ~~ spirit, I will love and treat everyone I am in contact with as if it were my final breath.

Regardless of what happens to us and the planet by the end of the  year, I am in a very peaceful place and ready to transform my energy. In the meantime I will love and respect all life on the planet. The more we preach and promote spirituality  perhaps mankind will survive what ever challenges come our way either in December or anytime our planet continues to exist.

Do you believe that  if some stranger  walked up to the suspect earlier that day or even just before he gathered his weapons at the theater, and treated him with a smile and some pleasantries, ~~  would he have gone through with the killings? Perhaps he would have.  Then again, maybe not. Sometimes random acts of kindness can be a stimulating experience for someone in depression. One thing I know,  ~~ regardless of appearance, race, culture or  creed I will treat each human with love, greetings with warmth. 

When I was with my daughter, Kayley, I engaged in a beautiful conversation with the person who took our order for food at a small restaurant called "Rod's. last night. The person was from Mexico but her Husband is from Greece. We ending up speaking in Greek and Spanish as if we knew each other for years and we were family. I had been to this place hundreds of times when I lived in the neighborhood,  but never engaged in a conversation with her. I actually do not recall seeing her before.

We can help save humanity, by treating everyone  like family. Similar to my previous post. We may not have any control of the changes Mother Earth is going through now, but we will not react in a desperate negative manner when and if when those changes take place. 

There can be peace and life after the storm:

Develop your peace now and share it with everyone you can. Spread the good news, Mother Earth and humanity will survive together! Reach out to the creator and always be cognoscente of his presence.

Spread the word of unity and peace for all!

Love and Light!

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Posted: Aug 1, 2012 2:31pm
Jul 10, 2010





Heaven only knows how many woman have been in my life. Some much longer than others. Some I have truly loved, others I have truly enjoyed. Yet others, I barely got to know at all. Oh yea, some I passed on and had regrets I did not get to know better. All in all, I was blessed ~~ or cursed, depending on how you view it, with an incredible attraction to women and apparently vice versa. There have been many highs and lows. I honestly admit to being the proverbial  male whore of Bellflower, California for about a year or so. My roommate and I had a revolving door where women came in and out. I am not proud of some of my relationships.

Of all the beautiful women I have had in my life I was truly in love four times, including my current beloved Regina who is the other wing to our angel who flies over us.

There may be an issue with the definition of "true Love". While I am certain of my emotional commitment, ~~  is there true love when the partner does not share the love at the same level? Can we be so bold that we  can quantify or question one's feelings even if there is no receiver? I am too much of a romantic to not believe that people fall in love regardless of the subject of that love. ~~ or to say~~ that if there is no sacred unity with the physical act then you are not truly in love. Regardless of the level of our love, we all strive for the consummation of our love. If we fall short on this goal, does this mean we did not truly love?

Now that I have painted a rather dubious picture of myself, allow me to say that I am the beautiful person I am because of all my relationships. There is a wisdom I developed from these relationships that we can all benefit from. You can learn a lesson of life with each relationship. That lesson can be as simple as never being with  a person who has so much baggage from the past, to as deep as an awakening of lost spirituality.



The termination of a relationship

No matter how bad the relationship was, severing that part of our life is very difficult to do. When you invest any level of emotion into another person and truly loved that person, for respect of human compassion, closure is necessary to move on. I will dare say, if both partners experienced true love together, closure is not something one has to ask for as the compassion that comes with true love automatically shifts into gear. There is (not to degrade love) an "exit interview" as when one is laid off from a job. This is a meeting that allows a question and answer session. In marriage this session may go on for days or weeks. Short of marriage there is an in- person "meeting". A time set aside to air out all the "shortcomings" of the relationship. You are deserving of knowing what "mistakes" were made and how you can avoid them in future relationships! We have to assume that for both, the mental state of mind is healthy. I have had such a relationship, actually with two women whose state of mind was not healthy and when this is the case, all bets are off! You cannot expect "normal" responses to any part of that relationship, let alone an "exit interview".

