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Dec 15, 2012

I wonder if I am the only one who questions the following: Are we, as Americans, Parents, and Christians doing enough to prevent terrible tragedies like the mass shooting at a Connecticut elementary school? As a clinician in the helping profession, I am extremely saddened and affected by the news that 27 people died today. The tragedy is even worse and horrific in nature as the majority of the victims were children. Why? Why do these events seem to be increasing in frequency in today’s society?

I recall another time that I felt like this following the Columbine school shootings. Since then, there have been many other similar tragedies, with the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting  happening less than six months ago. I write this post not to ignite political debate or polarize the issue, but to ignite the true horror, revulsion, anger, and sadness deep in our hearts that these mass shootings continue to happen. My fear is that this shooting will not be the last – and even worse, that there will come a time that tragic events like the one inNewton, Connecticut will not resonate the appropriate feelings of shock and horror, but one of  feeling numb and apathetic to the point of becoming detached, unaffected and ultimately desensitized. At that point, I fear we will have truly lost our humanity.

Our Thoughts & Prayers Are With The Victims And Families in Newton, Connecticut.

Please join me in not only keeping the victims and families in Newton in your thoughts and prayers, but to keep those you love safe and hold them close. Tell them you love them – as often as possible.

Author’s note: I will leave comments for this post open. Please be considerate of others when posting….no haters, spammers or comedians…..this is not the time, place or forum for that. I am truly interested in how this has affected others. It is also my hope and intent that when enough people get behind an important issue or cause such as this one, then change for the better can happen.



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