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Oct 7, 2008

I am a horse of a different color. When you hear hoofbeats do not automatically think that it is only horses. It well might be horses of a different color than what you are used to.  When our Gov first wanted to let the plastic milkjugs be used, the people of this nation raised our voices high, to be overruled. Same with the plastic grocery bags. NOW, the SAME Gov who forced these monstrocities upon us is telling us "it is what you wanted"; NO IT IS NOT!  In fact, these SAME tactics are now being used to tell us that the "financial" mess is OUR FAULT. IT IS NOT! in fact, our Gov HAD TO ACTIVELY bypass LAWS repeatedly & doing NOTHING when brought to their attention to get to the point that it has. MY point is THIS: it is NOT a democracy which means having representatives in Gov for the SOLE PURPOSE of doing WHAT the PEOPLE want. ******pause, for a moment, and THINK about that. When a nation exists for 1 purpose only: to do what the Corporations want: when all laws are written, altered, exist ONLY for their benefit: then folks: it is NOT a democracy. They do NOT want to hear your voice: however much they "claim" they do. In fact, some books have been written showing that when Clintons were in office all emails were immediately shredded without even being read. THIS goes on in Oregon for the Gov & all members of st Congress; in fact, they say haven't you figured it out yet? We are NOT citizen run anymore. (it is DICTATORSHIP folks! ) wake UP & SMELL THE COFFEE!    Lou Dobbs wrote a book titled "war on the American Dream"; it might just as well have read on the American people; by our GOV folks; special interest groups, & Corps: working together for their OWN AGENDA; which is NOT GOOD for the PLANET nor the PEOPLE of this or any other country in the world.

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Posted: Oct 7, 2008 8:46pm


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