As to pain from a failed relationship I can, with confidence, say that if your partner ends the relationship with an email and refuses a face to face as in an "exit interview", that person was never yours to begin with and you have lost nothing. The only thing more cold and cruel is a partner ending the relationship with a text message. In any case, never, I mean never allow yourself to feel you have failed. Life experiences happen for a purpose and they become part of who we are today. Experiencing cruelty and disappointments in our life is part of living. Knowing this, you can move on and consider pain as an antibiotic for the soul. When you survive the pain, the dosage of the "disease" (pain) you took on this makes your spirit and soul much stronger. It is almost like you welcomed the pain.

Of all the relationships I have had, there is only one I really wished I had not experienced. It was one that began and ended in 2007. It is the only one which I cannot say I learned from,other then that I will never get involved with a person with so much baggage. This is only because this person never really knew who I was as evident from a very critical and scaling email. One always wishes that regardless of why a relationship ends, that the partner at least knew you and saw the good in you. In the aforementioned relationship that termination process that was not allowed.

While many of us may have experienced such "failures" I have to acknowledge that if it were not for this very dark relationship I referred to above I would not have divorced my wife when I did, ~~ a relationship that had been doomed years prior. Nor would have I found my beloved Regina, ~~ nor would I have become a writer which I always had the ability to be and it was the pain that brought it out of me. The bottom line here my dear fellow humans: Not all is lost when a relationship "fails". It was, is and always will be the bigger plan for you as this was  the path set forth by the enrergies of the universe. Do not lament over turns and bends in the road of life. Look at the experience as end of a chapter in your book of life and know that much more and greater things await for you around the bend of life. Our conciseness is sometimes limited as to why certain events happen which we may not understand. To elevate our conciseness, we must see the good in all and stop focusing on the negative. I HAVE and, ~~ I am the happiest I have ever been in my journey of life today!  You can also be in this bliss, regardless of your past, and present relationships. Always remain true in your love and your love will reappear stronger and deeper than ever before!

Be well in Love, Peace and Light!





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Posted: Jul 10, 2010 9:34am
Jan 18, 2010


I recently attended my first Solstice ritual this past December 21st -- The Winter Solstice.  I went to Laguna Beach on the shore of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California where I was invited by a fellow care2 member. Needless to say, the setting was perfect for the celebration which beckons the light (sun) to return for the New Year. It is the shortest day of the year when Mother Earth is at an angle in its rotation with the sun and the sun’s light is seen less this day than any other day of the year. There were drums, a Didgeridoo, Native Shakers, etc. There were people from at least five different cultures present.

The ceremony involved a group prayer and a key word announced from each in attendance from the spirit and soul. When the native instruments were playing and people dancing as if guided by their spirit and soul dictating the rhythm I could see that everyone in the group was in unity with each other. They were feeling the passion of the moment. It did not matter, the color skin or culture. Everyone was feeling peace and harmony. In the end was the burning of Yule Log. Suddenly I felt we went back in time, long before organized religions enveloped our psyche with belief systems that strolled away from the elements of the Earth and the universe. I suddenly felt native. I felt closer to the indigenous people of Mother Earth whose church was and is Mother Earth.  


In today’s social and religious structure this ceremony has been labeled as “Pagan” or even “Heathen”. Regardless, the connotation is more negative than positive. The Latin definition for Paganism is &ldquoaganus” which means rustic or village dweller. This has a far less negative connotation.  Both in Judaism and Christianity, Pagans are considered “non-believers”. Pagans were and are still are in most social structures considered Polytheists, believing in multiple Gods.


For a moment let's consider that the "ancient" and indigenes people who believe in the natural cycle of Mother Earth and the unity of all things has influenced greatly the religions of the “New Era”.  Please consider the following:


What does the Easter Bunny have to do with the resurrection of Jesus which is commonly known as Easter?


