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Jan 8, 2010

Hello to all,

This is my first "blog" so I hope I do it correctly.  

I thought a would give a very quick overview pre-drug issue:  On May 27th, 2004 I was in a workplace accident that rendered me medically retired at age 42.  I was orginally diagnosed with PTSD Fibermyelgia - Severe & my depression became clinicial once again.

Due to taking pain meds for several years ended up with me having 3 abdominal surgery's.  The last two were in October of 2008.  I was 185 lbs with a girth of 47" - I lived like that for almost 2 years.  When I get brave I will share a couple of pictures.  So since about 14 months ago I have lost 70 lbs and over 30 body inches - I have no fat anymore so my muscles are atropying. 

I wanted to say a little of my experience with Prescription  Drugs.  I currently take :

  1. Cesamet(Nabilone) 6 mg per day - pain management
  2. Dexedrine (Dextroamphetamine Sulfate 40 mg a day - chronic fatique
  3. Pantoprazole Sodium (Pantaloc) 40 mg a day - stomach
  4. Nova-Venlafaxine XR (Effexor) 450 mg a day
  5. Clonazapam - 8 mg per day
  6. Gabapentine - 300 mg per day - neuropathy
  7. Seroqurel (quetiapine) - 300 mg per day
  • PRN Medications (as needed): Ativan - Sublingual (Lorazepam) 2mg - aniety attacks, and for Essential Tics & Tremors
  • Supeudol 10 mg/Oxycodone HCI 10 mg = 20 mg for acute pain.

I have been on all these medications for 2.8 years minus the Dexedrine.  One year ago this month I have started the Dex.

I found out a couple of days ago that not only have the drugs permenetly damaged & caused several defieceincies in my body.  Since May of this year I have lost about 20 lbs and 30 body inches.  I am now anerex, my B12 is almost non existant as is several of my other vitamins and minerals.  It was quite funny (ha ha) how fast the Dr. grabbed a B12 shot and gave it to me before I knew it.  I am on tons of vitamins and have undergone (I have lost count) numerous tests, etc.

Once I tell my story it will be interesting to see how the progression of becoming a User prescrition addict.  This news is new, I only found out a couple of days ago.  I have to go into a medical rehab for however long it takes to drug detox me.  I am terrified as I do not want to feel or live with the pain I did for so long.

I hope this info helps - I know for me it is good to be able to a) admit that I have an addiction issue and b) I have a safe place to write, hoping that someone has had or is having the same experience.

Live Well, Love Often & Laugh Always


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Posted: Jan 8, 2010 10:13am


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