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May 27, 2007


The potatoes are boiling for the salad.  Watermelon is chilling.  Fixins for BBQ are marinating and - later today - family and friends will be coming over to ‘celebrate’.

Yesterday I considered decorating the outside of the TreeHouse in all things Americana….a flag, of course.  Maybe a cool ’spinner’ that looked like a hot-air balloon all decked out in the colors of Old Glory, and something fun for the banister.  I had 10 things in my hand at the local craft store.  When I left, I had zilich.

Today I’m feel very pensive and maybe fighting the blues.  I feel very much like a patriot who has been exiled from The Land That She Loves…NOT through physical relocation but through Death.  And the stink of the rotting body grows worse by the day.

America - By The People and For The People - is dieing a slow, hideous death as the Cancer in Washington continues to eat away at the very foundation of our country… MY country:  Life.  Liberty.  The pursuit of Happiness.  And All Things Good for which the United States once stood for.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. proclaimed, “I have a dream.”

Well, I’m having a nightmare.  In it, the Bush and his Bushwackers - with the full (albiet stealth) support of a “Democratic” Congress - are setting the stage for some sort of ‘incident’ with Iran.    The US Navy has been staged.  The rhetoric is being spewed hot and heavy.  And covert actions by our military are very skillfully stirring the pot within and without Irans borders.

Oh, it’ll be under the guise of some ridiculous charge of nuclear proliferation and Irans disobedience and rogueness (a bit like the cracked pot calling the kettle criminal.)  But something happens.  Something so God awful in it’s ramifications that it will forever change the face of the world in a way unlike anything ever experienced to date.  

In my nightmare, this all happens pre-Election 2008 so that the Commander in Chief - exercising all of his Executive powers (and then some), will declare a State of Emergency which will postpone a Vote.  Then the AntiChrist…I mean, the President…will summons all of the demons of Martial Law, The Draft, and Verichip-ping of the People (see  "wander prevention" )  This triggers massive civil disobedience and unrest.  (and myohmy, won’t the LA Police Department be in it’s GLORY). 

Soon thereafter the arrests start.  Charges of Treason.  High Crimes and Misdemeanors.  Disturbing the Children.  (wonder if Gitmo Orange will clash with my hair?)

I read a blog piece this morning on which confirms much of what I’ve been sensing these days. 

It’s enough to make an activist was to pick up her peace pipe, fill it with the first redhaired green she can find, and drop out.  Permanently.  Perhaps to some remote part of the Coast of Mexico where she can spend the rest of her days eating fish tacos, painting, and cleaning sand out of her asscrack.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend.  May America Rest In Peace.


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Posted: May 27, 2007 8:21am
Mar 24, 2007

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Posted: Mar 24, 2007 7:46am


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