What does the Christmas tree in your living room have to do with the birth of Jesus, along with Santa Claus and reindeer?


I can name many more traditions from “Paganism” which are part of Christianity and most religions in the world. After all, People who walked Mother Earth from the beginning of time believed in the good of all things on this planet that was the creed of their religion. Unity and peace with all was the basis of their belief system. It always has boiled down to good vs. evil. Yes, the majority of all religions believe that you can be good to all living creatures on Earth! Ah Ha! So there is something in common with the Ancients and today’s belief systems beyond Holi-days. 


I do have a degree in Theology and I was once an ordained priest in the Greek Orthodox Church. I am here as a witness to organized religions in general which have been infiltrated with rules and regulations. With rituals and dogma that has taken the naked soul and dressed it with so much structure that the believer does not have to feel anything as long as he follows the rules.  Even Jesus turned over tables in the temple warning people to believe in the spirit of the law instead of simply following the law. In a sense, Theology replaced Astrology. The ancients were incredible astronomers. They built temples around the stars of the heavens, the cycles of Mother Earth and they believed that if you treated the Earth well, you will be treated well by the positive energy you send to the universe.


Allow me to be so bold to say that many organized religions have become political just by the way the community of the church is organized. It has become a business and as you know, TV Evangelists have been and still are making millions every year. In the Native American communities the chief, story teller, medicine man or any other elders of the tribe was compensated by the riches of Mother Earth. Would those same Evangelists be as passionate if paid with corn and a place to sleep?


For me, sharing of the spirit with native music, chants, group prayers, amongst the elements of Mother Earth with all people, regardless of race, color or background is more satisfactory then being surrounded by parishioners who are there for the social gathering, and fulfilling a requirement to be “saved” from damnation. I am sorry; I witnessed too often people not coming to church to communicate with God, but to be seen.


The Ancients lived their religion on a daily basis. Their creed is simple. BE GOOD.


I am not against any belief system which makes a connection between you and the higher source, God, Allah, Jehovah etc. as long as you treat the Earth and her people and all life forces with love and respect. Whatever inspires you to accomplish that end is correct. For now, I may be considered an Ancient.  

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Posted: Jan 18, 2010 10:44am
Aug 14, 2008
peace-1.jpg picture by Thiros

The true spirit of the Olympic games

The theme of this year's Olympic games in China is Harmony and Peace; "ONE WORLD, ONE FAMILY". A concept that has been used since the first modern international games in 1859 in Greece. Evangelos Zappas had a vision to unite the world in peace and harmony. To rekindle the ancient games which began in 776 BC and ended in 393 AD. In 1913 the Olympic symbol of five interlocking rings representing the five continents of Mother Earth was designed by a Frenchman. It was first used at the 1920 games in Antwerp, Belgium and has been since the symbol of world unity for the games. The first international Olympic committee was formed in France. Thus all events at the games are announced first in French.

Since the first modern day Olympics we have seen many challenges which shook the foundation of the heart and spirit of the games. This included, but not limited to; acts of boycotts of the games to the extreme acts when there was a massacre of the Israeli Olympic team in Munich, Germany in 1972. I had the unfortunate experience of working in the Olympic Village that year during the time I was studying in Greece.

On care2 this year I have seen many petitions suggesting that we boycott the games in China for many valid reasons. After all, China is not exactly the poster child for human rights and let's not forget animal rights! It sickens me to no end how in a world where we can promote peace and unity of all living things on Mother Earth and then comes a country which has done so much to destroy that unity. Can we sit back and boycott a concept of peace and harmony because of the behavior of a country the games are held in? I say no! The Olympics are far much greater than the country they are held in. I am saying this as human who has witnessed the worst travesty that can happen associated with the games. I witnessed a member of the Israeli team thrown into the hallway of the athlete's dorm who was murdered in the tragedy of Munich . An athlete I got to know while working at the athlete's cafeteria in the Olympic village where I also stayed. I witnessed the Israeli team being escorted to helicopters, with their hands being tied behind their backs with machine guns in their backs by the terrorists. Two hours later we hear they were all killed at the airport. I was there when they threatened to blow up the village when the German Police would not release two of the terrorists they captured at the airport that gruesome night . Did we experience peace and harmony? Hell no! Do we stop striving for peace and harmony, I certainly hope not!

In my opinion, the opening and closing ceremonies are the highlights of the games. They are the greatest reflection of peace and harmony, "one world, one family". What happens in between the ceremonies is so secondary. Yes, there are some incredible human interest stories that evolve from the games. There are stories of strength and hope that started way back when each athlete had a dream to achieve and overcome challenges to get to the games. I know, I was and still am an athlete and know the discipline required to achieve perfection. I was never good enough to be an Olympian but I gain so much knowledge and spiritual strength from the disciplines I had to learn for the accomplishments. The Olympics affords this opportunity.

Thus, the Olympics create human conditions which in their own right are so important for the spirit and soul. When I see small countries enter the stadium with two or maybe three athletes representing their country or when Iraq and Iran walk in the precession into the stadium, one following the other, I get teary eyed. This is what harmony and peace are all about. Still even as the games go on, Russia and Georgia are at war and humans are being killed.

Politics, greed and selfishness are the enemy of harmony and peace. The only thing that matters in our life is what is the best interest of humanity, the unity of all living creatures and preservation of our planet. The spirit of the Olympic games contributes to that objective. You need to see beyond the commercialism and politics. Why would we want to discourage participation in this effort. Are we Americans so pure in our human and animal rights that we can take such a stand? If I look for it, everyday I can hear about brutality against humans and animals in my own back yard. Is there a country so pure in this world that it has a right to condemn other countries? Our world is not perfect. It doesn't mean we cannot fight for what is right.

There is a reason why children are part of these ceremonies. We are making every effort to show the right path to the future adults of this world. Do you believe that any of the Chinese, or athletes from any other countries, at the end of the day of competition runs out in the streets to violate humans and animals?

Let us see the true spirit of the games and live the message the games intend to convey. There is a time and place to make stands on human and animal rights and doing it during the Olympics is tantamount to telling someone who is helping the mentally disadvantaged not to do so because his mother took drugs when she was pregnant which caused him to be this way. There is a valid issue regarding the issue of drugs. There will be opportunity to address this. But, please don't prevent the act of kindness.

I don't know about you but I am going to enjoy the inspiration the games have to offer.

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Posted: Aug 14, 2008 3:40pm
Jun 30, 2008
4THGW.gif picture by BellaFitzPhotos

The following is a copy of the post I recently made in my communication group!

In the advent of the up-coming American national holiday I wish to bring to the surface some thoughts about what independence and freedom mean to us as individuals, families, communities, states and as a country. This is a topic that we can explore far beyond this Friday, the 4th of July. Unfortunately there will be many Americans who view this opportunity of reflection solely as a "3 day weekend" and where they are going to go for fun. Around here the difficult decision will involve Las Vegas, Palm Springs, the Colorado River, the mountains for camping or the beach (other than the one we live at). The only reflection of the meaning of the celebration may be the fireworks show nearby where they are visiting. Even then, I doubt most Americans will feel the spirit the celebration was meant for. They will see pretty lights exploding in the sky and will clap their hands and say "oos and ahhs" which light up the sky.

We talk about communication here, in this group. One of the forms of communication is symbolism. Items such as a flag or a totem can represent so much to us. They can speak to our heart and soul. This week in America you will see many flags being waived on cars, streets and in windows. Do we really feel what the flag means? I am not speaking of the stars and stripes on the American flag, I am speaking of the spirit of the flag.

In my humble opinion flags represent a unity of people who share a common belief system. Not necessarily a political belief system although based on the definition of the word, ..political.. it is part of what the flag is all about. Politics represent a government, the way of processing laws. Laws are meant to "control" or assist in the everyday life of the people living in a country. Something like keeping the "peace" and preventing chaos. After all, man was born with the natural ability to be selfish, greedy and dishonest. < in some Christian belief systems this is called "original sin"> He has to learn honesty and to be generous and sharing, etc. Thus, laws, rules and regulations are needed for the peace and harmony of the community, state and country.

What I am speaking about is the spirit of the flag. Many lives have been given to achieve independence for Americans. People died for a belief system. To secure the future for their children and their children's children. When I see the flag and reflect on the celebration of independence day I see the good souls from the past who helped create and secure our freedoms and independence which we currently enjoy. I see a dream of complete unity which unfortunately does not exist and may never because of who we are as humans. The fact that there was such scared communication between these people that they died for what this country stands for is very inspiring. The difficult issue we face in protecting our freedoms and independence is war. While I do not profess to be a pacifist I do not like war. At the same time I will not criticize or pass judgment on those who went to war or choose to join the military and defend their country. For one to give his life for a belief or another living creature is the ultimate sacrifice. Acknowledging this sacrifice can be AN EVERYDAY EXPERIENCE. We do not need the 4th of July or Memorial Day to inspire this appreciation.

I can give you many examples of people from all over the world who from all the ages made the "ultimate sacrifice". Perhaps another time for now.

Let us gain peace within ourself and then; and only then we can acquire peace and independence with our family, community, state, country and world. When we see our flag, let this be a reminder to look inside ourself for the positive energy to be one nation, one people resulting in our peace and independence yet one with all!

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Posted: Jun 30, 2008 11:23am
Feb 19, 2008
I love my native American people as they are most in touch with the spirits of Mother Earth. We need to turn to our Native people for the spirituality that will assist in keeping our planet green and becoming one will all living creatures. Living in peace, love and tranquility. I pray that my dear brother in spirit, Chief Runningfox Moss is blessed with many years of good health, love and peace to him and his family. He has been such an inspiration to me.

I pray for peace, love, happiness and good health for all the beautiful people on this site.

Remember that true love cannot be found in calm waters in the sea of life. It will be found amidst
chaos and stormy waters which projects tidal waves of seemingly unbearable emotions at the spirit and heart. The survival from these storms is the genesis of true love, passion and compassion. To choose to sail only in calm waters is to choose a life without true love, with limited passion and compassion.

So my friends, let us embrace the everyday challenges life has to offer and live with true love and become one in peace and happiness, united!

Namaste, Stephen
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Posted: Feb 19, 2008 5:21am
Nov 23, 2007
To all my great friends on this site:

Because I am the host of the group "The Art of Communication" it would be irresponsible for me not to send this message. This movie reveals the forces of the universe and how music is such an important form of communication.

My heart and spirit know that the tears I shed are the finger tips of my soul caressing my face. Believe me when I say that my soul was caressing me the entire movie! Let our heart and spirit allow the forces of the universe to come in to us so that our soul is touched and that we in turn are caressed by our soul.

I want everyone of you to share this message with all your friends to encourage them to see this wonderful and magickal movie. Have your friends send it to all their's. I would love that this entire community see this movie and then come to our group, "the Art of Communication" to share in the inspiration of this movie. I would love to hear your feedback after seeing the movie in our group! I love you all, my

Namaste, Stephen

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Posted: Nov 23, 2007 9:26pm
Nov 21, 2007
This Thanksgiving let us be thankful for the inner peace we may have acquired this past year. For the new friendships and for the life experiences which gave us lessons to be a better person. In this moment of contemplation let us pray for WORLD PEACE!  May the higher power bless you all this Thanksgiving! Your humble friend, Stephen
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Posted: Nov 21, 2007 6:51am


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